Rocketship Education Reflects on First Decade

This year marks ten years since the first Rocketship Education school opened their doors to students in a small church basement in San Jose, California. While they have made tremendous progress during their first decade, the leaders at Rocketship Education recently took time to reflect on the things they have learned over the years and speaks of the improvements to come.

While they started with a purpose of teaching children, Rocketship Education has learned quite a bit from their students and communities in their early stages. Always looking for ways to improve the quality of life for those in and around their student communities, Rocketship Education has always been an advocate for community involvement. Children are a product of their environment, and leaders at Rocketship believe that success starts at home, and within their communities. Fueled by this belief, Rocketship now aims to change the dynamic of relationships between parents, teachers, and students. Through parent and teacher interviews, and the use of technology, they hope to achieve their goal of complete involvement both from student families and surrounding communities.

Reaching beyond the classroom, Rocketship Education is also dedicated to the empowerment of both students and parents. Through their parent leadership program, Rocketship hopes to empower parents and families to exercise their rights and power in reference to education and politics within their communities. While the system is designed for the early learner, leaders at Rocketship want to see students succeed far beyond elementary education. To ensure their students continued success, Rocketship encourages parents and families to advocate for better middle schools and high schools in their area.

For so many families, quality education seems far out of reach. Every child deserves the right to fair and equal education. Rocketship Education has opened the doors for thousands of students and families, helping them reach their full potential, and soar to the top, one student at a time.

Learn a few Success Tips from Nick Vertucci and His Academy

As we all know, the turnabout of one’s life comes with a change of decisions and hard work. No hard work goes unpaid because if you put more efforts in your endeavors, your outcome is better than the previous one. Nick Vertucci is an example of the success that most people are longing to have. Nick is the CEO and founder of Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy (NVREA). Previously, he had opened a business where he was selling computer parts. It is at that time that he got married and became a father to three beautiful daughters. His business was successful until the Dot Com Crash of 2000 came about.

All his finances dissolved and his life went back into scratch because Nick Vertucci had not prepared to invest for future. Fortunately, his friend invited him to a three days real estate seminar as his guest. It is in that seminar that Nick found a way to get out of his finical strains. Nick felt rejuvenated and inspired, and he studied about real estate investments without giving up. Eventually, he developed a simple and straightforward system of making money from real estate.

Vertucci decided to share his system with other people so that they could also free themselves from debt and make their lives better. According to Nick, he has realized that many people have the drive and desire to improve their lives through investing, but they lack knowledge. Through his academy, Nick is always available for all who want to make a change in their life.

Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy was founded in the year 2013 and has been educating its students to help them invest for their future. Nick created this academy after retiring as a police officer. This academy teaches all the students how to sell any real estate property at a profit. Flipping with Nick helps you to become successful as NVREA act as your mentor throughout the whole period until you get paid.

Nick implements a simple ‘get in, get out, and get paid’ strategy where they help you buy a house at a lower price. During the flipping period, the Nick system covers you against any loss that you might incur. After you sell the house at a profit, you get paid for your work.

Today, Nick is a mentor, host of ‘The Real Estate Flipping Hour’ radio program and a coach. The turnabout of your life is by investing with Flip with Nick system.

Whitney Wolfe Changes the Game for Dating App Users

Whitney Wolfe is changing the dating game, and people are taking a look at what she is doing. She definitely has a knack for business, and she has proven that social media is the arena that she wants to put all her time and effort into.

Whitney Wolfe is a leader that knows how to navigate through the different realms of social media. She has certainly been able to put a lot of time into building a better dating app platform, and this has led to a ton of app users that are fully utilizing the app that she has created to connect with others in the dating world.

Whitney Wolfe is no stranger to helping people find love. This is not the first dating app that she has been attached to. The fact that she has been able to create such a large amount of buzz about dating makes her one of the most innovative entrepreneurs of this day and time.

Now that there are so many people that are looking at this dating app one has to wonder if Whitney Wolfe herself has any clue about truly finding love and connecting with a lifelong partner. Those Bumble users that have been curious about the love life of Whitney Wolfe do not have to wonder anymore. Any quick Google search for Whitney Wolfe will bring up articles about Bumble, but it will also connect people with something else: her wedding.

