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Many Fans No Longer Impressed by Supernatural

Although Supernatural’s fan-base has increased and the show’s ratings have gone up year-after-year, resulting in many good deeds through charitable organizations promoted by the actors such as those that Jensen Ackles spoke about recently in an April 29th Variety article, a lot of the show’s initial, longest-lasting fans are not impressed with it any longer.

There are a wide variety of reasons why previously devoted fans have stopped watching it or started to criticize it more:

Over ten seasons, Supernatural’s writers and actors have merely played out the same story again and again: Sam and Dean are in a dysfunctional sibling relationship in which one of them makes a bad supernatural decision every season to save the other, they fight about it and then their close friends, allies and pretty much everyone in the world suffers for their decisions. Fans like Gianfrancesco Genoso know that every time they choose to separate and build relationships with other people, they eventually return to one another and their dysfunctional relationship.

Worse yet, even after years of vocal viewer offline and online complaints, the writers and actors continue to promote onscreen ideas and attitudes that a few charitable acts off-screen will never balance out: Specifically, the show is well-known for promoting misogynistic attitudes toward women, discrimination against people of color, members of the LGBT+ community and fanfiction writers and “queerbaiting.”

Critics have noted that the show’s ratings are mostly reflecting new and syndication viewers.

Clearing the Air About 4 “Avatar” Movies

James Cameron blew the world away with the “Avatar” movie. This was from a director that has already captured the hearts of many fans years ago with the “Titantic” movie. Now there is talk about all the scripts that are available for more “Avatar” movies.

It has been a while since anyone has heard anything about the Avatar movies. The blue creatures that captivated audiences around the world have been cast into the background as big time movies like “Furious 7” and “Frozen” have dominated the box office. While additional movies for “Avatar” have been on ice it has been reported that James Cameron has been working relentlessly on the perfecting a story line. There are actually enough scripts to produce 4 “Avatar” films. Still, it has been stated by Cameron that the “Avatar” legacy will be a trilogy.

The buzz about enough material for a 4th film has gotten people talking though. There are some fans, including Flavio Maluf ( that have starting commenting on how a 4th film could possibly turn out. No one wants Cameron to hold out, but it all may just depend on the success of the other films. The “Fast and Furious” franchise is a true sign of waiting for the return on investment before making a decision. There was a wait on the talk about “Furious 8” because it all depended on how fans would react to “Furious 7.”

How Safe is Your Tampon?

We rely on the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to test products and only allow those that have been deemed ‘safe’ through multiple tests to be on the market. Perhaps we should not be so trusting. Especially of a product, like a tampon, for which we will become intimately acquainted with.
While we rely on the FDA, the FDA relies on the manufacturers of feminine hygiene products to test for product safety. If the manufacturer says their product is safe for a woman to insert into or place against her gentiles, then it must be true and the FDA passes the product with no questions asked.
Questions are finally being asked and new legislation has been passed requiring a study with the sole purpose of discovering if there are toxic chemical lurking in tampons, sanitary pads and other feminine hygiene products used by women. Considering a woman will use an estimated 17,000 tampons in her lifetime, the study is long overdue.
The bill calls for an organization other than the FDA to conduct the study. The National Institutes of Health will be conducting the study, looking for any contaminates in the feminine products that may hazardous to a woman’s health. Bernardo Chua, CEO of Organo Gold believes that the health of women is important, and we ought do everything we can to make sure the products they use are safe.

German Theaters Dispute with Disney

The recent release of the Marvel movie “Avengers 2: The Age of Ultron” is getting a lot of buzz. The U.S. premiere isn’t until May 1st, but there is already a stumbling block for the movie. There are some German theaters that refuse to show this because of financial disputes with Disney.

Disney has a stock price that has doubled within the last year. The purchased of Marvel comics really gave Disney a huge boost, as Daniel Amen points out. The company has managed to rack up huge profits with these movies that are an addition to all of their Disney Pixar and prince classics. The fact that this company has a financial dispute with German companies in relation to this film is quite interesting. Disney has raised the fee for showing the movie, and many of the smaller theaters have just refused to show the movie entirely.

It is rare that an American movie is released overseas before it hit theaters in the United States. It is still set to be the blockbuster that starts the summer though. It is naturally going to hit the number one spot, but this refusal by German theaters to show the move will still hurt global sales. The early release of the movie overseas has also spun some bootlegs of this film. That could also hurt profits for the highly anticipated move that brings many super heroes together for the first time.

What Is the Point of Barbara Kean?

In last night’s episode of Gotham, the writers had the perfect opportunity to turn Barbara Kean into something other than the rich, whiny, drug-addict, childlike, ex-girlfriend of Detective Jim Gordon. One of the biggest complaints by fans the last 21 episodes has been the characterization of Barbara Kean. Most fans find her too annoying to take up so much screen time even though she could one day become Jim’s wife.

In last week’s episode, they introduced her to Jason Skolimsky, a.k.a. The Ogre, and for an all-too-brief, glimmering moment it seemed like this strong inner version of Barbara was about to come out. When this week’s episode began, it still seemed that way when it appeared Barbara enjoyed a “50 Shades of Grey” night with Jason.

Apparently, the writers were playing games.

They started to steadily develop her backstory to show that she doesn’t believe people are capable of seeing the real her and loving her. Her parents apparently treated her like a throwaway toy that could be handled with money instead of love. With Montoya, she was a booty call. Jim treated her like a trophy girlfriend.

