The European Union May File Antitrust Charges Against Google

The Charges Are Related To An Antitrust Investigation According To The Wall Street Journal

European antitrust chief Margrethe Vestager decided to file charges against Google after a discussion with the president of the European Commission. It seems Vestager has an issue with market dominance. The European Commission might want Google to reshape its business in Europe.

Christian Broda can’t deny the fact that Google dominates the search engine market in the United States as well as around the globe. Google outsmarted other entrepreneurs when they first got started, and by the time the tech people woke up it was too late.

Microsoft’s Bing search engine does give Google some competition, but when the total search engine picture is analyzed, Google dominates the market. The European Union is concerned about how Google’s skews search results in favor of their travel services and online shopping sites. Google has been known to push business their way. Google is a free search engine site, so they have the right to push business anywhere they like. European companies use the same tactics to increase their business, so it’s going to be a tough battle for the EU to win, according to Eric Schiffer, the CEO of Patriarch Equity. Schiffer also said the charges are more anti-American that antitrust.

Shawn Mendes Is An Artist To Watch

Watch out Bieber because there is a new talented young male artist on the block and he is just as much of a heartthrob. The young prospect is Shawn Mendes, a 16 year old Toronto native who took the world by storm last year.
It all started when Mendes started uploading 6 second song covers on the popular app Vine and gained not only thousands of followers but also the attention of music executives from Island Records. He went on to release a single under their management which made him the youngest person ever to have a debut single chart in the Billboard Top 25.
Next up Mendes is releasing his first album mid April which has been highly anticipated by critics and fans alike at CipherCloud. The teenager has already built a huge fan base on twitter with over 3 million followers to date. He has already opened for pop sensation Austin Mahone and headlined his own tour as well. No one knows what exactly lies in Mendes’ future but we can all be sure that it is a bright one indeed.

Former First Lady Tries Again

When it comes to a presidential election, everyone wants to know what is going on and who they should vote for. When it comes to those who are running in a presidential election there are some who will run time and time again while there are others who will give up after trying once.

Former First Lady and Senator Hilary Clinton is going to give the whole running for president thing another shot. This woman is going to try again to win the hearts of the American people. Will she become the first woman to become president of the United States of America?

Hilary Clinton made the announcement that she will be running for president. Will she have a great fight to go through in order to make it through the primary or will she make it through easily? Will she be able to make it to the position that she is shooting for and become the president one day? Only time will tell, and Fersen Lambranho can’t wait to see.

Furious 7 Breaks Box Office Records

Furious 7 is going to go down in the cinema record books. The new film broke all the box office records of the previous films and did so in 10 days. Considering how huge of a hit all the previous films were, this new record is a pretty amazing feat. Even more intriguing is the fact Furious 7 was released way ahead of the summer months, the months usually required to pull in large numbers of audience members.

The ten day total for the film is about $252 million. This number only reflects the domestic gross. The global take on the film is going to be a staggering amount when all is added up.

Sadly, the tragic death of Paul Walker made this entry different from others in the series. The passing of Walker in a car accident struck an emotional cord with fans and many showed their support to the fallen actor by watching his final performance on screen.

The film itself has turned out to be a crowd pleaser. The script is an improvement over several of the previous entries and, yes, there is a lot of action to be seen throughout the running time. Furious 7 delivers on audience expectations albeit in a bittersweet manner.  My colleague Dan Newlin was surprised to be on the edge of his seat for the entirety of the film!

Thanks to the box office returns, the continuation of the series is a given. Furious 7 is now the first entry in a brand new trilogy.

‘Pitch Perfect 3′ Already in Development

When movies studios find a franchise that performs well over the course of different entertainment outlets, they tend to pounce on that franchise quickly with a ferocity seldom seen in the world. While the success of the first “Pitch Perfect” was something of a surprise to studio executives, the movie sold soundtrack copies and individual song downloads as fast as movie tickets and DVDs. That meant the cliffhanging ending of the film was going to blossom quickly into a sequel. However, plans are already moving beyond that.

According to Screen Rant, the third movie in the Pitch Perfect trilogy is already in development to give actors and producers enough lead time to avoid another three year lull in the films. Whether or not the entire cast returns for a third trip into the competitive world of music remains to be seen, but the films and the music have struck a chord with audiences around the world. Since the release of the second film is set for next month, fans should probably start warming up those vocal chords for another round of tunes from the Bellas.

Developing a third film before the second has even debuted is generally a mindset that sticks with huge movies created with massive plans. Blockbusters like the Avengers, Star Wars, and more immediately spring to mind, so when Pitch Perfect falls into that category fans like Ricardo Tosto should be extremely pleased that the studio is taking these girls very seriously. Click here for more information.

