Subsidiaries of Equities First Holdings

The Equities of First Holdings is a company that offers shareholder loans and assist people in achieving their financial goals. They have subsidiaries in the company that are in charge of specific jobs. The subsidiaries include First Holding Australia, First Holdings London, Meridian Global Capital, and LLC Asset Management.


Formally known as Meridian Equity Partners changed their name as of September 5, 2014 as a result of being acquired by First Holdings Equities.


They operate as an investment and advisory company that provide shareholders financing services and margin loans


As of August 27, 2014 they have been based in the United States and act as a subsidiary for Equities First Holdings


They Provide securities based lending services for businesses and individual investors

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Edtech Companies Changing Class Communication

When it comes to technology, the classroom is not to be left behind. Teachers are employing many new ways to use new tech to improve the classroom experience. Edtech products must compete to be tested, proven, and to solve actual problems. The ClassDojo app fits all these criteria.

Parents, teachers, and students are able to connect more than ever before with this platform. An open line of communication can be the key element for student success, and the ClassDojo app keeps communication as available and easy to use as common social media apps, yet private and safe.

Many parents feel like they are out of touch with what is going on in their child’s classroom, and often handwritten notes sent home by teachers don’t make it to the recipient on time. ClassDojo allows teachers, students, and parents to have an open real-time line of communication to create a community of learning and clear communication. This connection allows a positive culture within the classroom and school.

ClassDojo is not just about passing messages back and forth between the parent and teacher concerning the student. It is a ground-up change that allows the parent to be a part of the learning and to understand what the students are learning within the class as the time. The broadens the communication and the culture allowing parents to have a better grasp when it comes to understanding how to assist their children, and allows the child to feel supported both at home and at school.

This app is in use in 2 out of 3 schools as of now, and if the reviews are of any indication the app will likely become even more common within educational circles. After all, bringing parent teacher communication up and in a stress free friendly environment is beneficial to all involved. The best part is that it does not exclude the student in anyway. In fact, the student has a part in the communication circle with the ability to share their own videos and work samples to their portfolios that is accessible by their teacher and parents.

Edtech products are improving classroom dynamics because the standards for growth (attracting investors, and being used regularly by teachers) are high and each new technology has to deliver as promised.

New WebRTC Software MAkes Talk Fusion Better Claims Bob Reina

Anyone who knows the names Bob Reina or Talk Fusion already knows that both the man and the company he runs are top notch and well resepected in the vieo technology industry. If you are new to Talk Fusion, you are missing out on one of the most up to date all in one global video marketing companies. Lucky for you, it is easy to start enjoying the many benefits that Talk Fusion has to offer. In a recient announcement, Bob Reina said that Talk Fusion is going to use an updated software called WebRTC technology. This is currently the most sophisticated real time communications softwares and it is sure to make Talk Fusion even better.


Bob Reina has always kept on top of the technology and kept Talk Fusion ahead of all the other companies. Bob wasn’t always such a technology genius and the CEO of a major company. For a number of years Bob Reina was a police officer who started a part time business that quickly became his passion and his bread and butter. Bob developed a four step system that he would use to talk about business and the products he was offering people. Mr. Reina has always had a strong sense of commitment to leaving people in a better place than where he found them and that mission of helping people shines through brightly with everything Talk Fusion and Bob Reina does.


That whole idea of making people’s lives better is what drives Talk Fusion. As an example, the newest software WebRTC is a product that simply put, makes people’s lives better because they can use it to communicate. It’s an improvement on Live Meetings. With Live Meetings you used your computer but with WebRTC you can use your computer, tablet or smartphone to transmit one way videos or hold a video conference. You can have up to 15 hosts and about 500 people who are participants. The great news is that anyone watching can use a computer, tablet of smartphone. Now, if that doesn’t make life better, who knows what does.


Bob Reina has spent his life making other people’s lives better and it is his life’s mission to show others how they can make the world a better place. He talks about that and other things in his newly launched Talk Fusion University ( Helping people live better lives, giving back to people in the community and keeping people in touch with amazing communications programs, that and more is Talk Fusion and Bob Reina.


