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Researchers at MIT have determined that the use of AI’s and visual search technology has revolutionized how people are going about their shopping

Most people have observed that as of late, the new search innovation has supplemented the typical item search: it is a picture based tool that gives you a chance to choose an item in a picture and gives you indexed lists with comparable items. The new visual search apparatus is controlled by profound learning advancements in view of artificial intelligence software. It is not entirely new as many organizations have tried to use it for the purposes of discovery like Google; some have tried to use it to shop like Amazon, or for the recognition of faces as done by Facebook.

An example of the use of this technology is its application in the library world. While one is searching for a book, they will go to a university or public library database. These libraries usually sort out their books per subjects and clients and make a showcase of book spreads with some short depictions that make important introduction to what they are about. The visual search app provided by Slyce includes with the customary text-based search content: beginning with the reason that the spread is an outflow of the book content; the client has the likelihood to seek through comparable spreads, in light of visual components from the book spread.

Slyce, a Toronto startup has produced the innovation to look insightfully up objects, and afterward use that acknowledgment to link customers with retailers’ online stores. The organization says that their innovation as a tool that works under the hoods of huge brands’ websites which is known in the market as a white-label arrangement. The organization adds that Slyce is working with six of the main 20 retailers in the United States, a large portion of whom are already on board beginning in 2014. These retailers operate under non-divulgence agreements that keep them from being named.

The software works by first figuring out what the item being photographed is, and afterward deciding its particular properties. For example, it should first figure out if the item before it is a shirt, or even a vase, or a car. When it has broken its subject down, it searches for similar pictures following a blueprint that Slyce’s creators have made for such an item, building what is called an “attribution model” of the item’s characteristic.

Flying to a Better World With Jon Urbana

Denver entrepreneur Jon Urbana is backing Earth Force in a new campaign for a cleaner environment. Urbana is using the website Go Fund Me to help finance this aim from like-minded individuals, in addition to a bunch of video promotion.

Urbana is by day the head of Business Development for medical laser company Ellipse USA, and the president and co-founder of NEXT Level Lacrosse Camp.

Urbana graduated from Villanova University in Pennsylvania with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics. While playing for the Villanova Wildcats, he was an NCAA Division I All-American in Lacrosse, winning the CAA award for Defensive Player of the Year. He was drawn to Villanova for its strong lacrosse program and carried that passion into the founding of Next Level. While at Villanova he fortified his desire to work as an entrepreneur by studying economics.

Lacrosse and the environment aren’t Urbana’s only non-business interests. The Federal Aviation Administration recently included Urbana in their Airmen Certification Database, drawing press from the Aviation Business Gazette. The FAA applies stringent rules and requirements in granting pilot’s licenses and certifications. These pilot certification standards have grown over the years in an effort to curb pilot errors that may lead to fatal crashes. The FAA’s standards are made in conjunction with input from the aviation industry and the general public and they are among the highest in the world.

Flying has given Urbana a bird’s eye view of the changes needed for environmental protection. Caring about the planet is one way to understand the level of care and commitment needed in making the environment cleaner. By working with and supporting Earth Force, Urbana hopes to involve a growing number of young people with the project, enticing those who are willing to put in their time, money and energy towards making the environment healthier for everyone.

Jon Urbana Supports Earth Force, A New Fundraiser from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Urbana also shares his music, videos, and photos with the world on websites such as Instagram, Mashable, Imgur and WordPress, as well as Facebook and Twitter and his music is available at, SoundCloud and Tumblr. Managing such an active social media presence takes time, but it is not too much of a distraction and showcases the needs for charity fund-raising on new Web 2.0 platforms.

The Life and Achievements of Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is a renowned entrepreneur who has given focus on technology and business. He is among innovative professionals, who have stepped up in the creation of unique systems that have helped to improve on how people run businesses. He has also been identified among individuals who have contributed in creating a just social community by offering donations and creating platforms that support the interaction of people from different walks of life. He has co-founded several organizations and companies that he pioneered have secured an authoritative position in the market.

Eric was born in Teaneck, New Jersey, where he also grew. His motivation to innovate began at an early age and while in fourth grade, he had began programming, standing out among his peers. He managed to create several programs by the time he joined high school. His prowess was extended to the development of software that would make it easier to conduct business. As of high school, Eric Pulier runs a database computer company. This marks the beginning of his journey to innovate programs that later elevated him to popularity and to gain respect in the field of technology. In 1984, he joined the Harvard University for a degree program in English and American English. This offered him a chance to exercise his literary skills by writing for The Harvard Crimson.

When he relocated to Los Angeles in 1991, he founded an organization named People Doing Things (PDT), a platform that would be used to address life issues especially matters pertaining education and healthcare. All this was made possible through the use of technology and his main aim was to reach as many people as possible in a bid to make life easier and to help those who are needy to access invaluable information that can help to change their lives. He went on and launched Digital Agency, a company that was later merged with US Interactive LLC.

He also lead actions that helped him to launch Starbright World, a private social platform that would be used to connect chronically ill children. The platform allowed the children to share their thoughts through posts, private messages as well as conversations that were meant to avail solutions to different issues affecting them. This move was congratulated as it would help to create a social and just society that cares about the lives of individuals from all walks of life.

Due to his immense dedication and effort, Eric Pulier was selected by the Presidential Inaugural Committee in 1997 to develop and implement a Technological Exhibition that was held in Washington, D.C. He also participated in the healthcare and technology forum, where he offered invaluable information about health and technology to help make life better.

