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Virtual Creation

There are a lot of different ways a virtual creation software options that are available to you. If you are a gamer or a creator, you will enjoy learning the art of creating something that will be used in a game or other virtual experience.

Creation Software
There are a lot of places you can look for software to create virtual characters that can be used in more than one way. You can create a character with software that makes it easy to have a very human looking character. You can also find software that will help you to create a character that looks like famous people or those that may be harder to get footage of for trailers or other video options.

You can also find these many creation software options from online dealers as well as some software sales companies in your local area. This software can run anywhere from low priced to high end pricing for software that does more. The more the software can do, the more it’s going to cost you to use.

Why Create This Way?
A great reason to create is to be like John Textor and his creations. He created a living making virtual people who have been famous but are no longer with us. He created an interactive option for those that want to have experience with these people. By learning the basics, you can create the same lifestyle he has created with the virtual people he works with.

What Can You Do?
There are a lot of different things you can do with a software like this. One of the biggest things is to develop art for the online world. This can be effective for those that need art for their business or personal needs. Another option is to add your virtual characters to films or short stories you may be creating.

There are a lot of things you can do with this kind of creation software. You can get a lot of ideas and run with them to make your art or visual work great for your needs. When you are looking at the different options, you should be able to get what you need from the creation items you want to make. Take into consideration the amount of money you want to get from your creations so you can make things better for yourself and your needs.

James Dondero: Economic And Financial Powerhouse

When thinking of the greatest men in finance and economics, you cannot help but think of James Dondero on nexbank. Dondero has over 30 years of experience in these industries and has proven himself time and time again to be one of the best. As the co-founder and president of Highland Capital Management, L.P., founder and president of NexPoint Advisors, L.P. and chairman of NexBank, his companies manage over $21 billion in assets as of March 31, 2015. James Dondero is also not just an investor, but a pioneer, having helped create new credit asset classes and of the Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO).

Throughout his career Dondero has earned many awards and accolades including the 5-star designation for Global Allocation and #1 ranked Healthcare Long/Short Equity Fund from Morningstar and the Lipper Award for Floating Rate Opportunities in 2014. In the short span of 5 years, James Dondero took Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary, a small startup company, and as CEO he grew the company to a 2 billion dollar company in that short time frame. Everyone wants a piece of his expertise, and he is currently serving on the Board of Directors for MGM Studios, American Banknote, and is Chairman of the Board for CCS Medical Corporation, Cornerstone Healthcare and Nexbank.

More impressive than the man is his portfolio. With management experience in derivatives, mortgage-backed securities, high-yield bonds, emerging market debt, real estate, investment grade corporates, leveraged bank loans, preferred stocks and common stocks, there is little to nothing that he has not had experience with, making him a powerhouse in the worlds of finance and economics. He was a Beta Gamma Sigma graduate of the University of Virginia, receiving his BS in Commerce (Accounting and Finance) before becoming a Certified Managerial Accountant and a Chartered Financial Analyst.

Not content to keep this expertise and information to himself, Mr. Dondero does not just share financial information and news with the boards the he sits on, but with the general public. Approximately once a week, he posts financial news and tips on his website at, giving out crucially beneficial guidance from a master of the financial and commercial markets to benefit anyone that may need it.

In the unpredictable worlds of finance and economics, it is nearly impossible to see into the future. However, it takes no crystal ball to tell that James Dondero is one of the people you want on your side as you forge into the months ahead.


To discuss the Chinese investment trends in the big apple, the real deal held the first ever real estate showcase and forum in Shanghai. Chinese’s dominance over the market seems to be growing with more demand from the consumers. Miki Naftali, C.E.O. of the Naftali group, says the demand is constant in New York, and they seem very eager to meet it.

