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Qualities Every Young Professional Should Emulate from Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar is not only the chairman of the board of directors at Dalrada Financial Corporation; he is also a household name in the world of sales and marketing. He has over 40 years of experience in marketing and sales having worked in various companies across different industries and serving in different middle and higher managerial levels.

His achievements in these companies have curved out a name for him in the industry and he is often looked at as a role model. Young professionals both in the sales, marketing, and other professions constantly look up to him and seek to emulate his success. Some have even based his success as a target and measure of their progress.

They however need know that Bonar’s success was not an overnight affair. It has been cultivated over time. It has taken him a lot of hard work, patience and undying passion to reach the position he is in right now. He may have moved from one job to another but his goals remained steadfast, he knew what level he intended to reach and didn’t lose focus on what he wanted to achieve.

Some of the character traits which young professionals that want to make it to being successful career men and women can emulate from the success story of Brain Bonar include:

It took Brian a huge portion of his lifetime nurturing his skills before he could become as competitive as he is currently. For instance, he worked at IBM UK, for over 15 years. He took this time to effectively evaluate the market trends so that when he sought a higher position, he could be well familiar with the same environment and be in a position to guide those he would be charged to lead effectively.

Hard work
Another great trait of Brian that is vital for any individual wishing to progress in their career is, hard work. Brian remains one of the few very hardworking marketers in the industry. This explains why he was on constant move from one company to another. Companies were after him for his transformative talent. This is also evidenced by his quick succession to the highest position at Dalrada.

Another thing that has enabled Brian outlive most of the people he started out with in this profession is his inventiveness. He took time to study the business environment around marketing and devise ways to combat its dynamicity. In every company he served, he introduced innovative strategies to establish new markets. This is a rare and valuable skill he possesses gained from years of experience.

Adam Sender Spends Big and Receives a Big Return on Investments

It was not uncommon for Adam Sender to put six figures down on a piece of art work. He did this on a regular basis when he was a hedge fund manager. Spending $100,000 may be a lot to me, but Sender spent this on a regular basis. He would even drop an astounding $422,500 on a hand written lyrics from Bob Dylan, but this is just another day for an art collector like Adam Sender. All of his endeavors have not totally yielded the results that he hoped for, but unloading over $70 million in artwork is very impressive nevertheless.

I have seen some of the art pieces that he has collected, and I can’t say that I could have ever imagined that these pieces were worth as much as they earned when he sold the pieces. It was his upscale art shows that would provide a glimpse of much of the artwork that would grow in value over time. I know that Sender had a good job (an extreme understatement) prior to becoming a full time art collector. This wasn’t the thing that would make him happy though. It would prove vital to him to move on beyond his financial expertise – at least as a hedge fund manager – and bring his financial savvy to another area of life. I have wondered why he would totally give up any type of financial expertise, but the reality is that he is still using his financial skills. The difference was that he is using this financial knowledge to invest in artwork that appreciates in value over time. This is a lot more risky than any type of stock or Wall Street opportunity. He learned this with the hand written Bob Dylan lyrics that he purchased. Still, there have been many areas where Adam Sender has managed to thrive and get returns far beyond the 6 figures that he may have paid for certain pieces of artwork.

The thing that I have admired the most about Adam Sender is that he took on his passion and invested heavily in this. He isn’t a man that said that he loved art and refused to spend any money on artwork. To the contrary, Sender put his money where his mouth was. He believed in collecting a massive amount of artwork. Hundreds of pieces were sold and he was still able to retain hundreds of other pieces. This is how massive the collection has gotten over the years. He is not just an art collector; Sender is an authority. He knows art, and he knows it well. That may be the main reason that he has thrived with a new career.

Beneful is Leading the Way in Manufacturing Quality Dog Food

When deciding on the type of food to feed a dog, dog owners should focus on brands that are associated with healthy production of pet food. Many companies like Purina Beneful are manufacturing dog food and have made their products available in leading stores, which makes it easy for dog owners get a variety of dog food.

There is need for the dog owners to check on the ingredients of the Beneful dog food to ensure that they are safe and will not have adverse effects on their dogs. Most manufacturers offer foods that can be categorized into three. These categories include semi moist foods, wet foods, and dry foods. Semi moist foods are made of soft pellets with a chewable texture and are typically packed in sachets. Most of the treat products are manufactured in a semi moist format.

Wet foods have high moisture content. They are cooked at high temperatures in order to sterilize them before they are preserved under pressure. This process may not be repeated at all times. From being preserved, they are then packed into cans, pouches, and foil trays. The contents of wet foods include jelly chunks, gravy chunks and meatloaf. Chilled or frozen pet foods are made available in the market. Before purchasing any dog food, dog owners should pay attention to the ingredients used to manufacture such food.

