How One Can Inspire and Empower with Fashion and Fabletics

It is often said that fashion is about self expression. As a matter of fact, there is often the term, fashion statement that is uttered when talking about outfits. Many people do make different types of fashion statements. In many cases, they may mean very little to others. However, there are ways for people to express themselves and make meaningful and inspirational statements with their style. Often times, these inspiring statements are made with the use of risky fashion choices that can get attention from a lot of people. These statements are along the lines of being true to oneself.


Kate Hudson is an example of someone who is always making positive fashion statements. She has helped with the development of Fabletics. The statement that she has wanted to make is that women can live the lives they want. Working out does not have to be boring and tedious. However, the options offered at the majority of active wear stores indicate that working out is not something to be enjoyed. Kate Hudson has worked to change this mentality so that people will be more encouraged with their attempts to be fit. This has all resulted in a successful company that people want to be involved with.


One of the advantages that taking risks and expressing oneself with outfits is that it can inspire people to find their own style. Seeing someone dress in the way she truly wants and getting a lot of compliments for it can be very inspirational for others, especially if her message involves self expression through fashion.


One of the reasons that people struggle with their self esteem is that they are given limited room for self expression. Fabletics encourages people to dress in ways they truly want. As people find unique outfits that help them stand out, they will feel a little better about themselves. With each day they find unique styles, they will build a foundation for their own confidence. Then eventually, they will have the confidence to live the type of life they want. Fabletics inspires and encourages an overall positive lifestyle of joy and prosperity.

Sheldon Lavin Makes The OSI Group A Global Force

Sheldon Lavin is the CEO of the global food processing and distribution juggernaut the OSI Group. Lavin has been involved with the company since the 1970s. At that time Lavin was running his financial consulting firm. Sheldon Lavin has a degree in accounting and finance. Before starting his own company, he was a senior banking executive and had great success as an investor. After securing the financing the OSI Group needed, he decided to invest in the company and remain involved with them. He also struck a deal with the owners to purchase an ownership stake in the company. Lavin bought the company in the 1980s.

When he took over the OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin had a clear vision of what the company could become. He created an ambitious expansion plan that saw the company taking their high quality food and meat products all over the world. He also instituted some effective, award-winning environmental management practices that ended up earning three prestigious Globe of Honor awards given by the British Safety Council. Plus, Lavin has worked hard to maintain a family atmosphere in the company even though it has over 20,000 employees. Lavin regularly has meals with rank and file employees and has created a series of excellent worker safety policies.

Since Sheldon Lavin has taken over the company, the OSI Group has grown into a global powerhouse. The company has more than 65 processing facilities in more than 17 countries. There are facilities in Europe, Asia, Australia and North, South and Central America. The OSI Group recently opened a facility in India and has been in China for over 20 years. The company is China’s largest poultry producer and supplies meat, dough and vegetable products for Western fast food companies doing business in China including Starbucks, Pizza Hut, McDonald’s and Subway.

In 2016, the work Sheldon Lavin did transforming the OSI Group into an international food processing force was recognized by the Vision World Academy in India. They gave him the Global Visionary Award. But for Sheldon Lavin, a husband, father and grandfather, the thing he’s proudest of is his close relationship with his staff and the benefits he’s been able to provide for them and their loved ones.

Sheldon Lavin is also a generous philanthropist who donates to charitable organizations like the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Jewish United Fund, United Negro College Fund and the Inner City Foundation.

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MB2 Dental’s Unique Business Structure Lets Dentists Become Entrepreneurs

MB2 Dental is a dental firm that provides resources and administrative help to dentists. What makes them different is that the dentists who are part of their network are in complete control of their practice. The practices are completely dentist-owned, and they make all the decisions. MB2 Dental provides support, guidance, and help. Dentists also have the opportunity to co-invest with each other. While MB2 Dental takes care of all the nonclinical administrative aspects of running a dental practice, such as bookkeeping, dentists are still the ones that make the decisions for even non-clinical issues. For example, they decide whether they want to expand or open up another location. Outside investors and shareholders are not the ones calling the shots, like in other firms where businessmen who do not understand a thing about running a dental practice make the decisions. That is why MB2 Dental is so special.