How One Can Inspire and Empower with Fashion and Fabletics

It is often said that fashion is about self expression. As a matter of fact, there is often the term, fashion statement that is uttered when talking about outfits. Many people do make different types of fashion statements. In many cases, they may mean very little to others. However, there are ways for people to express themselves and make meaningful and inspirational statements with their style. Often times, these inspiring statements are made with the use of risky fashion choices that can get attention from a lot of people. These statements are along the lines of being true to oneself.


Kate Hudson is an example of someone who is always making positive fashion statements. She has helped with the development of Fabletics. The statement that she has wanted to make is that women can live the lives they want. Working out does not have to be boring and tedious. However, the options offered at the majority of active wear stores indicate that working out is not something to be enjoyed. Kate Hudson has worked to change this mentality so that people will be more encouraged with their attempts to be fit. This has all resulted in a successful company that people want to be involved with.


One of the advantages that taking risks and expressing oneself with outfits is that it can inspire people to find their own style. Seeing someone dress in the way she truly wants and getting a lot of compliments for it can be very inspirational for others, especially if her message involves self expression through fashion.


One of the reasons that people struggle with their self esteem is that they are given limited room for self expression. Fabletics encourages people to dress in ways they truly want. As people find unique outfits that help them stand out, they will feel a little better about themselves. With each day they find unique styles, they will build a foundation for their own confidence. Then eventually, they will have the confidence to live the type of life they want. Fabletics inspires and encourages an overall positive lifestyle of joy and prosperity.

Sheldon Lavin Makes The OSI Group A Global Force

Sheldon Lavin is the CEO of the global food processing and distribution juggernaut the OSI Group. Lavin has been involved with the company since the 1970s. At that time Lavin was running his financial consulting firm. Sheldon Lavin has a degree in accounting and finance. Before starting his own company, he was a senior banking executive and had great success as an investor. After securing the financing the OSI Group needed, he decided to invest in the company and remain involved with them. He also struck a deal with the owners to purchase an ownership stake in the company. Lavin bought the company in the 1980s.

When he took over the OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin had a clear vision of what the company could become. He created an ambitious expansion plan that saw the company taking their high quality food and meat products all over the world. He also instituted some effective, award-winning environmental management practices that ended up earning three prestigious Globe of Honor awards given by the British Safety Council. Plus, Lavin has worked hard to maintain a family atmosphere in the company even though it has over 20,000 employees. Lavin regularly has meals with rank and file employees and has created a series of excellent worker safety policies.

Since Sheldon Lavin has taken over the company, the OSI Group has grown into a global powerhouse. The company has more than 65 processing facilities in more than 17 countries. There are facilities in Europe, Asia, Australia and North, South and Central America. The OSI Group recently opened a facility in India and has been in China for over 20 years. The company is China’s largest poultry producer and supplies meat, dough and vegetable products for Western fast food companies doing business in China including Starbucks, Pizza Hut, McDonald’s and Subway.

In 2016, the work Sheldon Lavin did transforming the OSI Group into an international food processing force was recognized by the Vision World Academy in India. They gave him the Global Visionary Award. But for Sheldon Lavin, a husband, father and grandfather, the thing he’s proudest of is his close relationship with his staff and the benefits he’s been able to provide for them and their loved ones.

Sheldon Lavin is also a generous philanthropist who donates to charitable organizations like the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Jewish United Fund, United Negro College Fund and the Inner City Foundation.

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Shafik Sachedina – A Healthcare Innovator

Dr. Shafik Sachedina is a top United Kingdom dental surgeon, entrepreneur, and businessman who was born in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania, East Africa. He holds a British citizenship and attended the Guy’s Hospital Medical and Dental School at the University of London. Dr. Sachedina has practiced many years in England and his name has been associated with being a caring dental surgeon.

Dr. Shafik is the current co-founder and Chief Executive Office of Sussex Health Care. Sussex Health Care is a compilation of medically supervised housing facilities for elderly adults and patients who suffer from learning disabilities and neurological issues like Parkinson, Alzheimer, dementia, and injuries to the brain.