Dry foods contain low moisture content. The ingredients consist of extruded foods such as shaped kibbles or pellets, flaked cereals, and biscuits. Most of these foods are packed in bags with others as biscuits packed in small boxes because they are meant to be provided to the dogs as treats. Dry foods on contain meat as part of its ingredients. In can be added either in a fresh state or in a dried state. Dry foods can be offered to the dogs in their dry state or a dog owner can add gravy or water to it according to the instructions from the manufacturer.

Dog owners’ choice of a dry or wet food has to be made in consideration to what type of food the dog enjoys and thrives on. Some people make buy-decisions based on the price tags of these foods while others ground their decisions on their assumptions on the foods that their dogs might like. However, it is important to determine what the dogs like before making a decision to buy even if it means trying all the types of the dog foods first.

Among the leading dog food brands is Beneful, which is offered by Purina. Presently, Purina is the second largest pet food manufacturer in the world and the biggest within the United States. Beneful dog food is manufactured with the aim of making the dogs healthy and playful. This is attained from the ingredients used. These ingredients are made up of real meats and veggies that are rich in vitamins. Beneful brand offers treats, wet and dry dog food with over 20 varieties of dog food. Most dog owners trust the Beneful brand owing to their ability to research their ingredients before manufacturing any dog food.

Collecting Is Easy With US Money Reserve.

Do you know about US Money Reserve? You might have heard about them on television or on the internet or from someone who has used their service. If you or someone you know has ever thought about collecting coins or investing in gold or silver, US Money Reserve is a great way to get started.

All of the experts are saying to invest in gold and silver because it has value and they aren’t making it. Because it is natural metal, once it is gone and all mined, what they have is what they have. Those who have it will be in a good position for trading and buying and selling it. What the experts don’t tell you is that US Money Reserve is a great way to get your hands on some very cool coins for your collection.

This company will let you place an order and they will send the coins you order right to your home, office or most anywhere you can get a mail delivery. It is important to understand that you are getting what you pay for, that is, real gold and silver coins. When you place an order with this company, you will get real coins and not just a certificate saying that you bought some gold or silver.

You will be able to show your coins off. You can put them on display or hide them in the desk and show them to a limited amount of people. The choice is yours. Regardless of what you do with them, you can rest assured that you are getting a great product from US Money Reserve. These folks are a name that is trusted when it comes to gold and silver. Perhaps this is because there are many highly qualified experts that are involved with every aspect of buying and selling the gold and silver coins.

If you ever wanted to get started with investing in gold and found the prices too high, now is your chance to get involved with limited investment. Keep in mind that you can also invest in silver using the same methods. You are free to buy as much or as little of the coins as you want. Regardless of how many you purchase, they will be shipped to your address and you will feel great about doing business with the company US Money Reserve. Why not get started today? It’s easy to place your order. So, why not do it today?

Kyle Bass on Chinese Banks

The founder of Hayman Capital Management, who Wikipedia lists as Kyle Bass, appeared on CNBC with a warning for anyone invested in Asian banks and the trouble they could find themselves in. Bass is also the managing partner of Dallas, Texas-based Hayman Capital Management.

According to Bass, the potential problem is that there is and has been a period of what he deems unsustainable growth in the Chinese banks, fueled by an over-extension of credit. The solution is not to take your money out of China, but if it’s already there – leave it, but then remove it from any other banks in Asia (except those in Japan) that may lend to China. Not a very traditional strategy, for many in the field. But what some financial analysts have come to expect from Bass.

Bass’s experience with financial economics in the international sphere is most closely tied to his role as an advisor to the President of Argentina, President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. While just a few years ago, Argentina was a wealthy and resource-rich nation, they have twice defaulted on their national debt in the past thirteen years. Bass recommends the solution that Argentina simply does not pay any creditor seeking full repayment, saving their money for those who will accept a partial payment only.

Bass is noted stateside for infamously victim-blaming those who died as a result of General Motors vehicle defects. Bass had a large investment in GM, and publicly claimed that it was not that airbags didn’t deploy or the power steering was defective, but that the drivers and other occupants of the cars who died in these accidents were either drunk or had chose to not wear their seatbelts.

Bass says of China that the credit growth in China over the past decade has become unsustainable in proportion to the nation’s Gross Domestic Product. This indicates that China may not be able to bail out its banks if there are any problems or a loss of credit develops. The issue is that China’s government has committed to recapitalize any troubled bank – but at what cost?

According to Bass’s strategy, these Chinese banks currently get their funding by borrowing extensively on credit from other banks in Asia. And as only the Chinese banks will be protected by the Chinese government, every other bank in Asia (except Japan) are at a high risk. Bass’s prediction is that failure to proceed on pulling out of these markets could create a cycle of loan-loss provisions across Asia.