There is much value in NYC apartments for sale which top investors are loading their cash into. Most people believe you haven’t made it till you own an apartment in the big apple. Thus, the demand from consumers is something that cannot be completely satisfied. With a new development wave from top developers, incredible buildings are being built with nearly all the amenities you could think of. Safety plays a key role in New York residential, and with the city being cleaned up real nice, means more big bucks for top investors. More people are just dying to live in the big apple.

One of the leading luxury real estate services firm, town residential is unprecedented in its quality service to its customers. Chaired by Andrew Heiberger and his co-chair Joseph Sitt, who are the real founders of the firm. The firm offers unparalleled professional service including marketing, sales and leasing of property developments. Town Residential is considered to be among one of the best places to work In new York and only the best find employment at the firm. This in turn profits to its success by offering quality and profession.

Real estate in New York means big business for top developers. Foreign investors seem to be broadening their grasp just a little beyond Manhattan. Downtown Brooklyn poses much potential with the Chinese buying their way into Brooklyn’s real estate. Brokerage is regulated in New York, which factors into the Chinese interests in this market.

With beautiful skyscrapers surrounding the city, the view from the top seems quite spectacular for top investors in New York’s real estate market.

Five Fabulous Indie Brands For Fall

Fall is right ahead and it is time to switch it up with colors, and go cruelty free with these five fabulous indie cosmetic brands that are cruelty free. Skip the drugstore and ditch the department store, these brands pack all the punch and come in colors the others cannot begin to touch.

Lime Crime Saving the best for last, Lime Crime cosmetics on amazon produces bold, brilliant shades and stunning palettes. Nail products “For Modern Day Marie Antoinettes” in shades like Pastelchio, Parfait Day and Once In A Blue Moon will complete your indie girl look. Lip gloss is a rare find, but search no further. Carousel Gloss has pigment like lipstick, shines like a gloss and packed with glitter in five vegan, cruelty free shades. Check out their look book for fierce, funky, and flirty looks. Lime Crime’s site is also offering free shipping on orders fifty dollars or more.

Meow Mineral cosmetics company specializing in the finest products with the purest ingredients. Meow proudly totes the widest selection of foundations anywhere, plus an excellent selection of tools such as brushes, jars and applicators. Products are cruelty free, and 100% natural.

Too Faced has all the products you need for glitz and glam from the Passionately Pretty eye makeup collection, the sixteen hour long lasting blush, and the Limited Edition Stardust line. Try out their virtually undetectable medium-to-full coverage foundation, Born This Way, and watch the before and after slideshow. Be check out their step-by-step beauty guides to pull off the hottest fall makeup trends.

Darling Girl is a fun, youthful indie brand with the coolest non-makeup products such as compact mirrors, stickers, makeup bags, and pins with sayings like “life is short, wear more glitter”, “normal is boring”, and “is my glitter showing?” Let’s face it, what girl doesn’t love a little sass with her accessories? Darling Girl also carries a full line of cosmetics from bases and primers to lips to eyeshadows and complete kits, in shades such as fluff, cocoa, and little black dress. Bonus? The company also include free samples and stickers with every order.

Senna cosmetics offers more sophisticated looks for the mature indie girl. With a full line of cosmetics including lip wear, eyeliner, kits, brushes and tools, a beauty classroom, and a complete skincare line with toners, exfoliaters and more, this site is an all-in-one stop. Also check out the live help option, and Senna cosmetics offers free shipping on orders over fifty dollars.

Have fun this fall, bring on the colors, show your wild side, or go geek chic. Check out, support, and shop small, cruelty free, and independent businesses.

How Handy Home cleaning services Passes the savings on to you

You have it all figured out, finally. You have the money, you have a beautiful car, the beautiful girl, yet, all of these fancy things are not for yourself, they are so you can spend quality time with your loved ones. So after a hard day of work, you’ve got to ask yourself if you’d rather hang out with your girlfriend or spend quality time cleaning your home. Which would you prefer? I have to tell you, it is a very unfair question to ask, especially if you make an impressive salary.

