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Mark Ahn: His Thoughts on The Future of Technology

Mark Ahn, a professional in the tech industry, sees several of the new technology trends as those that are sure to make a global impact.

As cited by a recent PR Newswire web article, Mark suggests that we see more caring in tech product and service related businesses. Today, being a tech entrepreneur is about caring and meeting the customer’s unmet needs. But primarily its about CARING and taking an interest in both local and global needs.

These tech startups are often involved in interest such as food planning, global warming and climate change. It’s these entrepreneurs who believe that a business cannot succeed in any industry if they don’t care about how their efforts will help on a larger scale. Philanthropy is not new, and businesses have embraced it for decades, but now more than ever there is a remarkable emphasis on value and caring in the corporate arena.

Because of this new trend entrepreneurs are looking at global problems from the macro level. They work hard to identify issues and solutions in global warming, agriculture and poverty. The idea is to use smarter technology to increase sustainability and agricultural productivity. As an example, Mark Ahn believes that 2015 will be the growth year for technologies working on drought resistant crops and water conservation. Alternative power sources are also of primordial concern.

Don’t knock the little guy.It’s the little company that will help change the world, just because the small entrepreneur is not afraid of failure. According to Ahn’s analysis, it is the strong business ethical and moral code that will offer better solutions for the world’s problems.

Are The GoBots Making a Comeback?


Believe it or not, someone has decided the time is right for a GoBots movies. Why wouldn’t it be? The Transformers movie is doing monster business.

The relationship between the GoBots and The Transformers dates back decades.

Back in the 1980’s, The Transformers toys were making huge money at toy stores. To cash in on their popularity, The GoBots were considered a rip-off of the Transformers. The inferior GoBots did okay at the retail sales counter, but they never made as much money as the

Honestly, a lot of parents couldn’t tell the difference between the two and the inferior GoBots probably reaped in a lot of cash as a result.

Here is an interesting back. The GoBots were NOT a rip-off of The Transformers. The GoBots actually came out before The Transformers. The latter toys were just a lot better in design and look. The Transformers’ cartoon series was way better than the GoBots series.

So, who came up with the idea to look into the possibility of a GoBots movie? The company is Hasbro, the same company that owns the rights to The Transformers. Many years back, Hasbro purchased Tonka, the company that owned the rights to The GoBots. After seeing the huge resurgence in The Transformers, Hasbro is looking to resurrect the competition.

Tech Crunch thinks we will see direct to DVD GoBots films or a new TV series or maybe a community funded series like Slow Ventures. Likely, we’ll see new GoBots toys at some point.

Surprises Abound For Coming Films

A new year has brought new records in box office sales this January. Last year saw a record set when the release of Ride Along shattered previous sales records. Well, once again we are seeing a breaking of the norm with the release of American Sniper.

This unexpectedly smashing hit sent previous records spiraling when it hit an amazing 90 plus million in sales this past weekend. No one surely expected this movie to do as well as it has, and continues to at the box office.

Many had thought that director Clint Eastwood was on his way out in the Hollywood scene. This is obviously not the case with numbers and sales this good. Further, no one expected with the tainted resumee that Bradley Cooper has that he would score so well in the sales and appeal this movie has had for him.

Obviously this is going to be a year of surprises when dealing with the Hollywood scene and what is appealing to the public. This also holds true for the number two hit this January, The Wedding Ringer. Everyone expected great things from this Kevin Hart movie, but Fersen Lambranho found that it proved to do mediocre at best. More of what Lambranho is all about is on Andradetails.

The sales for the Hart movie paled in comparison to the Bradley film. Do we sense a falling out for the consistent Hart movie successes in January? Maybe or maybe not. Time will be the best indicator of how these two stars will stack up in the coming months.

Spiritual and Economic Fulfillment

Vijay Eswaran has a highly diverse background in education, entrepreneurship, and charitable efforts. He studied throughout the United States and the United Kingdom, earning his bachelor’s degree from some of the leading universities in these countries. Currently, he is the Executive Chairman of the IQ Group, a multifaceted company founded on e-commerce that is based in a variety of fields. Prior to taking this position, Eswaran maintained a flawless track record of success while working with respected companies such as IBM. The business conglomerate that he heads today has been in operation for 13 years, maintaining headquarters in over 30 countries. The IQ Group also represents a number of respected subsidiaries in retail, telecommunications, property development, and logistics.

