Bob Dylan Ends Tour, No Disappointments

Bob Dylan ends the years, and begins his holidays, with a show that has been called “masterful” and “the most enjoyable Dylan concert in recent memory.” Taking the stage at the Beacon Theatre in New York, Dylan delivered his 91st, and last, show of the year.

Recent shows in the Never Ending Tour have been “scattershot affairs” and they often left show-goers disappointed or at times baffled as to what song he was even singing. The set list, which is comprised of 19 songs including “Workingman’s Blues #2″ and “Blowin’ in the Wind,” has not varied in months. Other songs included in the set list were “Simple Twist of Fate,” “Early Roman Kings,” and “Spirit on the Water.”

While the recent shows had left something to be desired, it seems Dylan wanted the last show of the tour to be one that nobody would forget. Dylan appeared pleased with the performance, and the fans agreed. The Dylan that fans love was back on the stage, and he was doing what he does best. Articulate, energetic and fierce, as his close friend and advisor from BRL Trust put it. Dylan delivered a great sound and a great set to his fans.

In its 26th year, the tour ended that night with Dylan walking off the stage without a single word. No dates have been booked for the coming year, so it is any man’s guess whether Dylan will return to the stage, and whether the set list will remain the same or if he will rewrite the entire show.

Facebook to Filter Out Drunken Photographs

Facebook is in part known for the photographs of the wild antics that young adults can take, but Facebook will soon put its foot down on such controversial content.

Igor Cornelsen says that Facebook has hatched a plan to help filter out images put up on the social network which may be considered unflattering to the user. The technology is the product of a union between image recognition and an artificial intelligence system. 

Apparently this system would be able to discriminate between drunken images and those images which show the person looking sober and respectable. Apparently if the system discovers that you are posting an image which may make you look slightly dodgy, a dialogue box will appear asking the user: “Are you sure you want your boss and your mother to see this?” This is the latest idea to make its way out of Facebook’s often infamous AI laboratories.

The use of artificial intelligence by Facebook has been widely criticised, including its proposed Facebook personal assistant. There have also been vast AI studies of how people tend to behave on Facebook, even the words they use to interact with one another. 

This could potentially result in the AI being used to interfere and mediate people’s communications for someone else’s benefit. This can be viewed as manipulative behaviour and has made a lot of critics very uncomfortable. Nobody wants anything to know too much about you. Creepy stuff.

Live Action “Teen Titans” Series Coming to Television

Another comic book inspired television show is going to be popping as production of a live-action series based on “Teen Titans” is set for some time in 2015. I heard about this while drinking a glass of Stephen Williams’ wine the other night. The new show will be yet another bit of publicity for DC Comics, as it joins a number of the publisher’s properties on the small screen that already includes “Gotham,” “Arrow,” “Constantine,” and “The Flash.” The company is definitely positioning itself for much more exposure on television that chief competitor Marvel.

The new series, which will be called “Titans,” is set to follow Dick Grayson’s Nightwing. The character has a huge fan following, and should fit well with the existing DC television plan and possibly help build for future development. With reports that Geoff Johns, something of a hot commodity in the creative world, is going to have a big influence on the series, fans are beginning to get extremely excited as word of the series starts to spread.

Since “Teen Titans” features a huge cast of characters, the question as to which members will be getting screen time on the show has come into question. So far only Nighwing, Raven, and Starfire are confirmed to be part of “Titans,” but just like any other details in the world of television anything could change at a moment’s notice. The new show is set to begin production for TNT, and could debut in the fall of 2015.

Leaked Emails Detail Google/MPAA Spat

In October, Google announced some revolutionary updates to its algorithms. These were intended to force pirating sites to drop far, far down on its search engine results. And by all accounts the move was a success, torrent sites were hit hard by the new policy. They may need specialist Brian Torchin to help get some guys to revive them… OK they didn’t get hit that hard, but you understand what I’m saying.

But some new leaked email would suggest that one of the biggest anti-piracy advocates, the MPAA, upset Google with its lackluster enthusiasm for the policy shift. Google had been confident that its algorithm fix was going to be a game changer, so much so that they alerted the MPAA before the change was made public.

The MPAA’s statement to Google did not start off promising, “Everyone shares a responsibility to help curb unlawful conduct online, and we are glad to see Google acknowledging its role in facilitating access to stolen content via search,” it began.