Dentists really love this business model. They believe that MB2 Dental is preserving the integrity of the dental profession by letting dentists be the ones who actually call the shots. This way, they never have to compromise on things that would negatively impact patient care. MB2 is preserving what is sacred in dentistry, and by doing this, they are staying ahead of the curve. They give dentists the tools to be successful and get where they want to get. They are able to achieve their goals. Some dentists are more business oriented and involve themselves in the business side of their practice and with crunching the numbers, while others take advantage of the opportunity that MB2 Dental offers them to focus exclusively on the clinical aspect of the business. For those that take part in the business side, MB2 Dental offers encouragement, as they want dentists to be entrepreneurs and to be able to make the decisions.

MB2 Dental has been seeing growth that can only be described as explosive. A lot of this has to do with their unique business structure, which simply cannot be found anywhere else. To aspiring entrepreneurs, Dr. Villanueva advises questioning everything. You should not attempt to follow some guidebook for when to get into debt, when to sell, when to hire, and so on. Instead, challenge the status quo and look at the specifics of your own business and how certain steps will affect it, either for the better or for the worse.

End Citizens United Explains The Tax Bill Highlights The Need For Election Financing Reform

In December 2017, End Citizens United revealed its “Big Money 20” list of political donors who the PAC believes put the needs of their billionaire donors ahead those of their constituents. In the buildup to the 2018 midterm elections, End Citizens United has revealed 17 of the so-called “Big Money 20” voted in favor of the recently passed Republican-backed Tax Reform Bill which has been at the heart of the battle about the role being played by wealthy Republican donors and corporations.

End Citizens United believes the Tax Reform Bill is a Holiday gift provided by the Republican party to their wealthy donors who are searching for bigger breaks from the politicians they provide with millions of dollars in funding each year. The fact 17 of the 20 Republicans named to the list of top individuals backed by major political donors voted for the Tax Reform Bill highlights the need for the election financing reform End Citizens United is fighting for. The Tax Reform Bill will provide the wealthiest in the U.S. with huge tax breaks and result in a major period of damage to the financial security of the middle classes End Citizens United President Tiffany Muller believes are disappearing in the current political climate.

In a press release responding to the passing of the Tax Reform Bill, Tiffany Muller explained the Republican-written bill was a sign the billionaire classes were now damaging democracy to a great extent. The 17 Republicans voting for the bill who were already named to the “Big Money 20” list received more than $11 million from special interest groups supporting the Tax Reform Bill.

End Citizens United looks to avoid the issues of major donors influencing the political future of the political action committee by operating as a traditional PAC; this means the highest possible donation to the cause is capped at just $5,000. Some major political donors have shown their support for the group including Democrat George Soros who described the Citizens United decision and financial support shown by the billionaire donor class as “odious”.

By the time of the 2018 midterm elections, End Citizens United hopes to have an election war chest of $35 million building on the average donation of supporters of just $14. The grassroots nature of the End Citizens United PAC means it has maintained its political independence and decided to support Democrat candidates solely on the fact they are more likely to support campaign financing reform in a stronger way than their Republican rivals.

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White Shark Media Works On Improving Itself All the Time

White Shark Media is a highly successful PPC agency. Their secret lies with how they handle complaints to make sure that their customers walk away satisfied.

One reviewer on Yelp said that Andrew from White Shark Media and his team were very helpful and helped their company bring in a positive ROI in an industry that was very competitive. Another reviewer said that Andrew and Anna were both very easy to work with and that they always started their campaigns when they said they will. He mentioned that they were very punctual with returning calls.

One common complaint that White Shark Media received was that their clients were having trouble keeping up with the reporting. Many said that they could not figure out how things worked and what the reports meant. White Shark Media realized that many businesses did not know how to interpret the reports. They started making sure that new businesses would always be informed at the beginning of the campaign of the strategies and goals of the campaign and how they would be able to read reports in order to track the campaign’s performance and how well it is doing regarding whether or not it is reaching its goals.