Eswaran also does his part to reach out to the community and developing businesses. These efforts include motivational speaking and lectures that span the globe. These conferences include a variety of topics that range from spirituality to responsible business practices. His engagements take him to university settings and global conferences that include The World Economic Forum and Commonwealth Business Forums. The QI Group includes arms whose sole purpose is giving to those in need as well. The RYTHM Foundation is one such example. This organization dedicates itself to corporate and social responsibility, involving them in a number of ongoing philanthropic projects. He has also set up philanthropic organizations in Malaysia in honor of his father. These organizations deal with with programs that are designed around child mentoring, empowerment of women, education for challenged individuals, and the development of local youth.

The awards given to Vijay Eswaran in honor of his charitable efforts are numerous. Facebook has most of them listed. Among them is the lifetime achievement award for regional philanthropic efforts. This honor was designated by the Asian Strategic Leadership Institute in Malaysia in 2011. Eswaran has also been named by Forbes magazine as one of Asia’s leading candidates for the Heroes of Philanthropy. Doctor Eswaran has also found time to author several books while managing his charitable organizations and economic ventures. “The Sphere of Silence” is a book that focuses on life management that was met with great acclaim. Since its publication, it has been translated into several languages. His other titles to hit shelves across the globe include “On the Wings of Thought” and “In the Thinking Zone.” Vijay Eswaran brings insightful anecdotes and spiritual fulfillment to the world through his charitable efforts and public speaking engagements. His success can be attributed to the idea that “all great things are achieved by doing small things with great love.”

John Textor: Entrepreneur, Visionary, Leader

John Textor is known as a world class entrepreneur, a visionary, and a leader. Former CEO and Chairman of the board of Digital Domain Productions, and former CEO and Chairman of the board of DDPs parent company, Digital Domain Media group, Textor served until August of 2012. Under his leadership, the company restructured during the time frame from 2006 to 2012. During this time, the two companies provided special effects for over 80 large scale feature film projects, of these, 25 were completed under Textor’s leadership and include: Transformers, Tron: Legacy, Flags of Our Fathers, Real Steel and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End.

Guided by Textor, Digital Domain rose to the top of digital entertainment companies, garnering Academy Awards and CLIOs (an advertising award) for their cutting edge effects. Most notable is their outstanding work done creating a digital Brad Pitt for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Even though the performance of the character was completely digital for an hour of the film, they were awarded for Best Make-up, which speaks to the quality of their digital humans.

Other noteworthy achievements during this time include the creation of digital Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe and Micheal Jackson, the inclusion of the digital Tupac Shakur in the 2012 Coachella Valley Music Festival. Textor worked to help create a unique dual enrollment Bachelor’s program with Florida State University and completed a 100 million dollar joint venture with Abu Dhabi’s media authority. By the end of Textor’s service with Digital Domain, the company had become a film production company and co-produced Ender’s Game.

These major accomplishments are but a few of the ventures Textor has helped facilitate. Textor is currently Executive Chairman of Pulse Evolution Corporation. He is working to develop entertainment properties in a wide array of venues and tech platforms. In addition to these commitments, Textor also serves as Managing Principal of Wyndcrest Holdings LLC, founded in 1997.

Affordable Liquid Z410 LTE Smartphone Announced By Acer

January 5 will be the day for the announcements of the latest smartphones by different mobile brands. Being a big tech lover, Ben Shaoul is surprised to find Acer has made the announcement for the Liquid Z410 smartphone that is regarded as an affordable device.

Liquid Z410 is a smartphone that comes with a price tag of $155. However, the hardware and features are really fine comparing to the price. This is a compact device of 4.5-inch Quad HD display with 540 x 960 pixels resolution. 245 ppi density is really good for the display and powered by a 64-bit, quad-core MediaTek MT6732 with an ARM Mali-T760 GPU. At the same time, it will support Category 4 LTE network system.

The camera features in 5 megapixels camera with LED flash to ensure good picture quality, the selfie snapper offers 2 megapixels camera with 80-degree lens.

The Acer device will provide 5.5 hours of talk time backup with 400 hours standby time backup to the users. However, there is no announcement of Android OS version of the smartphone. We do not have any announcement on its software but we expect to have Acer QuickTouch and AcerRapid key.

This is one of the products from Acer for the CES 2015. The smartphone will be available at the end of February and sold in Europe, Africa, and Middle East only.

