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Adam Sender Stands to Collect $70 Million in an Unconventional Way

If you knew anything about Adam Sender, you would know that he is a very successful hedge fund manager who has made significant amount of money for his clients. Sender has always had an eye for money, but his unconventional way of hitting the jackpot is a lesson to us all. If you have ever been told that you can not succeed going against the grain, the story of what Adam Sender did will be an inspiration for all.

Going back over a decade, Adam Sender was still managing his hedge fund for his clients and reaping the rewards of a job well done. While everyone was enjoying their profits, Sender was contemplating ways to turn his profits into a substantial windfall. He ventured off into the wold of at, where her quickly discovered that masterpieces were being bought and sold for millions of dollars a piece. There was no way that he was going to be able to risk that kind of money and still turn a big profit when it came time to sell. This was the turning point in the story and ultimately a $70 million dollar decision.

Sender went back to the art world and began to search for pieces that were more reasonable, and he discovered if he were to focus on artists that were just on the cusp of getting to that top level, he could buy their best pieces of work for much less than the more famous artists. His hunch was dead on, as he began to uncover exceptional paintings that were well under the fair market value for the current market. He knew that if he could find enough of these pieces that there was plenty of room to make a hefty size profit. Sender did exactly that, growing his art collection over time until he reached another key point in his amazing story.

Having collected a number of paintings, Sender wanted to make certain he wasn’t going to lose his shirt when it cam time to sell. So he scheduled an art auction in 2006 to sell of 40 pieces of his growing collection. To his surprise, he banked $20 million dollars from that small sale, and this was the fuel he needed to be able to continue investing in the Contemporary art world. It took Sender a little over a decade to grow that collection, until this year when he decided it was time to put his collection of art away like he had with that hedge fund.

Sotheby’s got the call to sell off 400 pieces of artwork that Sender had, all comprised of 139 artists total. The auction is scheduled to run over 18 months, at which time Sender will make $70 million dollars from his incredible foresight. Check out this article by ArtNews on Adam Sender.


The NBA (National Basketball Association) is the professional basketball organization of North America, and many believe it to be the most competitive in the world. Although perceived as sports entertainment, the NBA provides economic benefit on various levels. Local business benefit from the success of their teams, inhibiting takeover from national corporations. The NBA’s reputation has grown from a national to global level, drawing the attraction of fans from around the world.

Local economies are provided a large amount of business during the NBA season. When a team is doing well, they generate more ticket sales, leading to more customers coming to that city. More visitors to the city means increased restaurant sales, transportation and accommodation sales. The 2011 NBA lockout threatened to have a devastating impact on local businesses who thrive off the seasonal visitors.

As with other famous and professional individuals, many NBA players suffer financial problems because of poor planning and money management. NBA rookies are encouraged to be thrifty and wise in their initial fame, purchasing safe investments and playing it safe. Some players are over confident in their value and spend large amounts of money that they foresee they will earn. A player’s future is never guaranteed. A poor season, illness or injury can steal temporary fame and revenue, as well as destroy as player’s career. NBA players can safeguard their earnings and financial wellbeing by safely saving, instead of spending.

The NBA icon is constantly shifting to follow the greatest players. Originally, Michael Jordan established himself as the face of the NBA as one of the most talented basketball players who has ever lived. Recently, LeBron James has started to shift the face of the NBA. His many accomplishments have helped distinguish him as the most valuable basketball player alive, and his statistics match his fame. Seemingly, wherever LeBron goes, success follows, regardless of his teammates. He is a 3-point shooter, rebounder, dunker, passer, whatever a team requires him, he does it all.

Bruce Levenson is the former owner of the Atlanta Hawks. He planned to sell the Hawks, and hired Goldman Sachs to help establish a selling price for the NBA team. They initially priced the team and the Phillips Arena where they play to be around $1 billion, but following evaluations estimated that the amount was more than 27% too much. Tony Ressler went on to win the auction for $730 million. Many economists predicted the value of the team and stadium to be much higher, but few can critic Levenson’s for his profitable sale. Levenson still continues to work as an American businessman with United Communications Group and TechTarget. He and his wife have homes in Atlanta and Potomac, and are raising three sons.