While it’s true that women love highly-powerful men who go after what they want in life and love to support a man with these qualities, if you are not going to spend time with her or your idea of spending quality time together is making her wash your dishes, your relationship may have a hiccup or two along the way.

The fact of the matter is, since you have nice stainless steel refrigerators and marble countertops and your girlfriend has a cramped and crappy one bedroom apartment, she would probably rather hang out at your house, where you make the rules. Yet, if your home is a pigsty and she actually takes respectable care of her home, she’s probably going to want to spend her time at her house, where she makes the rules.

You’re a busy man. How the heck are you going to take the time to clean your own home when you barely have enough time to cook breakfast for yourself in the morning, let alone clean and put away the dishes. How is this whole thing possible?

Well my friend, it is quite easy. All you have to do is contact Handy, Home Cleaning Services and you’ll have your house cleaned while you are at work.

Simply let your housekeeper in and she will clean whatever you assign for her to clean, while you are at work, school, shopping, anywhere really. You come home and your house is absolutely spotless. You invite your girlfriend over and she certainly doesn’t want to be at her own house because it looks like the room of a messy 12-year-old girl. You watch what you want to watch on TV while she lays her head on your shoulder and asks herself how she can become a more important member in your life.

Isn’t that the life that you deserve to live? There are many cleaning services out there, yet how many of them overcharge? How many of them want you to go on a formal interview before they send you a cleaner? This is not the kind of life that you want to live. You could locate a cleaning agency in the Yellow Pages for cheap, yet they have a lot of real world, brick and mortar expenses to pay that Handy, Home Cleaning Service App don’t have to pay because there is just less overhead. The cleaning service in the Yellow Pages probably has a smaller workforce, which means they have to maximize profit on each employee, which is something that Handy, Home Cleaning Services doesn’t have to do because their workforce is enormous, so they can pass the savings on to you.

Business Executive Brian Mulligan

Brian Mulligan is an experienced and well-educated business executive. It pertains to his career achievements. Currently, he serves as CEO of Brooknol Advisers, which is a media, entertainment, and sports advisory company. In the 30- year career, Brian has held various positions in the industry, which include CEO, CFO, and COO. His ambition and business wit led to him effectively running media companies to success. Additionally, Brian has chaired Fox broadcasting and Cable and Co-chaired the Universal Pictures Board. On the same note, he has served as the senior executive adviser at Boston Consulting. His expansive career has been full of success that people see him as the solution to the industry’s solutions. Mr. Mulligan has overseen installation of equipment valued at $175 billion in media and entertainment transaction.

Mr. Mulligan is a renowned sports and film expert. Consequently, he is proficient in recorded and publishing music, TV and cable production, and broadcast. The executive also has experience in cable channels, video games, theme park, an international entertainment, media, DBS and properly structuring companies. He has been in the field for long enough to master most of these skills. Currently, he serves as a member of LA-based Digital Roundtable, Sports Business Institute, and International Entertainment and Media Roundtable. Throughout his career, Brian has received several honors; key among them is the fifty most powerful people in Hollywood, according to Premiere magazine. The Los Angeles Business Journal named him one of the top ten prominent Bankers.

As philanthropic as he is, Brian has been involved in various charities and political causes. The project “a better LA” helped raise $90 million for schools, which included St. Jude, the city of hope and MCA charities. He is also an integral part of the United Way, land of the free foundation, UCLA Anderson Dean Society, UCLA Chancellor’s Associate, YMCA and USC School of Cinema. To add to his long list of achievements, Mulligan has been part of the USC Associates, media and entertainment, and SCB film festival among others.

Brian holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of California. He also holds a master’s degree in Business Administration from John E. Anderson Graduate School, University of California. While studying, he earned several CPA certificates over the years, which include FINRA 63 and 79 licenses, a BS from USC and an MBA from UCLA. As a sportsman, Brian has coached youth tackle football and travel basketball. While running travel basketball, he served as the Commissioner of Youth Basketball League.