Dr. Sachedina and Sussex Health Care attend to each patient’s physical, social, and emotional needs within the West Sussex communities. Shafik Sachedina has defined visionary entrepreneurial acumen which brought the attention of several prestigious medical and dental institutions which is why he holds management positions at the Horsham Clinic, Islamic Publications, and the Institute of Ismaili Studies. He has also served as the building and development director of the Imara U.K. Company from 1992 to 1997.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina works diligently for the U.K.’s Muslim community as a volunteer, while also sitting on the Board of Governors at the Aga Khan and Jamati Institutions in France. In 1996 Shafik was asked to be the department head of the Ismaili Imamat community which is a Shia branch of Islam. His duties included initiating community programs throughout its different community locations.

Dr. Sachedina was also appointed a fellow member of the Ismaili Leaders International Forum and carries out duties including coordinating His Highness Aga Khan’s Development Network programs in Central Asia and throughout the Ismaili communities within the U.K.

Despite his busy schedule, Shafik Sachedina finds time to mentor and train young people in the dentistry field and to encourage their entrepreneurial skills. His healthcare company Sussex Health Care partners with West Sussex University in Chichester in a one-year program for students to complete their Higher Apprenticeship by interning at Sussex Home Care facilities. Students also attend medical workshops and are offered hands-on training, while honing their work ethic skills which is required at the completion of the program.

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Who is Michel Terpin?

Michel terpins was born in Brazil in a family that highly regarded sports and knew the power of sports to change the destiny of a person.

His father was a successful sportsman who transcended a lot of challenges to play for his country and club in the late 60’s as well as the early 70’s. He raised his sons to love sports and actively encouraged them to at some point venture into them. Having been appointed as the head of the Brazilian sports commission it only confirmed his commitment to the need for his sons to be sportsmen themselves. He would, therefore, be very supportive of his son Michel Terpins when he joined the Cross-country championship.

He began as a junior competitor and this is what he would use as his stepping stone for the career that he would grow him into a champion. His rise to the top was a pure show of the resourcefulness and commitment that he put in the growing of his racing abilities.

He grew his abilities by enhancing his training and skills to become as good as those who were at the top of the championship at the time. He has become a renowned icon of the cross country as when he joined the top team he never went back. He was so consistent that by the time he left which was a surprise for many he was still the reigning champion.

His skills in cross country would help him in the next journey of his sports career when he joined motorsport rallying.

He was a product of the constant and persistent pleadings of his brother Rodrigo terpins to move into rallying. When he joined they would eventually co-found the Bull Sertões Rally Team. The team was a mark of commitment from Michel Terpins that he was now into rallying and had left the cross country.

In rallying, he has taken part in numerous rallying events and also been part of the Sertões Rally which is the premier rallying event in Brazil.

The Bull Sertões Rally Team has been able to grow and expand and this continues to mark the abilities of Michel.

MB2 Dental’s Unique Business Structure Lets Dentists Become Entrepreneurs

MB2 Dental is a dental firm that provides resources and administrative help to dentists. What makes them different is that the dentists who are part of their network are in complete control of their practice. The practices are completely dentist-owned, and they make all the decisions. MB2 Dental provides support, guidance, and help. Dentists also have the opportunity to co-invest with each other. While MB2 Dental takes care of all the nonclinical administrative aspects of running a dental practice, such as bookkeeping, dentists are still the ones that make the decisions for even non-clinical issues. For example, they decide whether they want to expand or open up another location. Outside investors and shareholders are not the ones calling the shots, like in other firms where businessmen who do not understand a thing about running a dental practice make the decisions. That is why MB2 Dental is so special.

Dentists really love this business model. They believe that MB2 Dental is preserving the integrity of the dental profession by letting dentists be the ones who actually call the shots. This way, they never have to compromise on things that would negatively impact patient care. MB2 is preserving what is sacred in dentistry, and by doing this, they are staying ahead of the curve. They give dentists the tools to be successful and get where they want to get. They are able to achieve their goals. Some dentists are more business oriented and involve themselves in the business side of their practice and with crunching the numbers, while others take advantage of the opportunity that MB2 Dental offers them to focus exclusively on the clinical aspect of the business. For those that take part in the business side, MB2 Dental offers encouragement, as they want dentists to be entrepreneurs and to be able to make the decisions.