Business In Chicago Feel Tax Crunch

Anyone who has a business in Chicago may have felt the pull that is coming to them from the taxes being increased. This increase comes as a result of a changing law that now allows the city to reassess the taxes every three years, instead of sporadically like was done in the past. This was something that was made to both increase and decrease taxes, but has mainly only increased the taxes in the areas where it has taken hold at. It has proven to be detrimental to the businesses in the areas.

One of Chicago’s districts, North Township 013, has been hit very hard with tax increases. The taxes in this area have risen by 48 percent in the past year and are expected to continue rising with the increase of revenue in the area. The businesses that make up this area are all fairly new chains and progressive idea businesses. They are still trying to get their start in the market and are being hit with taxes that have the ability to kill the business model entirely. This has proven to be a major issue for some of the companies and could cause the area that they are in to close down completely.

Majeed Ekbal is an investor who has worked in Chicago for many years. He has several properties in the North Township 013 area and is as concerned with the way that things are going for the businesses as the business owners are. He has seen many risks with these businesses, but he did not take into account a tax increase that was this high. His concerns are founded because Ekbal knows that he will not be able to profit if the companies do not survive as a result of the tax increase.

As an investor, Majeed Ekbal is constantly trying to find new business opportunities. As one of the best investors, Ekbal has been able to hand pick what he wants to invest in and has been successful in his ventures thus far. The tax increase may cause him to stop being successful and can be detrimental.

Beneful Dry Dog Food And The Assorted Varieties That Are Available

Beneful has several types of dog food, they have dry dog food, wet dog food, and dog treats. There a lot of flavors to choose from as well as the different ways that they come packaged to serve. Within the dry food series of food, there are:

1)The Originals-You can choose from real beef, real salmon, and real chicken. This dog food has some powerful antioxidants that is very healthy and good for your dog. In fact, your dogs gets all the vitamins that veterinarians say are required for your dog. Your dog will love each crunchy bite of happiness. The chicken comes with bites of avocadoes, tomatoes, and carrots to give it that rich flavor all dog deserves. The beef comes with carrots, peas, and real spinach that adds even more flavor for your dog. The salmon comes with bits of yummy carrots, green beans, and sweet potatoes to give your dog’s food just the right amount of flavor that they will love.

2)Healthy Weight-comes with real chicken and bites of green beans, carrots, and apples that is not only yummy for your dog, but will help keep their weight at a healthy level with the great flavor dogs love and keep them healthy for a very long time.

3)Healthy Puppy- with real chicken has a great flavor from bits of carrots and peas to give them all the tastes they love. It will also help them grow with just the right amount of nutrition to help them get big and strong, jus the way you want them to be. This mix of vegetables and meat helps develop their proper brain activity and perfect eye site you want your dog to have.

4)Playful Life- that comes with real beef and egg that gives your dog plenty of protein to grow healthy strong and have all the proper nutrition that they need.

5)Beneful Incredibites-comes with real chicken and bites of peas and carrots to make sure your dog has all of the protein and proper nutrition to grow up healthy and hardy. It also comes with real beef that has bits of peas and carrots to give your dog that wonderful rich, deep flavor that all dogs love. It is made to gives them just the right amount of protein to get the right nutrition to grow big and healthy with just the right size bites for small dogs.

All of these types of dry dog food are available in small, medium, and large bags, and in some cases extra-large bags of food.

A Lifetime Of Drama

Soap opera’s have a long standing reputation of never ending plot twists, character betrayal and death throughout their plot line. Most span longer than regular shows, even the dramatic ones, but One Life To Live has had a continuous run even after it finished airing on ABC in 2012. One Life To Live gained famed by being the first soap opera to feature ethnically and socioeconomically diversity as well as their episodes dedicated to current social issues. The show primarily focused on Victoria Lord, a member of the wealthy Lord family. Throughout the show, Victoria goes through a multitude of problems like divorce, love and loss, rape, stroke and breast cancer. One character, Stacy Morasco, who is introduced in 2009 left a long standing affect in the lives of the characters even after her death.

Played by American actress Crystal Hunt, Stacy Morasco is introduced while Gigi and Rex are in Las Vegas. Stacy was Gigi’s sister who was working as a stripper before deciding to follow Gigi back Llanview with the sole purpose of stealing Rex from her sister. Rex’s son is diagnosed with leukemia and Stacy uses this to her advantage by lying about being a donor match to force Gigi to break up with Rex. Afterwards Stacy successfully beds Rex for a night which results in a pregnancy which comes to light after Gigi and Rex reunite when Stacy’s lie is revealed. Stacy miscarraiges but beds a drunk Oliver Fisher and tricks him into impregnating her so she can pass the baby off as Rex’s.

Stacy continues on with the lie during her pregnancy until Rex’s lunatic father kidnaps her in order to raise her child himself. Upon finding out the truth he tosses Stacy out in the snow where Gigi finds her and takes her to Victoria’s cabin. Stacy gives birth to a baby girl that needs medical attention which leads to Gigi trying to get her to a hospital until she falls into a frozen lake. Stacy looses her life jumping in to save her sister and her daughter.

Crystal Hunt began her career at the age of two by performing in beauty pageants. She then landed a few big name commercials like an anti-drug commercial with N*Sync. Now that she’s a famous celebrity, after her role in The Guiding Light that lead her to a Daytime Emmy Award nomination in 2005. Afterwards she appeared in the film The Derby Stallion and in Sydney White in 2007, starring alongside Amanda Bynes. From 2009-2010 she played Stacy Morasco and earned a second Daytime Emmy Nomination. In 2014 Hunt produced her first feature film Talbot County with friend Dania Ramirez.  Continue reading more about Crystal on Wikipedia.