Whitney Wolfe got married recently, and there is a whole lot of interest in this because her rise with Bumble actually makes her seem like something of a celebrity. She is the entrepreneur that is actually showing her face. Wolfe is not hiding behind the scenes with the app that she created. To the contrary, Whitney Wolfe has been in the spotlight as she promoted Bumble. She has let her fans get to know her through a first-hand experience by doing interviews and actually talking about dating app. This is great because this truly allows people to become much more motivated by what she is trying to promote.

Now that Whitney Wolfe has gotten married she has continued to be an open book about her personal life. Pictures and videos from the wedding have surfaced online. Whitney Wolfe has been able to give Bumble users inspiration from her own life about the possibilities of finding the right mate.

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OSI Group a Global Leading Food Processing Company

OSI group is on the journey of expanding its multi-billion dollar status in the food manufacturing industry through major acquisitions and mergers. OSI Group has been thriving in the food processing industry due to the provision of innovative, customized solutions and quality products to its clients globally. The company as part of its expansion program acquired seven new processing and production facilities from different parts of the world last year alone.

According to the company’s president David McDonald, OSI Group is not only focused on expanding its capacity but also its client base. The company partners with its clients on products that can help grow their business as well as encourage suppliers to help increase sales. The company intends to reach more customers through the provision of products that clients desire, are healthy, natural and organic. The products also provide clients with a select option as they range from premium specialties to those that are merely affordable. Sheldon Lavin OSI Group CEO is the person that is tasked with ensuring the company grows and continues to offer more food choices in the 16 countries that the firm operates.

OSI Group is not only expanding internationally but also locally. The company according to Chicago Tribune acquired Tyson Foods Plant in Chicago at the cost of 7 billion dollars. The facility according to OSI Industries spokesman is a 200,000 square foot facility which will provide support for continued business growth. OSI Group is ranked as one of the largest privately owned companies in the US. The company food products include meatballs, hamburgers, hot dogs, bacon, pork items, poultry and vegetable products.

OSI Group expansion plan saw it acquire Flagship Europe a deal that will help the company reach new clients in Europe and provide a variety of products to its existing client base. OSI group presence will be greatly felt in Europe with the acquisition of Baho Foods which is a Dutch manufacturer of convenience foods, snacks, and Deli meats.

Sheldon Lavin is the driving force behind OSI Group expansion and growth plan. Lavin has a strong academic background in accounting and finance. Lavin is an innovative manager, and under his leadership, OSI Group has grown to more than 17 countries with over 65 facilities and processes a diverse range of products.

OSI Group was founded in 1909 by Otto Kolschowsky. Just like any other Startup the company had humble beginnings as it was first established as a butcher meat shop in Chicago USA. The shop was known as Otto & Sons. Lavin joined the then Otto & Sons in 1970 and revolutionized things.

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Create Your Personal Wine Tasting Even with Traveling Vineyard

One of the most favorite ways to spend holidays today is to go wine tasting. Once upon a time wine tasting was not a very popular activity but in recent years the popularity of this past time is increasing. Whether it is a big brewery or a private home, the atmosphere that surrounds this activity is informal, and people are in no rush. Taking your friends with you to go wine tasting is the best way to do it. There are no requirements to go wine tasting, and you don’t need to be super educated on wine to enjoy yourself.

It is also one of the activities you can do with a group of people no matter how big it is and it is not a very expensive activity either. You can also host your wine tasting or hire someone who can do it for you and your friends. So if you want to experience a lovely day with friends, you should consider organizing your wine tasting, but for that, you need to prepare. It will be easier to pull off if you assemble everything you need beforehand. Here are the things you will need for this kind of day.

Glassware is the most important thing together with a corkscrew or two. You should also have still water available for guests. White cloth or plastic-coated butcher paper and something that would work as a palate cleanser. There are a couple of other things you could acquire, but these few are the essential ones. Make sure the place is prepared for the event as well. Wine tasting is often associated with clean lines and no clutter. To dress up the tables, use a white tablecloth. It doesn’t have to be fancy, and it can easily be a paper tablecloth, just make sure it looks good.

Choose the right kind of music and make sure that all your guests are comfortable. They will need something to spit in as wine tasting is usually not about drinking the wine. Another thing to think about is the kind of wine you want to be tasting. It isn’t always an easy choice, but you should ask people what kind of wine they like. Even though wine tasting often is about finding a new wine, it is tough to like something people never would pick out in the first place.