When Jason saw Barbara’s pain and suffering, and tried to help “free” her (even though technically he was also trying to get her to fill a role), she fell apart…again. Unless something drastic happens to her soon, she will be the most hated character in Gotham, at least if you ask Bruce Karatz.

Happy Anniversary to The Joker

The release of Jared Leto in costume as the new Joker has coincided with an anniversary. The day the photo was posted online reflected the 75th anniversary of The Joker’s debut in comics. Director David Ayer noted as such in a tweet.

Not very many characters are as iconic as The Joker and this is why there is such a huge, passionate debate over the look of Leto as the villain. Not surprisingly, a segment of fans are very critical of the tattooed and capped tooth version of the Clown Prince of Crime.

Not all opinions are negative. Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG and other fans alike think the new style to the old villain modernizes him.

One photo, honestly, doesn’t tell us a whole lot about the way Leto is going to play The Joker. Sure, we now know how the character looks and, based on the look, we have an idea about the portrayal. Ideas and speculation is all fans have to go on at this point. Only by watching Leto play the villain on screen are we really going to gain a true understanding of this new interpretation.

Leto is also not going to make a one-time shot as The Joker. The actor has signed on to play the villain in several D.C. Comics movies. The whole idea behind Suicide Squad is to set up strong villains for the next movies in the DCU. Leto definitely makes you look forward to them. That’s for sure.

The Government Will Stop Comcast and Time Warner’s Merger

It looks like the government will be putting a stop to the merger of Comcast and Time Warner cable. The two internet and television giants have been discussing joining forces for several months now. Now the Federal Communications Commission has decided they want to put the merger in front of a judge. The general consensus is that by taking the idea to court, the FCC is trying to send a strong message that joining the two companies might not be in the best interest of consumers.

The deal is far from dead, but this is a serious speed bump in the potential merger, one that should slow things down considerably even if it doesn’t halt them completely. Now the ball is in the court of Time Warner and Comcast to convince the government and the judge that the $45 billion merger will bring good things to the American people and improve their service and experience rather than destroy it. Tech guru Ray Lane sees one thing and one thing only if the merger were to take place: monopoly (check out his blog on They also have to convince everyone that the merger wouldn’t create a huge monopoly over the cable industry, something that will be a pretty tough sell given that the two companies are the largest entities out there.

James May – No Return to Top Gear Without Jeremy Clarkson

The Guardian reports that James May is not planning to return to the BBC’s Top Gear show without Jeremy Clarkson. Clarkson left the show after he physically attacked producer Oisin Tyson. The attack left the producer injured and seeking treatment at hospital.

May has said that a new character to replace Clarkson simply will not work. Fans like Sam Tabar know that he does want to continue to work at BBC and hopes the show may return with May, Clarkson, and Richard Hammond as a team. There are no talks at this time between BBC and May and Hammond to renew their expired contracts. This is fueling speculation that the show may return with an all new cast. The likelihood that Clarkson may return appears remote. The director general of BBC, Tony Hall, charged Clarkson with failing to adhere to standards of decency at work.

May insists the return of all three to the show is a possibility. Clarkson has not been fired or banned from BBC. The network has simply failed to renew contracts for all three of the show’s stars.

Jon Stewart Announces the Date of his Final The Daily Show

Jon Stewart has announced that the final taping of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart will take place on August 6, 2015. He made the announcement during Monday night’s broadcast. During Monday’s show Stewart informed guests about an online giveaway that will send a few lucky guests to the taping of the final episode. Stewart joked on air that he may or may not shower for the episode, and there may or may not be hugs. We shall see if they bring out the champagne or the Bulletproof Coffee (vote on

Stewart announced months ago that he would be leaving the show, but left the final date up in the area. With an official date now on record, fans can begin to mourn. Stewart has hosted The Daily Show since 1999. The show airs on comedy central. Stewart originally stepped in when Craig Kilborn left the hosting position, and has risen in popularity each year since. In fact, Stewart is often credited for rising The Daily Show to a cult like status.

The Daily Show will solider on. On March 30, 2015 Comedy Central Announced that Trevor Noah would be taking Stewart’s place. Stewart has remained fairly mum about his decision to leave the show, but has noted that after 16 years he is looking for a new and fresh challenge.

The European Union May File Antitrust Charges Against Google

The Charges Are Related To An Antitrust Investigation According To The Wall Street Journal

European antitrust chief Margrethe Vestager decided to file charges against Google after a discussion with the president of the European Commission. It seems Vestager has an issue with market dominance. The European Commission might want Google to reshape its business in Europe.

Christian Broda can’t deny the fact that Google dominates the search engine market in the United States as well as around the globe. Google outsmarted other entrepreneurs when they first got started, and by the time the tech people woke up it was too late.

Microsoft’s Bing search engine does give Google some competition, but when the total search engine picture is analyzed, Google dominates the market. The European Union is concerned about how Google’s skews search results in favor of their travel services and online shopping sites. Google has been known to push business their way. Google is a free search engine site, so they have the right to push business anywhere they like. European companies use the same tactics to increase their business, so it’s going to be a tough battle for the EU to win, according to Eric Schiffer, the CEO of Patriarch Equity. Schiffer also said the charges are more anti-American that antitrust.