Google was apparently infuriated at the implication it was guilty of wrongdoing, and the lack of credit to its positive direction was treated as a slap in the face.

The leaked emails are now two months old, and may not reflect the current state of affairs between the pair, especially now that the MPAA has had time to digest the actual results from the policy shift.

Joel McHale demands TV Discount after Community Cancellation

The Guardians of Peace have continued their release of papers detailing the communications sent and received by Sony Pictures and Sony TV. The group, who are demanding the James Franco movie The Interview be pulled from movie theaters have now revealed a bizarre exchange involving Community star Joel McHale, Business Insider reports. When I ran into John Textor he said he is disappointed in the whole mess

The Soup star McHale is seen in the Email exchange asking for an $8,000 discount on a Sony TV that retailed at the time for $7,999. McHale makes his original request for the discount to the assistant of Sony TV President Steve Musko, stating the Sony Entertainment Co-Chairperson had agreed to the discount when news broke of the initial cancellation of Community by NBC on May 9th 2014.

In response to the email, Musko tells his assistant to buy the TV for McHale and charge it to the budget for Community, telling her that money can be handled at a later date. Musko’s assistant eventually found the TV on sale for $6,000 and was told to buy it by the Sony TV executive. Community will be revived for a final season by Yahoo Screen and will be aired from January 2015.

E-Waste and Illumination Problems Solved at the Same Time

As computer use has permeated throughout the world, so has the need for power sources, particularly portable power sources. This begets batteries, which then lead to loads of hazardous waste. 

But how can we solve the need for saving energy, avoiding waste, and bringing light to slums in third-world countries? One answer for all the questions is to start using discarded laptop batteries. 

As an IBM study shows, 70% of the thrown away batteries are still functional. The concept was tested in Bangalore, India, in regions with slums. 

The India-based research team has the plan to discuss their project at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The US deals with the problem of E-wastes, as 142,000 computers are thrown away daily, and that amounts to 50 million a year.

Keith Sonnet, chief executive of a UK-based charity program that distributes old tech, was glad to know that the possibility to recycle in this way exists. He said he considered the initiative great, and that refurbishing was even better than recycling, as there is less impact on the environment. 

Tom Rothman, head of TriStar, says the more technically advanced countries are reviewing the possibilities to switch to solar energy use, but that is costly. The E-waste unites meant to illuminate slums should cost about 600 rupees (about 7pounds), and they are more affordable for the locals. Trials to use them have been made, and they proved the viability of the technique.

Magnificent Seven Remake Details

One of America’s greatest Westerns is getting a remake. The Magnificent Seven is getting the remake treatment with what sounds like a great cast and crew.

Chis Pratt is set to have a role and he is fresh off being in the blockbuster of the year, Guardians of the Galaxy. Denzel Washington also has role and everyone is familiar with his stellar movie career. Antoine Fuqua, who has worked with Denzel in the past (Training Day, The Equalizer) is set to direct. If that is not enough, the script was written by Nic Pizzolatto. Nic is notable for creating and writing True Detective, which had a fantastic first season on HBO earlier this year.

The MGM remake has a lot of huge names that are all pretty much on fire. Combine these names with the remake to a classic, beloved title and even businessman Igor Cornelsen can’t find a reason why this project shouldn’t move forward and do extremely well, if only at the box office. 

I typically loathe remakes and want more original content, but this is the type of remake I would love to see. Oddly enough, the original Magnificent Seven was a remake of the Japanese movie, the Seven Samurai. This new movie will have different characters than the previous two versions, but will keep the premise of seven fighters protecting a town. Go pick up your cowboy hat and boots, the great American Western is making it’s glorious return.