Magic Mike XXL- Could There Be A Third Film?


Fans could just not get enough of Magic Mike, that’s why the great minds of Warner Brothers brought it back with a bang. The second installment in, what could be, the Mike series catches up with Mike Lane, Channing Tatum, after he is about to retire from the stripping game. He and pals, Joe Manganiello, Matt Bomer, and Adam Rodriguez decide to take their talents on the road by creating, and performing, an exotic show for a renown stripper convention. The crew heads to Mrytle Beach to give the locals the experience of a lifetime before they hang up their man thongs and change vocation. The film left viewers restless and curious about whether the film franchise will come out with Magic Mike 3 or discontinue the wildly popular series.

There are plenty of new faces in XXL, both males and females, Crystal Hunt made her first appearance in a feature film playing the sexy character, Lauren alongside costar Channing Tatum. Hunt’s background comes from years of working in daytime television on the hit show Guiding Light and One Life To Live. She received an Emmy nod for one of her roles. The talented actress has also tried her hand behind the camera as executive producer for the film Talbot County. Her most recent project is starring in a reality TV show aptly named Queens of Drama; it follows several actresses as they attempt to create a successful TV series. Crystal Hunt is definitely a woman of many talents that the world will soon be seeing more of.

Doe, a Dear

Doe Deere is the brainchild of Lime Crime Cosmetics.

All About the “Unicorn Queen.”

Doe Deere is from Russia, but she was raised in the Big Apple. According to Ideamensch, Doe tried working jobs that weren’t a good fit for her. She learned that the best thing to do in life is to be yourself. This is reflected in her decision to make Lime Crime makeup.

Not only is she a talented creator, but she is also a model and musician. She poses for Lime Crime products and for her friends. She used to be in a band called The Oddz.

Doe Deere eventually ended up in California with her boyfriend Mark and her beloved cat. Her house is amazing! Nylon Magazine features a tour of her home, and every single room is draped in fairy tale glam. In addition to an imaginative abode, she has an amazing sense of style. You can often see her with candy blue hair and an amazing dress. It’s not a surprise that such a creative woman is capable of masterminding the Lime Crime brand.

Random Fun Facts:

-Doe states on her Blogazine that she isn’t a fan of science and math, but she likes language and writing.
-She began wearing skirts when she was in her 20’s. This is shocking considering you can hardly see Doe without a cute skirt or dress!
-Her fans are sometimes known as “Deerlings.”
-One of her biggest dreams is living in a house that looks like a miniature castle.
-She has a wicked sense of humor.

“Don’t quit your day dream.”

Doe prides herself on individuality, and she believes that everyone should be true to themselves. This is shown in the dramatic and bold Lime Crime color palate. Each color is uniquely made, and it’s all purposeful; Doe is an avid product developer who wants to recreate the way women regard and use makeup. She believes that makeup doesn’t always have to be neutral; women should be able to express how they feel through their looks.

Lime Crime

Lime Crime makeup was established in 2008. The brand is cruelty free and made for men and women alike.


Lime Crime is unique in the sense that every product has a unique name and shade. For example, the “Unicorn Lipstick” is available in every color of rainbow. One of the most popular colors is called “Utopia.”

More Info:

Doe truly cares about her customers. She has an excellent customer service team who are happy to answer any questions, and she has tons of artwork from fans on her Blogazine. The Lime Crime blog even features fans wearing her products. You can find her on Instagram and Facebook where she has thousands of followers. Doe also enjoys mentoring up and coming entrepreneurs. She is proud to be a self made woman and is happy to make a mark in more ways than just makeup.