MB2 Dental has been seeing growth that can only be described as explosive. A lot of this has to do with their unique business structure, which simply cannot be found anywhere else. To aspiring entrepreneurs, Dr. Villanueva advises questioning everything. You should not attempt to follow some guidebook for when to get into debt, when to sell, when to hire, and so on. Instead, challenge the status quo and look at the specifics of your own business and how certain steps will affect it, either for the better or for the worse.

Meet Todd Lubar: The President of TDL Ventures

Different business ideas are triggered and inspired by different events in the entrepreneur’s life. For Todd Lubar, the President of TDL Ventures, his inspiration was the need to help people achieve their dreams. According to his findings, many people are unable to achieve their dreams due to their inability to access loans. TDL Ventures ensures that all the obstacles that stop their clients from getting loans are eliminated.


Todd Lubar has become indispensable in the society. He, however, admits before he got the position and his ranking in the business world, he had to work diligently and overcome multiple challenges. His first years in business were tough; it is only after a few years that Todd finally gained his stability in the market.


The main reason many ventures don’t flourish is the fear of failure. As much as we are told that no one got success without few episodes of failure, many investors still want to play safe. Failure is not the cause of losing the entrepreneurship career; the determinant is the reaction we give to failure.


Todd Lubar says that at one point, his business deal failed and been a major one, he had to start everything over again. Was it a hard time? Yes, but he reacted by waking up the following day and approaching his plan in a different perspective. He advises investors to avoid taking a long time recovering from failure but instead swinging in back to the plate with different solutions and methodologies.


Todd Lubar says that hard work throughout his company is what has led to success. He has taken it upon himself to ensure he understands everything that goes around the firm. By so doing, he can make informed decisions about TDL Ventures. For more details visit



The most satisfying moments of Todd Lubar have been seeing his clients leave the firm contented with the services they received. However, his best moments are when he sees his clients, whom through him began from scratch, successful in their industries. Check out Medium to see more.


Lubar is not afraid of the future. TDL Ventures has a bright life ahead because there will always be an individual who is ready to go above and beyond to see their dream come true. The only thing they need to have in mind is that TDL Ventures is their partner in realizing their dream.



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End Citizens United Explains The Tax Bill Highlights The Need For Election Financing Reform

In December 2017, End Citizens United revealed its “Big Money 20” list of political donors who the PAC believes put the needs of their billionaire donors ahead those of their constituents. In the buildup to the 2018 midterm elections, End Citizens United has revealed 17 of the so-called “Big Money 20” voted in favor of the recently passed Republican-backed Tax Reform Bill which has been at the heart of the battle about the role being played by wealthy Republican donors and corporations.

End Citizens United believes the Tax Reform Bill is a Holiday gift provided by the Republican party to their wealthy donors who are searching for bigger breaks from the politicians they provide with millions of dollars in funding each year. The fact 17 of the 20 Republicans named to the list of top individuals backed by major political donors voted for the Tax Reform Bill highlights the need for the election financing reform End Citizens United is fighting for. The Tax Reform Bill will provide the wealthiest in the U.S. with huge tax breaks and result in a major period of damage to the financial security of the middle classes End Citizens United President Tiffany Muller believes are disappearing in the current political climate.

In a press release responding to the passing of the Tax Reform Bill, Tiffany Muller explained the Republican-written bill was a sign the billionaire classes were now damaging democracy to a great extent. The 17 Republicans voting for the bill who were already named to the “Big Money 20” list received more than $11 million from special interest groups supporting the Tax Reform Bill.

End Citizens United looks to avoid the issues of major donors influencing the political future of the political action committee by operating as a traditional PAC; this means the highest possible donation to the cause is capped at just $5,000. Some major political donors have shown their support for the group including Democrat George Soros who described the Citizens United decision and financial support shown by the billionaire donor class as “odious”.

By the time of the 2018 midterm elections, End Citizens United hopes to have an election war chest of $35 million building on the average donation of supporters of just $14. The grassroots nature of the End Citizens United PAC means it has maintained its political independence and decided to support Democrat candidates solely on the fact they are more likely to support campaign financing reform in a stronger way than their Republican rivals.

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