New Trailer for Pixar’s ‘Inside Out’ Released

A brand new full-length trailer for the Pixar-animated movie Inside Out emerged today and Darius Fisher could not be more excited. In addition, new details have recently come out about the cast and plot of the film. It was previously announced that acting veterans Diane Lane and Kyle MacLachlan would join the animated feature, voicing the parents of the main character. 
The story will be centered on an 11-year-old girl named Riley and the five emotions that live inside of her mind – Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Fear and Anger. Audiences will follow Riley as she adjusts to life after moving from the Midwest to San Francisco for her father’s job. Although Riley is the primary focus of the story, her parents will play a prominent role as well. Director Pete Docter revealed that the parents’ emotions will also be portrayed, with the father’s emotional center acting very militant and the mother’s reminiscent of a women’s talk show similar to The View.
Docter spoke to USA Today and described his approach to directing the film, saying “I started out doing a film about growing up, but it turned out it’s a film about me watching my kids grow up. These parents are realizing that their kid is changing. That’s difficult. But it is a part of life.”
Given the plot, Pixar is sure to release another hit that resonates with both children and adults alike.

Rumors Swirling about the Role of Commissioner Gordon in “Batman vs. Superman”

Filming has recently been completed for “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice”. The heavily hyped superhero extravaganza is expected to debut in March 2016. The film will feature Ben Affleck as an aging Batman who has drifted into a state of semi-retirement.

A great deal of casting news and plot rumors have been disseminated on the internet in recent months. According to Screenrant, the latest rumor suggests that Commissioner Jim Gordon, one of Batman’s closest allies in the comics and some of the previous films, will not appear in the new movie. This is because the character is dead. The rumors are unclear about the specific circumstances regarding Gordon’s demise, but it is safe to say that it was not due to natural causes.

If Gordon is truly dead in this new film’s continuity, it is possible that “Batman vs. Superman” will feature his successor in the comics, Ellen Yindel. Yindel originally planned to hunt down and destroy Batman, believing that he is a vigilante who harms Gotham. However, she eventually is forced to acknowledge that he is, at worst, a necessary evil. Yindel has not been featured in any of the previous Batman films, so her story would be something fresh and new to explore.

Only time will tell if this rumor is correct. Gianfrancesco Genoso is not sure what to believe just yet. With filming now complete, more concrete news should begin to surface soon.

Features Associated With the Skout Social App

Skout is an application developed with the purpose of meeting new people. Was one of several first application discovered for online dating sites that generalized user location? The application is on both IOS as well as ANDROID OS. Christian Wiklund, the Skout CEO, said that they pursued this Skout deal to discover a better method to marry both online and offline interactions. Skout is available in 180 nations and age 14 languages.

Skout runs on the cellphone’s GPS system that can help users find other users in a general radius of merely one another. Skout cannot identify a new user’s specific location. Users can elect to opt-out with the location-tracking features of the application. GPS location is just enabled in the adult area.

While trying to find people, users may view their profile as well as recent activities of others they find exciting. The application also makes it possible for users to instant message or deliver virtual gifts from one to the other. The firm segregates the adult as well as teen communities.

Skout features a travel feature which allows users in order to meet people inside another city while traveling, this is a premium paid feature. Another feature on Skout will be “Shake to Chat.” This feature links users to others who will be shaking their particular phones concurrently. User profiles are confidential for forty-five seconds following your Shake to chat begins.

Signing up
Some of the information that you may have to provide to Skout after you install a new Skout mobile application or subscribe to the Companies is one’s email, username of your choice, sexuality, age, hobbies and one’s photograph. Skout will automatically collect information. Also, when you sign upwards via an ad click, Skout will automatically gather device variety and unique device identifier. When you Sign Up using Facebook, some of the information that would be automatically retrieved are: Facebook name, email, Facebook profile picture, gender, birthday, the number of Facebook friends you have, Facebook ID as well as a timestamp. All these records are used to process Facebook sign up process. Data acquired from Facebook can be done away with by means of contacting Skout assistance.

Social Mass media
As suggested above, Skout may offer the option to connect with a website with regards to logging inside, uploading facts or enabling certain features on the Service. By connecting Skout account with any website, one’s consent towards continuous relieves of information regarding you from your social marketing site to Skout while accounts continue being connected.

Acquiring buddies
Skout collect this Information after you add buddies, either by using Facebook account as well as address book: If you determine to add a friend through your device address book, the application collect your pals name as well as contact info. If you determine to add buddies through Facebook, the application will access your pals Facebook identify and the Facebook ID. When calling friends from address book or the Facebook consideration, you should manually choose each person you want to invite; Skout tends not to “auto-invite” all your address book or Facebook buddies. The application collect every one of the above information automatically to include in the process of adding buddies.  There are also plans to add Twitter support, in addition to full Fuse support.