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George Soros Calls Out Republican Frontrunners

Well, 2016 is here and the battle for the Republican nomination for president is as heated as ever. According to CNN, Donald Trump is now dominating the Republican field, polling at 41%, with runner-up Ted Cruz lagging at 19%. Although there is still no telling who will snare the coveted Republican slot, Trump looks to have a real shot. Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal reports “Michael Bloomberg Mulling Run for President as Independent.”

In the midst of this morass, it is no secret that liberal and conservatives alike who do not share in Trump’s views are doing their best to inform the public about the hard realities underlying many of Trump’s assertions. Among these speakers, George Soros is one of the most outspoken. As reported in the Guardian, Soros has taken aim at Trump, Cruz, and Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, who famously gave his support to a Trump presidency. Specifically, Soros stated that, “he and Cruz are doing the work of Isis.” By continuing to make incendiary claims, including the possibility of barring all Muslims from entry to the United States, Trump is risking further radicalization. This statement is not purely hypothetical. As reported by USA Today at the beginning of the year, his statement regarding Muslim immigration was recently featured in a suspected Al-Qaeda recruitment video, to show U.S. hatred for Muslims. What more would come of such speech if Trump receives the Republican nomination, or the presidency? Such are the kinds of questions appropriate to public discourse surrounding a presidential candidate.

Soros’s words may sound extreme, to link Trump and terrorists, but does he have a point? Here are a few words on Soros’s background, for those not familiar with the outspoken billionaire philanthropist. First, as put in a recent Fortune magazine article, “There aren’t many people richer than Donald Trump, but George Soros is one of them.” A Hungarian-American investor with a left-leaning tendency, Soros has spent billions of dollars working for personal liberty, including helping societies in Europe to move past oppressive Communist dictatorships. As such he is familiar with the tensions in Europe and in the Middle East, and deeply aware of the ways in which such circumstances can be overcome. When Soros speaks, as one of many educated and involved thought-leaders, the American public would do well to listen.

Ricardo Guimarães Says Brazil’s Export Business Is Increasing Without Additional China Business

According to BMG Bank President Ricardo Guimarães, Brazil is experiencing some export growth even though China’s demand for Brazilian products is down. Guimarães thinks China will not help the Brazilian economy get out of the two-year recession in 2016. In fact, the wealthy mining executive and banking expert thinks China will continue to drag the global economy down in 2016. Guimarães expressed his opinion on a recent article. In that article, the Chinese president quoted gross domestic product rates that didn’t make sense to Guimarães based on recent developments in China’s financial market.

The Brazilian government isn’t helping the Chinese situation either. The uncertainty that surrounds Brazil’s government is holding the country captive and the only way to free the country, according to Guimarães is to increase exports, reduce debt, and reform the business and tax codes. Brazil has a long way to go to get back on track, according to several economists, but Guimarães believes progress will be made in 2016 without China’s help.

Ricardo Guimarães has been successful in spite of the recession, inflation, and the unemployment rate. Mr. Guimarães found a way to advertise his payroll loan products during soccer matches and the results have been better than expected. Guimarães recently told that BMG Bank is now the leader in the payroll loan business, and 2016 will even be a better year for the Bank.

The main reason for the optimism is the expansion that BMG Bank is experiencing. BMG Bank’s lending structure is still lean thanks to a team of efficient consultants that are based in cities around the country. The bank has also formed a partnership with the 5th largest bank in Brazil to handle payroll loan applications. The new bank will also operate efficiently thanks to low overhead and soccer sponsorships. The three letter BMG Bank logo is now recognized as a staple part of soccer player’s jerseys, according to

BMG Bank would not be the bank it is now if it wasn’t for Guimarães insight and soccer reputation. He is still one of the most respected men in the game. Soccer association members and fans share that respect, according to a recent post. Ricardo has singlehandedly turned BMG Bank into a major profit center, and he has helped the game of soccer become a civilized sport in Brazil.

Guimarães wants to help Brazil get the recognition it deserves in the world. Even though Brazil is hurting economically, it is still the largest economy in South America, and the country has one of the best football teams in the world. Brazil will only get better in 2016. That’s Ricardo Guimarães mission and he usually gets what he wants.

All in a Day’s Work

As 2015 drew to a close, the internationally known digital marketing and PR firm Status Lab rang in the New Year, with a 39 percent increase in revenue from 2014. Since 2012, Status Lab’s revenue as skyrocketed over an increase of 939 percent to date. With their presence in over 35 countries, Status Labs is continuing to grow by leaps and bounds.

President Darius Fisher attributes Status Lab’s success to a combination of multi-faceted strategies and a proven method of procuring clients and then maintaining ongoing relationships with them. Taking online reputation and branding with the utmost seriousness, Status Lab is a company that is always one step ahead of the crowd.

