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Our Tech Industry, Along with Our Freedom, Are Suffering Because of NSA Spying

Our tech industry depends on trade with China for its economic vitality. It is looking as though recent revelations about NSA spying is hurting that trade. It is now being reported that China is removing US tech brands from an authorized list of brands for state purchases. Marcio Alaor BMG knows that this comes at a time of rumors and reports of the NSA installing implants and back ways into various technology devices to make interdicting and monitoring communication easier. The effects are already being felt in Silicon Valley among companies such as Cisco, Intel and Apple.

It is not surprising that other countries are shying away from US technology brands. Even our allies got upset when it was uncovered that world leaders’ cell phones were tapped and their calls listened in on. The Edward Snowden revelations have removed a veil of innocence from many American’s eyes about what their government does on a daily basis for national security. While many of these measures may be seen as a necessary part of a seemingly unending war on terror, it does feel as if we are speeding toward George Orwell’s depiction of an oppressive society in his novel “1984.” Feeling like your government is monitoring your every move is not a good feeling for the citizens of a supposedly free country to be experiencing. We live in a world now where everyone must expect that anything they write in an email or text to anyone will eventually become public knowledge.

Joe Rogan Verbally Assaults Brendan Schaub

Joe Rogan is well known in the world of mixed martial arts and television. Rogan was the host of Fear Factor for many years, and he recently had his own shown on the Syfy network. Joe Rogan is also a commentator for the UFC.

Fans like Bernardo Chua know that Rogan also hosts his own podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience. Joe Rogan is also a comedian, Jiu Jitsu black belt, and a respected comedian. Rogan has done more things in one lifetime than many people could ever dream of. His talent cannot be denied, but a recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience was extremely controversial.

Joe Rogan interviewed UFC fighter Brendan Schaub. Schaub was recently knocked out in the first round against Travis Browne. Joe Rogan had harsh criticism for Brendan, and he proceeded to verbally destroy Brendan. Joe told Brendan that he should quit the UFC. Schaub was speechless, and it appeared as if he was about to cry.

Joe Rogan laid it on thick. He bashed Brendan Schaub’s fighting skills. Schaub did not say much back, but Joe continuously berated him. Joe Rogan told Brendan Schaub that Cain Velasquez would destroy him.

Many listeners of the podcast agreed with Joe, while some listeners supported Brendan Schaub. Schaub has returned to the show since the verbal beat down, and the two men appear to joke about the entire situation. For more information about Joe Rogan and Brendan Schaub, visit Yahoo! Sports.

Lionsgate and Telltale Team Up for New Video Game Movies

Movies based on video games are not exactly high art. In truth, some of the worst of the worst movies made during the past decade were live-action versions of video games. So why does Hollywood keep making them? Audiences love them. The younger demographic interested in seeing a horror or action game adapted to the big screen is not exactly looking for great drama. Action and more action is what people want to see.

And besides, not every video game movie is all that bad. Hitman was pretty good. Hopefully, when Lionsgate Films teams up with Telltale, a host of really awesome video game movies will hit theaters and, sooner or later, DVD and Blu-ray shelves.

Lionsgate has produced some of the best horror films in recent years (SAW, The Devil’s Rejects, and more) so the studio is perfect for genre films. Telltale has brought the world Game of Thrones and Walking Dead video games so you know this company is up to the job.

The Wolf Among Us is going to be the first film and the plot deals with a Sheriff traveling to New York City to solve the murders of characters from fairy tales. Sounds like Coogan’s Bluff meets Alice in Wonderland. Fans like Gianfrancesco Genoso need to look out.

Wiz Khalifa Throws Absent Birthday Party For Son

Wiz Khalifa has been in the news lately, claiming that Amber Rose won’t let him see his son. It’s starting to look as if Wiz is not lying about this situation, because he recently threw a birthday party for his son, but his son was a no-show. Wiz & Amber. Pictures were posted on social media of the gifts, and the birthday cake that was laid out for his son, but he stated that his son was missing in action. Many are now concerned that Amber is purposely trying to keep her son from his father.

The pictures of the birthday party look nice, but the scene is completely empty, which has led some to believe that maybe the pictures were staged. Pentagna  says there is a custody battle going on between Wiz and Amber, and Wiz wants more custody of his son, if not full custody. Wiz was recently spotted by TMZ, stumbling out of a club in the wee hours of the morning. On his way out of the club, you could see that he was very drunk, and he went over to an unknown female, and he began making out with her.