White Shark Media has received many compliments over the years, but some complaints as well. Every business gets complaints, but what makes a business great is if they decide to take the complaints into account and attempt to put new procedures in place that would fix the problems. White Shark Media does that. In the end, their service has been improved tremendously, and clients can see that clearly. In other words, when they see a complaint, they immediately work on ways to make sure it does not happen again.

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Agora Financial: The Info You Need

Trading in today’s market can be pretty daunting, especially for a beginner or something that is putting up their hard-earned savings to trade with. There are many complex words and many novices out there tiring to tell you exactly where the price of a stock will go or how much the value of gold or silver will be. With all of this, you need an organization behind you that will give you all the information you need to trade to gain a profit or to build wealth for retirement. The information needs to have quality and be delivered to you quickly so that you can make that key trade. This is where Agora Financial comes in.

Agora Financial is one of the leading financial information companies in the industry in providing financial information to investors every day via social media, their own website, and youtube. This information can really help investors learn where the key stock movements are going to be, and why the stock price is going up or down. They always provide the best information because they know that when it comes to investing with your hard earned savings, you need the correct information to give you the edge in trading.

And with their various platforms, you can easily access the information that they give you to make a profit in today’s world of investing.With Agora Financial, you know that you have a respected financial information organization behind you telling you exactly what you need to know so that you can put your hard earned money in the best possible position to gain a profit. They offer great expert advice on where the market is going and where you should put your money. Agora Financial is one of the companies you need to be able to make the profit in the market today.

How the OSI Group is Setting the Industry Standard

Even though the OSI Group has not been around for as long as some of the other companies that are a part of the food service industry, they are quickly becoming the industry standard for those who need food products. It is something they have worked hard at and something they will continue to do because they feel they are making a positive impact in the way things are done for food service companies. Part of what the OSI Group aimed to do when they first began their business was to make sure they were offering quality products at a price people could feel comfortable with for the business they have.

Part of what came from the quality the OSI Group was dedicated to was a product that was more sustainable than what other companies had. There was less waste involved with creating the food products and the OSI Group knew this when they started. They used it to their advantage so they would be able to try different things. It helped them to grow their business so it would be as large as possible. Another thing the company did was create different areas around the world so they could help other people with the issues they were having.

The new centers allowed the OSI Group to serve different areas. They didn’t have as much waste when they were transporting the products and that also helped to make their business more eco-friendly. The new centers also provided valuable jobs to areas that may not have had those type of jobs in the past. By doing this, the OSI Group created a positive environment for themselves and for the people who they were working with and providing food for. It helped them make things easier for everyone in the industry.

Now that the OSI Group continues to grow and scale their business on a regular basis, they are showing other companies the right way to run the business they have. The other companies are now following behind the OSI Group and are using the tactics they have in place. Because of this, the OSI Group has been a true leader in the industry. They are setting standards other companies can get behind and that’s helping them to make the right choices and show people the right way a food production company should run without any issues in the food service industry.

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Research Investment Ideas from Agora Financial

Agora Financial has been on the forefront of educating people on how they can create wealth as early as now. Retirement is one aspect of life that has to be thought about. What do you want to achieve before that time comes? Investment is vital for a successful financial career.

With Agora Financial, which is a private publishing company, you have an opportunity to learn. This is because it specializes in the production of financial data that helps educate people on investing and the various opportunities available.

The company has online publications, free newsletters, seminars and documentaries, all aimed at helping people throughout their financial journey. They have devised unique ways of wealth creation with the many books already published each tackling various sectors.

Agora clearly emphasizes that their ideas are unbiased and nobody influences them. They have a number of financial analysts who apart from being in the office, they actually go out in the field. The research is based on unique opportunities that are still yet to hit the primary market. For people who love investing earlier than everybody else, this is an excellent platform.

Uniquely, their ideas are global, from different regions across the world. They have a team of experienced people who make these ideas a reality. One of the key predictions they have made in the past is they foresaw that oil prices would go up higher. A year later, the oil prices which were previously at $55 per barrel hit a cost of $147 per barrel.

Agora Financial is based in Baltimore and has gained recognition from The Wall Street Journal, Fox Business News, Los Angeles Times and so many more. The company has grown over the years and has various mansions as their office space.