Benefits of Online Dating

During the recent years, online dating has experienced a stable upsurge in popularity. Both teens and adults are turning to the Internet and using dating websites to help them find a suitable partner. There are numerous success stories, and hundreds of thousands of users are always happy to admit to taking part in online dating as the practice is now highly accepted in the society.

Nonetheless, there are still a few people who are put off by the concept of online dating. Of course, there is nothing wrong with wanting to meet people and dating them in the traditional manner. However, in this day and age many factors make using some of the traditional methods impracticable. Many people lead increasingly busy lives and they struggle to find the time to create the opportunities to meet new people. This is why online dating is experiencing a steady rise in popularity. For individuals who are keen on meeting people but are unsure about online dating, here are some of the benefits that may persuade them to sign up at one of the many online dating websites.

Less Pressure

There is much less pressure involved online dating. Dating websites create the right environment for people who are shy or nervous. It offers the benefit of a relaxed atmosphere where one finds it easy to take the time to think about what they should say without apprehensively blurting out of the first thoughts that come into their heads. Online communication also allows people to become comfortable with each other before getting together forth first meeting in person, and this reduces much of awkwardness and creates a better dating experience.

Increased chances of meeting many people

Also, online dating increases chances of meeting people who one typically would not meet. No one has enough time and resources to sort through all the random people they meet every day. It is very difficult to tell who one is likely to compatible with, who is looking for a partner, or who is single. By acting as a hub where single people who are looking for partners, online dating removes those barriers. Additionally, the matching services that most online dating services provide will help users find people that they are more likely to click with.

Easy to get started

Signing up at most dating sites including Skout is an incredibly simple process. All that one needs is a computer and Internet connection. An individual just needs to create a simple personal profile and then begin sending and receiving messages from other users of the service. Users do all these things from the comfort of their homes.

About Skout

Skout on zendesk, a dating and social networking app and website, is known as one of the classic providers of online dating services. The flirting app and is currently available as a free download from the App Store. Skout is designed to give users an opportunity to meet new people, make friends and exchange pictures. People may sign up using Facebook or their email addresses and start enjoying the services instantly.

Pulse Evolution: The Future Is Now!

While companies who specifically design holograms might seem like something out of a science fiction novel, such companies already exist. Pulse Evolution, seen by many as a leader in the field, has gotten a lot of interest since the 2014 Billboard Music Awards featured their virtual Michael Jackson. A recent press release, while not as exciting as a performance from the holographic King of Pop, has still garnered a lot of buzz.

The release detailed the company’s operating expenses and losses in 2014, as well as the gains made from sales of stock and partnerships in 2015. Without re-stating the numbers, which can be found right here, Pulse Evolution appears to be spending money in order to develop new breakthroughs in the fields of artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and associated technologies.

John Textor, the CEO of Pulse Evolution, said as much as part of the press release. Textor said, “We are extremely pleased with the business and technology outcomes of our early development stages. We have quickly established ourselves as the early market leader in the creation of hyper-realistic digital humans for diverse applications.” He went on to explain how Pulse Evolution has taken the lead spot in developing, in addition to how it has acquired and maintained the rights to the images of important figures like Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe, in addition to Michael Jackson.

While the release explains where Pulse Evolution has been, it doesn’t elaborate much on where they’re going from here. It simply states that Pulse Evolution believes digital humans are the next wave of future entertainment, and that the work they’re doing today is going to shape how people watch performances in the future.

It sounds thrilling… but we’re going to have to wait and see if 2015’s numbers can underwrite those promises.

Brian Mulligan: The Voice of Inspiration

Brian Mulligan was born to Irish parents in New York. His family is originally from County Leitram, and he proudly holds a dual citizenship. He has studied at Yale University and Julliard School for the Arts and is a premier American operatic baritone. Mulligan is under the voice tutelage of his mentor, Steve Smith.