Another female joined the two, and it almost looked like a threesome in the middle of the public! Wiz was asked why he thought he’d be the better parent, to which someone replied, that it was a rude question. Who knows where this custody battle will end.

Jimmy Page Talks About Physical Graffiti

Led Zeppelin guitar player Jimmy Page discusses the band’s classic album Physical Graffiti and other related subjects in a recent interview in Rolling Stone Magazine.

One interesting topic he touched on was what the phrase “Physical Graffiti” actually means. Page said at the time the record was recorded, in the mid 1970’s, graffiti was starting to appear all over England. Page said the graffiti was actually mainly quotes from literature. Fans like Susan McGalla has also heard that he said that what the band was putting on tape was a kind of “physical” graffiti, as opposed to a graffiti of words. More on McGalla can be found on

Page also spoke about the classic Zeppelin tune “Kashmir,” one of the most weird and wonderful songs in the band’s catalog in my opinion. He talked about how the song started out as a very simple riff that he had written on acoustic guitar and that more and more sounds and instruments were layered on top of it in the studio. Page mentioned that Zeppelin drummer John Bonham provided the heavy percussion that was key to making the song work and he also spoke about the challenges of recording an orchestra on the song.

Finally, Page mentioned that he is working on a new recording of his own currently. This will be an instrumental recording using many different guitar sounds and playing techniques. Since Page is a player with so many diverse styles, it should be interesting.

The Continued Success of the Antique Wine Company

The Antique Wine Company has continued to be one of the most successful wine companies in the world. This organization is the largest wine company in the world, and a large part of the success of this organization has to do with the leadership of CEO Stephen Williams.

It is under his lead that the company has built a storage facility with more than 10,000 different wines. This is what leads a lot of customers to continue patronizing this organization. The Antique Wine Company has managed to break records with their large collection of wines. This company has been known to also break records for selling things like the most expensive bottle of wine. This wine, a $100,000 bottle of 1811 Chateau d’Yquem, still holds the record today.

Another thing that has kept this company in the front of the competitors is the number of services that this organization offers. The are employees that work for The Antique Wine Company that can help you design your cellar for your own wines. It is also easier to sell your wines through The Antique Wine Company. There are also people that may have a desire to store their wines through The Antique Wine Company. This is very popular for someone that may have a lot of wines, but they may not have the home with the appropriate wine cellar.

Stephen Williams founded the company and all of these great services have been provided under his leadership. He had to ability to see wine and the services associated with wine on a global scale. That is why the company has continued to grow and expand at such a rapid rate. Unlike many other smaller wine companies that may have only advertised to a limited market, Williams saw a bigger vision for The Antique Wine Company. This organization actually has business operations in more than 60 countries. This global scale of business allows The Antique Wine Company to dominate in a major way.

There are also some VIP services that are available for parties. These different services have allowed The Antique Wine Company to build a unique brand with things like concierge packages. This can be good for events like weddings and conferences. Stephen Williams has carved out a special place in the world for the business he founded. He has made the Antique Wine Company a brand to be recognized everywhere.

Results of the 35th Annual Golden Raspeberry Awards

The 35th Annual Golden Raspberry Awards were held Saturday, a day before the Oscars. The Razzies, as they are often called, are anti-Oscars given to the worst movies, actors, directors and so forth. Kirk Cameron’s “Saving Christmas” was the big winner this year, as it bagged four of the six awards for which it was nominated, including Worst Picture and Worst Screenplay. Cameron won Worst Actor and Worst Screen Combo “for him and his ego.”

“Saving Christmas,” which scored a perfect 0 on Rotten Tomatoes, defeated “Transformers: Age of Extinction,” “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” “The Legend of Hercules,” and “Left Behind” in its quest for Worst Picture.

Zeca Oliveira knows that Cameron Diaz had been nominated in three categories but won only one: Worst Actress, for her roles in two execrable comedies, “Sex Tape” and “The Other Woman.”

The remake of “Annie” won Worst Prequel, Remake, Rip-Off or Sequel, beating out “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” in the process.

Michael Bay won Worst Director for inflicting “Transformers: Age of Extinction” on the world. Kelsey Grammar’s participation in that movie got him the Razzie for Worst Supporting Actor.