Does this threat of credit-fueled growth outpacing the Chinese GDP demonstrate unsustainability or are the banks safe with the Chinese government’s assurances that they will recapitalize any bank at risk?

Super Lawyer Dan Newlin Presents Winning Cases for His Clients

If you or someone you love has been involved in a serious accident, whether it’s a car, motorcycle or truck accident or medical malpractice case, personal injury super lawyer Dan Newlin is the lawyer you want to take your case. Newlin is an aggressive trial lawyer who earned the honor of being in the elite group of Superlawyers in 2012, for his work in his Orlando and Chicago offices.

Unparalleled Career

Dan Newlin began his career in law as a police officer in Illinois. After several years, he transferred to the Orlando Sheriff’s Department in Florida where he excelled. Soon after moving, Mr. Newlin was promoted to detective where he earned honors for investigative work. His displayed his talent in detailed research and developing the case, as he entertained the idea of practicing law.

Dan graduated from the Florida State Law School in 2000 and soon afterward opened a law firm in Kississimmee. In 2013, he opened his second office that serves the Chicago area. Dan Newlin is proud to benefit the communities by helping average citizens with their legal problems.

What separates Dan Newlin from the majority of attorneys is the unique perspective of seeing every situation from both sides police officer and detective. As an intense, aggressive trial attorney, he represents his clients in court with research from an expert legal team along with his excellent skills as a trial lawyer; he provides a strong presence in the courtroom that cannot be ignored as he examines every detail for his client. Attorney Dan Newlin is dedicated to his clients and obtain successful compensation in their cases.

Several top personal injury compensations that he has been successful in recently are:

1) A $100 million settlement for a teen who was shot in the head by a gang member who was fleeing a home invassion. She has been in a coma since 2012 when the shooting occured.
2) for an off-duty Orange County police officer was shot and killed in a robbery, and Mr. Newlin securd a $24 million verdict for his wife and three children.
3) $3.3 Million was won for the client who was given the inappropriate medication and as the result suffered from cardiac arrest, which resulted in severe brain injury.

Attorney Newlin has real compassion for his clients who have had to suffer these treadgedies and others like them, but he also knows that he has the expereince and knowledge to obtain the best results from the negligent defendants. He also knows that no amount of money can right these wrongs, but he is dedicated to achieving the best possible outcome for the clients in his community..

Embrace technology the Shaygan way

Technology is a non-stop growing industry that is always looking for more, better and faster, which means that being a leader in this area demands the exact same characteristics of that person in order to succeed. Shaygan Kheradpir of fiercetelecom has proven to be all of that and much more even when he was first starting his career at GTE laboratories in 1987 while working on network routing, management and control, where as a result of his hard work delivering new products on schedule, he eventually became the Chief Information Officer. Kheradpir, born in England and raised in Iran, decided to move to the United States to study electrical engineering at Cornell University, achieving not only a bachelor’s but a master’s and also a doctor in the same career, an experience that years later, lead him to become a member of the University’s Engineering Council. Focusing his work on an excellent execution free from excuses, Kheradpir has earned the respect of his colleagues. They see him as a great partner who makes things happen due to his intelligence and strategies. Verizon has been the longest working experience for Shaygan up until now. Starting in the year 2000, when GTE merged with Bell Atlantic to from Verizon Communications he served as the president of the e-business division before his role as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO). In this position he contributed to the automation of operations, achieving, once more, that better factor that technology seeks. Besides this, he also implemented a 30-day prototype cycle to rapidly test and modify new technologies getting here, the faster previously stated. Later on, in January 2011 Shaygan joined Barclays as the COO of the Global Retail and Business Bank, where his contributions lead to the development of products on lightreading like the Pingit mobile payment software, here to prove that more is part of the improvement process of technology. Before his current position as CEO of Coriant, Shaygan worked for Juniper Networks on a restructuring and cost-cutting plan that included a return of $3 billion to shareholders over the following 3 years. Without any doubt, a plan that pleased the parts involved since it turned out to a successful investment, the focus goal of any businessman. All of this experience has led him to write or to contribute to the writing, of over 10 papers to share his knowledge with the rest of the business and technology world. Kheradpir in one of the many proven success stories that supports the statement that focus and effort pay off.

Learning About Some Of Brazil’s Unique Laws

For many people, it is interesting and fascinating to learn about laws that exist in other countries that do not exist in their home country. They wonder if these laws are beneficial or if they are harmful. They also wonder if living under these laws would be difficult for them personally. One thing that is very fascinating to individuals who live in North America is the fact that Brazil has some laws that are completely unique to their country.