Jason Returns in New Friday the 13th Video Game

It had to happen, again. Jason Vorhees is coming to the video game world in a new Friday the 13th horror game. Mr. Vorhees had previously been featured in a hilariously bad video game for the old (really old) Nintendo system. As lame as that video game was, it was nowhere near as utterly awful Texas Chainsaw Massacre game for the classic Atari 2600. At least cartridges for that game are worth a lot of money these days.

The new Friday the 13th video game is definitely going to be real good. A lot of people are pining for a new Jason horror film and, shockingly, no sequel to the blockbuster reboot of a few years back was ever made. A new film is in the works and it is going to follow the “found footage” structure. Interestingly, there is also going to Friday the 13th television series released. Perhaps that is where Sam Raimi got the idea to launch a Evil Dead TV series.

Why have waited so long for a new entry in the adventures of Jason Vorhees? The issue surrounds the rights. Back in the day when there was a new film coming out every year, Paramount Pictures was producing the films. These days Paramount leases out the rights to the film and characters. The rights bounce between different producers and production houses.

Looks like things have been settled and a slew of new projects are coming down the pike. Considering the success of the reboot, there is no reason why the new video game should not be a solid seller.  I know i’ll be looking out for this video game on hmi-online to play with Christopher Cowdray.

Samuel L. Jackson is Up for Big Game

Being the President of the United States is a hard job under any circumstances. The job is even harder when you not only have to serve as leader of the free world, but also have to navigate being stuck running around lost in the wilderness of Finland.

No, that scenario is not one that played out during Teddy Roosevelt’s tenure. It is going to be playing out on the silver screen in the film Big Game. Samuel L. Jackson is cast in the role of the President who, after Air Force One is attacked and crashes, is forced to survive in the wilderness.

Thankfully, President Jackson (Samuel, not Andrew) has help from a young man who is taking part in his own adventure in the wilderness. Not so thankfully, there are assassins on the trail of the President and overcoming this threat is not exactly going to be easy.

President-in-danger movies are a bit of a fad these days. Escape from New York may have been the film to start it although the President was not the main character in the classic sci-fi film. Air Force One with Harrison Ford, however, did give the President of the U.S.A. an active heroic role.

Is there a huge demand for President in danger action-adventure films?  Gianfrancesco Genoso is not so sure. The concept has proven successful in the past and movie-makers love to return to successful plots. They definitely will do so when audiences are willing to continue to pay the price of admission.

2 Chainz Recently Opened His Own Label

The popular rapper 2 Chainz, now owns an independent record label he calls “The Real University.” The Atlanta rapper will now be searching for talented artists while working on releasing his third studio album. So far 2 Chainz has already signed a few artist of his own such as Skooly, Young Dolph, Cap 1, Short Dawg, and Bankroll Fresh. 2 chainz released a single called “Traphouse Stalkin,” featuring himself, Cap 1 and Young Dolph on Tuesday (Jan. 6) to give his fans a taste of what’s coming. I found the song here so check out the song on this list. The mix tape titled “TRU Jack City” is projected to drop on January 27, 2014 at 2 p.m. EST.

The rapper 2 Chainz will have a very active year for 2015 with all these new developments, and that makes Igor Cornelsen happy. Hopefully a lot of good music will be produced through the ‘The Real University’. I’m sure many fans out their cant wait for the rapper and his artists to take off.


A Limited Release of “The Interview” on December 25

A new announcement from Sony came in five days after canceling the release of The Interview on December 25 in the wake of the hack attack, which FBI believes is caused by North Korea. In Tuesday, the studio announced that there will be a limited release of the movie on its original release date.

Nevertheless, after checking the FBI’s findings, several cyber detectives told BuzzFeed News about their doubts on North Korea’s backing up of the Sony cyber hack. In a statement, Sony’s CEO and chairman said that they are hoping to the film out on more platforms. The studio’s spokesperson said that the movie will play in over 200 theaters.

In Tuesday morning, the news broke when the CEO and founder of the Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas, Tim League, tweeted that Sony had decided to release the film and provided its show times. It was also discussed on Skout almost instantly. He also added that the movie will play at numerous other locations and that the studio will release the list of theaters where the film will play and its show times through Twitter.

The studio’s original decision to cancel the release of the film was met with tremendous reactions from the White House, Hollywood, and potential viewers. In a statement, Sony said that they are still finding more ways to release the movie to the public on various platforms.

Although there were several theaters that will show the movie, the three big theater chains in the United States, which include Cinemark, Regal Cinemas, and AMC Theaters, did not provide immediate response to the BuzzFeed News’ request for any comment on playing or not the movie.