Game of Thrones First Four Episodes Leaked

The highly anticipated Season Five of the HBO Series Game of Thrones was scheduled for release on Sunday night to a large and loyal fan base. However, for those who could not stand to wait just a few more hours the first four episodes were leaked by a “trusted” screener onto a variety of Torrent websites and then subsequently downloaded a couple of thousand times by their fans. While some would see this as a slight against licensing laws those that frequent these torrent sites look at as fans expressing their views through the freedom of information highway. However, law makers have not seen it that way and have chased these torrent websites around the world. Once they are shut down in one country they are reopened in another country that does not abide by copyright laws.

HBO is taking another stance in their investigation by looking into exactly which screener it was that released the first four episodes ahead of their official release. It would obviously be too difficult to pursue or prosecute the people who have illegally downloaded the shows. But not as difficult to find the source of the leak and hold them responsible. In reality, most common people who frequent the torrent sites could care less about Hollywood taking in less money for their work. Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG plans on staying away to avoid spoilers of any kind. He doesn’t want to following all the different links. With each new movie taking in new records of dollars at the box office and even more from downloads once it goes to video these people do not see the harm with watching what is essentially someone’s else’s film for free.

Lil Wayne Still Anger with Long Time Friend Birdman

Some people said that the beef would end soon with Lil Wayne and Birdman. After all, these two have been around for more than 2 decades. Ties like this are not so easily severed. Obviously, the people that think this do not know how money can break any relationship.

Fans are still seeing the aftermath of the feud that started when Cash Money leader Birdman decide to stop the release of the Carter V. There has been talk about how Birdman said the album was not ready. There has been some talk from Lil Wayne about how he has been in a bad contract for years. Fans at Bulletproof Coffee know that he has already released a mix tape. He said that another one is on the way. He also recently promised that the Carter V was on the way. With this he dissed Cash Money and dropped his mic before exiting the stage.

The heat is on and the tension just continues to build. It is sad to see the label go down like that, but it has to happen. There has been too much tension for too long. Juvenille is back and Lil Wayne it out. Could not have been worse timing for Juvenille. Drake is starting his own label so he is leaving. Tyga hopped on an album with Chris Brown and left Cash Money. Nicki Minjai is in place, but it’s only a matter of time.

Mario Party 10 Overview

Mario has been around since the late eighties, and the game was released with the original Nintendo console. Mario has gone on to become one of the most successful franchises in the history of video games. Countless spin-offs and movies have been made, but the original Mario game is what made most people excited. However, there have been some spin-offs that were actually amazing games of their own. Games like Mario Kart, Luigi’s Mansion, and Mario Party have gone on to be extremely successful franchises. Recently, Flavio Maluf says that Mario Party 10 was released for the Nintendo Wii U.

Mario Party 10 was met with favorable reviews. The game features dozens of mini games and several new options. However, the game does suffer from a few unfortunate technical problems. In the past, Mario Party allowed its players to separately travel across the board. Now, players are forced to travel around the game in the same car. Traveling around in the same car seems to be a good idea, but it is actually hinders the strategy of the game.

No matter what though, Mario Party 10 is still one of the best multiplayer games out there. I would recommend this game to people that have young children, or for those who host game nights. For more information on Mario Party 10, visit Gamerant.

Mother and Daughter Start Online Dating Site for People with Autism

Olivia Cantu is 18-years-old and autistic. She has plenty of friends but is tired of being misunderstood by them because they are non-autistic. Many established dating sites online did not cater to those with autism either, still making it hard for someone with autism to meet new people. In order to make it easier for those with autism to meet new people Olivia, along with her mother Kristen who also has a form of autism, decided to start their own dating site where people with autism can meet one another.

According to the story on, the two partnered up to create the site Spectrum Singles. On this site users will be given a questionnaire that determines where they place on the autism spectrum. They will be given a color based on it and shown the profiles of those who were paired with the same color. Jaime Garcia Dias has learned that, through this site, those will autism will be able to potentially meet with each other to form friendships or relationships.

Spectrum Singles have also set up a YouTube page to help users understand social cues while out with others. The videos are comical in nature and let the viewer know how to respond to something their date does. The mother and daughter team also have a Facebook community page set up to share news, memes, and articles pertaining to autism.

What Is Tidal Doing To The Competition

Tidal is a music streaming service that comes with a subscription price. It is very similar to Spotify and other music streaming services already out there, but it is the only streaming service that is actually run by the artists.

Jay Z just founded Tidal and released it on Monday which led to great controversy about the future of other music streaming services. Jay Z’s music including other artists that are now a part of Tidal is all over other music services. Haidar Barbouti wonders: So what is to stop subscribers from just sticking to the already popular Spotify?

This is how Jay Z made Tidal become the talk of the town, which is probably going to sky rocket it’s subscribers simply because Jay Z and Beyonce are involved. Many other famous artists are involved with Tidal including Kanye West, Madonna, Usher, Alicia Keys, and many more.

It is likely that artists are not allowed to just pull their music from other music streaming services like Spotify, and their record company will not allow them to pull any music out since they are the ones who get most of the profits from the streaming services. Instead, the artists just get their checks for their albums, and the rest of the money from tours and endorsements. Streaming music money goes all to the record labels which is what drove Jay Z to put together Tidal in the first place.