Bruce Levenson Makes it Big and Gives Big

The former controlling owner of the Atlanta Hawks, Bruce Levenson on was not always capable of getting those front row NBA seats. At one time he was helping to co-found United Communications Group above a liquor store in Washington DC. Today that company owns other companies and sells their products around the world.

Levenson is a former journalist who wrote at one time for the Washington Star and still takes pride in UCG’s dozens of journalistic awards that have been bestowed on them.

Even though he is still involved in growing the company he helped to found, Levenson’s philanthropic efforts have been considerable and that just may be an understatement.

The former President of the Washington Chapter of the I Have a Dream Foundation was also involved with the Hoop Dreams Foundation and the Community Foundation of Washington, D.C..

Levenson has given extensively to Jewish foundations as well and is a well respected member of the community. He has the honor of being a founding donor to the United States Holocaust Museum. This fact made all the more poignant since his mother-in-law is a holocaust survivor. The Atlanta Hawks made news when they personally visited the Holocaust Museum.

Despite all he has accomplished, Levenson knows he cannot do it all by himself and therefore has been instrumental, along with his wife, in establishing The Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership at the University of Maryland. Once again Levenson made funds available to get this center off the ground in an effort to teach students how to operate nonprofit organizations successfully. The Center is also active on campus in both generating philanthropic activities and challenging the University of Maryland to fulfill their charitable obligations.

Through just this one action, Mr. Levenson is perpetuating the spirit of giving by creating a center for not just this generation, but future generations to come together and learn how to make big changes in people’s lives in the most efficient way possible.

The entrepreneurial efforts of Bruce Levenson have paid off very well for him. Fortunately, for many he also had developed a sense of responsibility to his community and to those in need. This same responsibility is one held by many and through his example to business leaders in the community and potential business leaders still in college he is showing them just how it is done.

Technology is Changing Business, Shaygan Kheradpir is Changing Technology

Technology is changing our lives in many ways. From how our cars drive, how we connect with loved ones all the way to how we cook our food and clean our houses. Everywhere that you look you can see things that have changed due to technology. The same applies to the business world and how many daily functions are handled. We have cell phones that can give us directions, talk to us, schedule reservations for us and much more. We have automatic vacuum cleaners that can just roam around our house and pick up dirt and debris wherever located, without us having to blink an eye. We have satellites that are exploring space and sending back pictures to us of planets that are years away in space travel, and they are clear as can be. This is incredible if you look at where technology was just 5-6 decades ago. Technology is a large part of our daily lives, and many of the crucial technologies are controlled by IT systems and IT professionals so that they function properly and provide the service that they are designed to. A lot of people don’t care how things work, only that they work so, it is common that people do not think about the men and women that program and manage these systems for our luxuries. Beyond luxuries technology provides a completely new way of conducting business.

One of these individuals is Shaygan Kheradpir. Shaygan is a technology and business executive who has a bachelor’s degree, a masters degree, and a doctorate from Cornell Univesity in the field of electrical engineering. Shaygan was born in London but was primarily raised in Iran. His high school education was obtained at the Aiglon College in Switzerland. His career began at GTE Laboratories. It was here that he handled working with network routing, control, and management. He showed extreme dedication and worked his way up to the position of Chief Information Officer. He later moved on to become the President of Verizon’s e-business division after GTW merged with Bell Atlantic in 2000 to become Verizon Communications. He later became the company’s very first CIO/CTO. He contributed to the integration of Fios at Verizon while holding this position. He helped pioneer “automation of operations” at Verizon as well. His next career position was the Chief Operating Officer of the Global Retail & Business Bank at Barclays. It was here that he was able to contribute to the development of Pingit mobile payments software. He was later promoted to Chief Operations, and Technology Officer making him the first tech executive to be on the executive team at this corporation. In January of 2014, Kheradpir became the CEO of Juniper Networks where he implemented an Integrated Operating Plan aligned to buy back stock, increase profits and reduce expenses. Shaygan was also a member of the board at the US National Institute of Standards and Technology.