When you think everything is prepared, invite your best friends and simply have fun. The more, the merrier. If you have done the research, if you are willing well for the event and if you want to see all the people at the place and time, this kind of event could become the new favorite among friends.

Traveling Vineyard is a company that allows peple to experience this kind of thing without worries. it allows people to set up their own wine tasting and earn money while doing something they enjoy.

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Highland Capital Provides High Quality Advisory

Are planning to invest or expand your existing portfolio of investments? Need a team of professionals to guide you in choosing the right investment vehicle for your situation? Perhaps you’re looking for a proven way to manage your money and attain wealth and financial independence. Highland Capital can help you achieve your investment goals.

Getting into the investment field is an important decision and should be handled appropriately. Whether you are an entrepreneur or a corporate entity planning your investments requires great expertise. As planning your investments or money management issues means planning your future financial status it has become extremely important that you enlist the services of qualified professionals. That’s where Highland Capital comes in – to provide the advice and guidance you need to reach your financial goals.

Highland Capital is a renowned company in the investment field. The company has been providing excellent wealth building and financial planning services for many years and is well known among top investors and high-profile entrepreneurs.

It is important to decide where where you want to end up with your wealth building or money management, because it makes it easier to select the right type of investment and how to go about it.

Highland Capital has the top resources and industry connections that are required to achieve excellence in the field. When you sign up with Highland Capital, their team of advisors will take the time to review your situation and work closely with you to devise the most effective strategy for you.

Learn about investing or related topics is not something to be taken lightly. It is imperative to let the experts guide you and ensure that you reach the level of success you desire.

Not all wealth building or financial planning advisors are created equal, so you ought to choose Highland Capital since the company has established a good track record in the industry.

Highland Capital and its professionals believe in integrity and transparency in all of their dealings with clients. Highland Capital is one of the most reliable and reputable investment advisory firms in the industry.

One of The Most Famous Lawyer in Brazilian Attorney, Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto is one of the most famous lawyers from Brazil and he is the founder of Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados. He is a very experienced business lawyer with vast experience in commercial law, Banking Law, commercial law and contracts, business criminal laws, credit restructuring and debt and so many other areas including credit recovery. He has a vast range of experience in these industries. Some of the companies he has worked for include Grupo Rede which is a Brazilian based company in which he worked as the HR and the Legal management team. He also happens to be the director of the most famous director for Fundação Rede de Previdência Privada. He is on the record being the most hardworking lawyer in Brazil and has, through his law firm proved to be a great lawyer of all times.

Ricardo Tosto is a self-made Brazilian lawyer and studied at Mackenzie University and has an extension in Business Administration. He also worked at the Judicial Reform Committee and also the Judicial Modernization committee. He is also a very active member of the International Bar Association (IBA). He is also a member of the Study Centre for Attorney Partnerships ie, CESA. He is also the founding of the famous IBEDEP. He has done tremendously well in those boards and continues to achieve greatness in all those aspects of the law. He is definitely one of the best lawyers Brazil has ever had. He has achieved in changing the law of Brazil and is doing very well. He is no doubt one of the leading lawyers.

Ricardo Tosto is also an award winner because of his contributions in the legal sector. He was nominated by Who’s Who and was rewarded and recognized as one of the best Brazilian lawyers in the field of commercial Litigation. He did it perfectly well when it came to representing and also advising his clients. His law firm status has been able to rise very well and successfully. He is a very respected scholar with very many records of achievements. His great practice has been recognized by Legal 500 and also the Brazilian Legal Publication.


Greg Secker, Expert Stock Trader and Philanthropist

One of the most lucrative positions anyone can attain and also be an entrepreneur and maintain their own schedule is through the stock exchange market. Presently there is a lull in local trading with the interest rates at all time lows, inflation continues to wreak havoc on the market and wages are stagnant. All of this makes the traditional golden strategies for trading not early as effective as they have been in the past. Now is the opportune time to add foreign exchange markets, or forex, into your trading regimen.

The Forex is a foreign exchange marketplace where the currencies of the world are traded 5 ½ days a week and 24 hours each day. The way you exchange through the forex is unlike the standard markets as it is reliant on digital transfers where you make trades on global currencies based upon whether you believe that currency will rise or fall in value over the course of your trade. All of these things are handled digitally but there is no need to be tech savvy to get on board as the programs are all extremely easy to use.