There are quite a few laws that are unique to Brazil. Since Brazil is a beautiful country that is full of rain forests, coastal areas, rivers, mountains and other natural delights, the government is working very hard to take care of such places. There are a variety of organizations as well that are helping to conserve natural resources, beautiful wildlife and the environment as a whole. Some of the laws that the Brazilian government has set in place involve taking care of wildlife and nature. For example, it is illegal for certain types of birds and turtles to be consumed or sold. If an individual is interested in purchasing certain types of birds or turtles for pets or even for conservation reasons, there are means that they can do this. If a person does not use the right channel that has been set up for this purpose, they will be fined and will have to deal with other legal repercussions.

When an individual is visiting Brazil and they need legal help, it is important for them to turn to a lawyer who can help them. There are many well-qualified lawyers who are working in this country, including Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho. He is not just a charismatic lawyer who has been able to win a lot of cases. He is actually a lawyer whose views are well respected around the country. He has even been responsible for the country adopting several legal mechanisms that are used as resourceful tools in the Brazilian legal community.

It is important for a person to know that when they need legal help, they need to find a lawyer who is qualified to help them personally. For example, Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is an expert in litigation. He has worked with some of the country’s most prominent figures and corporations. If a person finds themselves in trouble in Brazil, they need to find a lawyer who has experience in that particular field.

QNET Plans to Shift Business to India

QNET, a large and thriving company, based out of Malaysia has made public their plans to move their business to India, a strategic and well-thought out business decision. While the entire business is not moving countries, they are taking the majority of their manufacturing process over to India, and in turn will see a large cost benefit, from 8 to 12 percent, according to a CEO from the company speaking on their behalf.

The company creates and distributes a wide range of consumer products, from watches to energy drinks, and has been in business for quite some time now. Already, a few of their products are being produced in India, with good results shown from the experimentation. In fact, the revenue growth from their current operations in the country of India have shown to be 100%, and it looks like the growth will continue at this rate, at least for the next few years.

QNET isn’t like your average company, and as a new way to experiment and try to further increase their profit margins, they are offering all residents of India a unique opportunity that is sure to raise awareness of the company and create a heightened sense of buzz for their products. Instead of only allowing their own employees to make up designs for products, QNET is extending this offer to all citizens of the country.

The deal goes like this: if you, as a resident of India have an idea for a product that you think would work well or benefit society in some way, feel free to send your plans to the company. If they are feasible, QNET will begin to produce the product for you. This is an amazing opportunity for those who have been looking to break into the field of inventing but haven’t known how.

It looks like this company is on the rise. With a growing number of products for sale and more money to work with QNET is one that we should be keeping an eye on, both for cool new products to by and because of their intense marketing skills that differ from those of other businesses. They may not be huge yet, but there is a good chance that this will change as the next years progress and they get further involved in the country of India.

The Kirby Surgical Center By Nobilis Health Is Amazing

Nobilis Health has many healthcare facilities in many separate locations, some of which include Dallas and Houston. In fact, they also have their excellent Kirby Surgical Center, which is located in Houston too. Over at the Kirby center one will find that their surgery experience isn’t as chaotic as it may feel at a general hospital. The patient gets to feel more like they are being cared for. The patient will feel more like they aren’t going to get lost in the shuffle, and this is because the staff members at the Kirby Surgical Center offered by Nobilis Health do care about their patients.

One of the best things about the Kirby Surgical Center is that they make sure the patient is happy with their services. The staff also makes sure that the surgical process goes smoothly and safely too, and there are many ways that they do this. The Nobilis Health staff consists of highly trained and experienced professionals who don’t just care about their work, they also care about the process that a patient goes through and any feelings they have regarding their surgery experience.

When one needs surgery, Nobilis Health won’t take a long time to give the patient the surgery they need. In fact, the doctor will call the patient and get an appointment set up as soon as possible. If there are any appointment cancelations, then they may be able to get the patient in even sooner. There are pre-operative nurses that will be able to answer any questions that a patient may have regarding the surgical process. The nurse will explain what the patient needs to do to make sure that they are ready for surgery, and they will do their best to help calm the patient’s nerves as well.

Before a patient has surgery, the Nobilis Health staff will make the patient as comfortable as possible. They’ll ask the patient if they need more blankets or anything else while they are waiting to be brought in for surgery. At many other general hospitals, one may have to wait hours after they are checked in before they get to be taken into surgery. However, this is not the case over at the Kirby Surgical Center because they make sure that each patient gets into surgery at their scheduled time or as close to it as possible.

When the patient is in recovery, the doctors and nurses will constantly check on them. In many other general hospitals, a patient may be sent home before they are ready, which can lead to more problems later. However, when a patient is at the Kirby Surgical Center, they don’t have to be concerned about being sent home prematurely. The Kirby Surgical Center is one of the best places that Nobilis Health has to offer, and they truly do make sure that each patient has a safe surgical process. At the Kirby Surgical Center each patient is treated like family, and this is what makes this Nobilis Health center stand out.