Agora has a recording studio and a library too for their publications. They hold various conferences geared towards having a successful financial career.


Sponsor the Dallas Women Foundation’s 32 Annual Luncheon?

The globally celebrated bank just sponsored the 32nd annual luncheon of Dallas Women Foundation with cash worth $100,000. The activity aimed at advancing women’s economic leadership and security was crowned by Dr. Hope Jahren, one of the top 100 people in TIME magazine. Dr. Jahren is also an author and a best seller who has won several awards for his works of arts. The event was much revered that it was streamed live to more than 10,000 students and 20 schools across North Texas. An event held annually by this powerful financial institution hosts people from all walks of life including the community leaders, the civic as well as the business persons.

Dallas Women Foundation is a financially beneficial organization that aims at empowering women and girls across Texas through such a luncheon. The foundation has been organizing the activity for decades to provide the girl child with financial skills so that they become independent. The organization has become one of the world’s largest women fund and trusted leader improving the economic and social status of women in the whole country and has had experience of more than 30 years serving its clients. Since its foundation, Dallas Women Foundation has impacted positively on the lives of the girl child and women at large. It has been spearheading their education, motivation, and freedom in the ever-changing economic tides across the city. It is this commitment by the leadership of this women’s movement that attracted the main financial institution in Texas to come in and donate such an amount of money to it.

As the largest provider of the financial services in Texas, the bank has served the people of America for more seven decades through continually upgrading their facilities to suit the needs of their customers. Through its management, it provides its customers with customized mortgage banking, commercial banking, and institutional facilities throughout the continent. The clients this large financial institution have always given it thumbs up due to the reliable, timely, and quality services it offers them in the commercial lending, real estate lending, credit and agency services. The bank has grown and established itself as a leading finance corporate not only in the greater US but also in the global market hence increasing its consumer base.

Sheldon Lavin’s Pursuit of Food Solutions

Sheldon Lavin is the current OSI Group’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. He also works at OSI International Foods as the President. Sheldon is also a general trustee in Rush University Medical Center. Sheldon Lavin transformed OSI Group from a domestic food processing company to an international industry leader. Its presence is felt in 17 different countries and 65 facilities. India’s Vision World Academy in 2016 recognized Sheldon Lavin’s efforts by conferring upon him the Global Visionary Award. OSI Group was ranked number 58 on the Forbes list in the category of largest private companies. He remains committed to the company’s and employee’s welfare.

Sheldon Lavin is passionate about inspiring future leaders to grow accountable companies that empower global commerce and provide employee benefits. Sheldon is involved in charity work. He donates money to the Ronald McDonald House Foundation that offers amenities and housing accommodation to families battling a severe illness. Before getting into the food business, Sheldon Lavin was in the finance and banking sector. He is Finance and Accounting degree holder. His first significant achievement was landing a contract with Otto and Sons, which needed capital to expand. At the time, Sheldon Lavin was unsure of his abilities but relied on his instinct and knowledge and eventually achieved success.

OSI Group comprises of OSI International Foods and OSI industries. It conducts business in many states including West Chicago, Illinois, and Oakland. It also has facilities in Chicago, Geneva, Iowa, Utah, West Jordan, Riverside, California, Fort Atkinson, and Wisconsin. Products produced by OSI include bacon, fish, vegetables, poultry, dough products, pork, pizza, and hot dogs. The company supplies food to fast food chains like Pizza Hut, Starbucks, Subway and Papa John’s Pizza. OSI Group also provides innovative research and design to give life to user’s menus and meal ideas. Its quality assurance practices and food safety are one of the best in the world.

Sheldon Lavin is keen on using technology to grow his company. He uses social media and the internet in general to market the company’s products. He has set up a team in the company that is specifically tasked to follow technological trends. Sheldon Lavin believes in planning to prepare for the future. Despite being 81 years old, Sheldon Lavin is yet to retire. He is still looking to expand his company. That is the main reason OSI remains the leading supplier of protein in the world. Some core values of the OSI Group are, exploring an innovative solution, teamwork, integrity, and seeking partnering relationships.

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