Ben Affleck was given a Redeemer Award for winning Best Director for 2014’s “Argo,” ten years after he’d won a Razzie for “Gigli.” The Razzies also paid tribute to actors who’d died the previous year by playing an “In Memoriam” video that showcased all of their worst movies.

Igor Cornelsen: Investment Professional

Investing is an important part of any savings plan. People need to be able to save money in order to meet goals such as retirement and paying for the education of their children. They also need to save money in order to be able to have money on hand for various potential emergencies such as when their car breaks down or they face types of medical problems that may require the payment of fees and leave them temporarily out of work for a shot period of time. When people save money, they look for places to put it. Doing so can help savers earn a rate of return on their investments that not only helps them beat inflation but also helps their saving grow. The marketplace can be confusing and complex even for those who are familiar with many basic aspects of the marketplace. Even skilled investors may need some help with their investment plans now and then.

This is why people seek out investment advice. A skilled investment professional can help any investor meet their basic goals and find the right investments that truly allow them to balance their tolerance of risk with their desire for a good rate of return. A skilled professional adviser can show their clients how to use the marketplace to enable them to have gains without risking the loss of any accumulated capital. One such investment professional is Igor Cornelsen. His advise has long been sought after by those who want to sharpen their understanding of financial vehicles, learn more about the world of investing and follow in his footsteps to beat the market and earn money on their investments.Cornelsen is a native of Brazil. Growing up in this thriving part of the world allowed him to gain insights into the nature of the South American marketplace as well as how it is linked with the continent of North America. Igor Cornelsen was born over sixty years ago. He has spend many years working the financial arena helping the Brazilian banking markets expand more fully. At present, he and runs a highly successful investment firm that is headquartered in the Caribbean British Virgin Islands where he overseas the company.

Philanthropist of the Future

Not one to be stagnant, American businessman Bruce Levenson’s career spans decades and industries. Born in Washington, D.C. and raised in Chevy Chase, Maryland, Levenson started his journalism career at the Washington Star while attending law school in the evenings at American University. He reported for Observer Publishing’s energy information newsletter.

As a business leader, Leavenson has paved the way for journalistic excellence through United Communications Group (UCG), in which he co-founded and started above his father liquor store in the 1970s. UCG spawned several other endeavors, including the wildly popular GasBuddy mobile app that over 45 million drivers access to find cheap gas. UCG is a privately-held corporation that dips into healthcare, business information, data, news, and mortgage banking.
By founding the Center for Philanthropy and Non-Profit Management at the University of Maryland with his wife, Karen, Bruce Levenson ensured the future of philanthropy for generations. Giving direction and empowerment to the next generation of non-profit leaders, the center focuses on actionable courses that allow students to fund worthwhile non-profits each semester through various grants in excess of $40,000 each year.

The power couple have also funded many educational initiatives for youth at risk over the last thirty-five years. These initiatives include the Bringing the Lessons Home program at the U.S. Holocaust Museum, PeacePlayers, and the Seed School.

Living out a childhood dream, Levenson owns the Atlanta Hawks, an NBA franchise and operational rights to the Philip Arena. He also sits on the board of governors for the NBA and is chairman of the Board of Managers that controls the Hawks. More recently, Levenson announced plans to sell his share of the Hawks to pursue other endeavors.

Levenson currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia and Potomac, Maryland with Karen. They enjoy traveling together. They have three sons and several grandchildren.


District Nine Director Confirms Alien Movie

Despite seeming to write off his chances of directing the latest installment of the Alien franchise just two months ago, District Nine director Neill Blomkamp has confirmed he will now helm the often stalled project, Variety reports. The South African born director has been teasing fans with images and renderings of his interpretation of how the next Alien movie would look on Instagram. However, Brian Torchin stated at the turn of the year, Blomkamp seemed to lose hope the movie would happen, despite word from Alien icon Sigourney Weaver that she was helping develop the project.

20th Century Fox has now announced Blomkamp will take the helm of the latest Alien movie, which will be created separately from the in production Prometheus sequel being directed by Ridley Scott. Both the Prometheus sequel and Blomkamp’s take on the Alien franchise will be produced by the Scott Free company established by Ridley and Tony Scott. No release date has yet been provided for the latest Alien movie.