The unfortunate truth is that the current instability on a global scale is an aspect of geopolitics that makes forex trading a booming area right now. Now is indeed the time to get into forex trading, it has been available for many years but this climate is one in which the ability to foster and grow wealth through the forex is in a golden age.

These tips come from an industry leader, Greg Secker. He was born in 1975 and has risen to become a master trader, philanthropist and public speaker. He is the founder of the Knowledge to Action Group, founded in 2003. This organization and its affiliate companies are what represent the passion and fire inside of Greg to improve the quality of life for everyone on a global scale.

Greg Secker has been speaking publicly for many years and has been featured on network shows such as CNBC and Bloomberg. Now having made a name for himself and established his skills in trading and economy, he is frequently asked to speak alongside some of the most influential financial experts of our time.

Nick Vertucci’s Determination Led Him To Success In Real Estate

The story of Nick Vertucci is a true reflection of the right attitude to overcome challenges in life. Years later, he is now the leader of a real estate firm. Raised in a loving family, Nick grasped the basis of leadership at a young age. He lost his father at the age of 9. This was a challenging moment in his life because his mother had t work on filling his father’s shoes as the bread winner. Nick’s life was now plagued with challenges and sleeping in a van was just one of them. He however, kept the faith and worked hard to establish himself.




Nick Vertucci invested in a computer parts vending business. He describes this as the miracle that transformed his life. He was dedicated to growing the business by expanding services. According to him, being his own boss was a huge success. He later settled down by marrying. His family was his rock of living. Wading through the challenges that life threw at him, Nick bumped into another shocking disappointment in 2002. His business crushed in losses where he lost everything. With a family to raise, he was depressed. Nick describes that episode as his worst with him having the wrong mentality towards investment. Suffering for 18 months without a source of income, Nick was determined to wade through the murky inconveniences yet again.


 Real Estate


Nick’s life changed when a friend invited him to a real estate workshop. He was motivated to join the team by investing in the business. Keenly listening to what the speaker was saying, Nick hardly grasped the entire agenda. Surprisingly, he was relieved because he was determined to succeed. Feeling inspired, Nick Vertucci was reenergized and determined to work for real estate. That marked the beginning of his real estate firm. Now a millionaire, Nick owns one of the leading real estate firms with an averagely large employee base. He is determined to transform people’s lives by teaching them the ropes of real estate and how to invest in the business.


The Firm


Nick Vertucci owns NVREA system, a real estate software that connects investors to clients and numbers. Being a game of numbers, Nick helps people to land the best deals by attracting clients. After attracting clients, he focuses on providing the best rates in the market. For Nick Vertucci, clients come first. He has set a trending pace for real estate business by initiating a platform that works well for investors and clients. He is determined to grow the business by growing prospective clients.

Richard Mishaan Design; Excellent Interior Designs

Are you in New York and you are searching for a firm that can help you in interior design? Relax! Richard Mishaan Design is the company that offers great interior designs for residential and commercial homes. Also, the design firm offers proper designs that are unique and eye-catching to hotels and hospitality industries. The firm was started by Richard Mishaan who is a great principle designer at the enterprise.

Richard Mishaan Designer has vast experience in interior design as it has been operating in New York for 20 years. The design firm has dominatedthe interior design market by offering creative designs for residential, retail and big hotel projects. With a team of great designers lead by Mishaan, they offer designs that are Unique, friendly and those that aim at satisfying what clients want. At Richard Mishaan Design, they don’t impose designs to customers, but they come up with designs that customers like.

At his home, Mishaan has designed his interior home in a beautiful manner that combines traditional and modern cultures. He has used creative art and furniture which is beautiful. The house is well arranged and with the beautiful ceiling which shows Spanish influence. His kitchen is painted white and bright white which is highly noticeable. His bathroom can’t go unnoticed with his iconic Fornasetti wall paper. A carpet is well put, and his master bedroom is well designed with Pacific shades of cream which is combined with other art elements to look amazing.

Another design from Richard Mishaan Design is at Karen Silverman’s Home. The home was arranged by another designer, but Mishaan upgraded the design to look excellent. He rearranged furniture layout. Secondly, he worked with the owner to develop a more enhancing look. He used his experience in changing Silverman’s house into a home. Richard Mishaan Design is the home of new interior designs, and with the vast experience, their designs are unbeatable.