According to his recollections, Mulligan cultivated his love of acting while performing in school plays. It was not until he was an older teenager that he started to sing. He played leading roles in musicals such as “Fiddlers on the Roof” and “West Side Story” while in senior high school. While he was in school, he was encouraged to take vocal training and was mentored by Todd Geer. Geer had connections with the local opera house as well as the San Francisco Opera and was able to open doors for Mulligan’s training and future career.

He began his formal education as a music student at Yale University. Mulligan learned the challenges that come with operatic singing. He was involved in several Yale performances and met his future manager while in school. His heart was in his music, and he was finding his niche and a following.

Later, Mulligan attended Julliard School of the Arts as a music major. He blossomed as a baritone voice under the guidance of many famous music professors. He continued to work with Steve Smith as his primary coach. He was the lead character of Mozart’s “Don Giovanni” for the Julliard Opera Center in 1998. In 2003, Mulligan debuted at the Metropolitan Opera in Die Frau Ohne Schatten.

Brian Mulligan has since sung in most of the world’s famous opera houses, including the Oper Frankfurt, the Canadian Opera Company, the Opernhaus Zurich, the Huston Grand Opera, and the San Francisco Opera. He was hailed by music critics for his portrayal of Richard Nixon with the San Francisco Opera and staring in the Candian Opera Company’s performance of Lucia di Lammermoor.

This talented baritone has been accompanied by the Baltimore Symphony, the Houston Symphony, the Los Angeles Philharmonic and the Chicago Symphony to name a few. Mulligan’s performance in Mahler’s 8th Symphony was recorded and released three years ago on DVD.

His schedule continues to be full of performances across America and Europe. Fans love his rich, baritone voice and his heartfelt portrayals of many different opera characters. He will continue to be enjoyed as a national treasure for both the United States and Ireland.

How to Learn About Investment Banking

Investment banks are corporations that conduct a number of financial services targeted at providing capital necessarily required for investment purposes. Investment banking typically aids clients, institutions and other companies with tasks such as issuing securities which include stocks and bonds and other assets. This type of banking operates in a way they manage financial assets for some clients and in turn make major investments using their own resources and expect profits in the long run.

There are different careers one could pick in the investment banking industry provided the sources turned to are accurate and informative. James Dondero, the founder of Highland Capital Management has had quite a journey in the investment banking industry which saw him turn a company into one of the world’s best investment organizations. With a vast experience of over three decades in the industry, Mr.james has no doubt gathered enough credit that has seen founders of Collateralized Loan Obligation Company being established successfully.

With a Certified Management Accountant degree from the University of Virginia, Mr. James Dondero on jamesdondero has witnessed a swift transition as an investment officer with various success stories trailing along. Mr. James has changed the unthinkable and impossible in the business world into a reality by transforming ideas into businesses generating over two billion dollars within a minimum span of five years. Mr. Dondero further holds other titles in the investment banking industry which ideally gives more experience and learning sessions. Being on the Board of Directors for America Bank note and the finely established MGM studios among other achievements gives Mr.Dondero all the respect in the field to earn the title “Investment banking expert.”

The best way to start engaging and learning about investment banking is to read up on every trend in the market and industry as the business world tends to be radical over the ages. Some authors have stood up and published resourceful books on investment banking likely to help both beginners and also the experts since no amount of information is ever enough.

The news offer valid modern trends on the economy as a whole including the activities being partaken by large investment banks and their effects on the economy. The newspapers and business magazines also aid in offering information on the way to understanding all there is to investment banking.

Online courses or taking up school will generally pick an interested individual and feed the most comprehensive educational course about investment banking. Fields to look up to should be finance and economics that closely manage investment banking as a major elective. At last, practice makes perfect and the only way a learner can engage in the industry physically, is by taking up a position at an investment bank or rather apply for an internship; reality checks.