Status Labs is an innovative company that’s taking the digital marketing world by storm. Driven by a team of digital-savvy executives, it’s changing the way we look at online reputation management and digital marketing. With over 160 new clients throughout the nation, Status Labs is quickly becoming the leader in search engine optimization and digital marketing. Status Labs understands how vulnerable an online reputation can be and as such, makes it possible for businesses both large and small to blossom into thriving corporations with the use of careful monitoring and strategic ranking.

Co-founder and President, Darius Fisher has an extensive history of working with Fortune 500 companies. His lucrative career began after he graduated from Vanderbilt University with honors. He then went onto become a highly success copywriter before taking his extensive knowledge of marketing and public relations and built Status Labs into the heavy hitter it is today. His drive and determination to succeed has proven that no goal is unattainable, and he is a prime example to all who work with him. In his spare time, Mr. Fisher is active in his community and he also enjoys playing sports and is a world traveler.

Dick DeVos: Supporting Health, Education, and the Community Through Charity

The DeVos family gave away 90.0 million dollars through their family foundations in 2013. Nearly half of that amount supported private and public universities, public K-12, and Christian schools plus organizations that offer educational services. These donations come down to four general categories: health and community, education, arts and culture, faith-based groups and church. According to IRS records, the donations by the DeVos family do not support political issues or candidates. The analysis by MLive showed that 60 million dollars went mostly to organizations in Michigan especially in the Grand Rapids region. Read the full article here:


One member of the DeVos family stands out due to his great business career and philanthropy. Currently, he is the president of The Windquest Group. During the progression of his business career, he has also held executive positions at Orlando Magic and Amway. During his nine years as president of Amway, the company operated in 50 countries and during his last fiscal year, sales went up to 4.5 billion dollars. Under his leadership, Amway tripled international sales and opened new markets. He was also president of Orlando Magic for three years, and during this time, the team was one of the top performers in the NBA.


Apart from business roles, Dick DeVos has led a number of community initiatives meant to improve lives. His Education Freedom Fund awarded more than 4,000 scholarships to the underprivileged children of West Michigan Aviation Academy. He has chaired/co-chaired various regional healthcare improvement programs and has also served on Michigan’s Board of Education. In 1997, he published a New York Times best seller. “Rediscovering American Values,” which is obtainable in seven languages.


Apart from business and charity, DeVos enjoys participating in other events such as sailing and flying.



When I first learned about Dick DeVos, I was touched by his kindness. Very few wealthy people contribute such vast amounts of money on non-profit social programs to help people improve their health and standard of living. It is clear that Mr. DeVos likes to share his blessings with others people, especially the underprivileged. Due to his immense experience, he continues to give inventive solutions to many social problems. The DeVos family donates to reforms in Michigan and all over the United States through a number of nonprofit roles.It is a truly noble passion.

Yeonmi Park and the Effects of Trauma

While Yeonmi Park has overcome a lot of issues, there were certain effects of trauma that interfered with her life as a result of being trafficked. For one thing, due to such monstrous men being in her story, she has developed a distrust of men to the point of not being able to connect or interact with a man. In fact, her trials have caused her to lose faith in humanity. She admits to not being able to see men as normal people. She didn’t think she would ever be able to trust men again due to their actions towards her when she was trafficked. She does regret all these years hating men. She recognizes that her father was a man. She loved her father and he was always good to her. It was when she started writing her book and she remembered her father that she quit thinking that men were the worst the world had to offer. This has helped her in moving forward with her plan to bring forth justice towards the North Korean government. However, she is faced with a lot of fears which include what could happen to her family because the truth is out. Yeonmi Park does understand that her life is in jeopardy due to the nature of the enemy she is standing up against. She does admit on youngvoicesadvocates that she was intimidated at the idea to the point where she wanted to give up on the whole project in order to spare her own life and the lives of her relatives. However, the unacceptable acts of North Korea are what made her want to keep moving forward with her plan to expose the Kim Dynasty. Among the things that she told about in her book is a lot of interesting characters that she met in the process of her escape to freedom. There were certain characters who have ultimately proven to be on her side even though they have done things to hurt her. However, Yeonmi Park has found it in her to forgive one particular person who has hurt her because he helped her escape and he had his own trials to deal with.

Magic Mike XXL Puts On One Last Performance

Magic Mike XXL is the story of the Kings of Tampa, and it chronicles their continued adventures as they make their way to Myrtle Beach for what could be their final performance. The crew packs up to make their way to Myrtle Beach, and plenty of fun happens on the way. A new face in this movie is Crystal Hunt, and she plays one of the love interests named Lauren. This article explores how Magic Mike XXL provides a new viewing experience for Magic Mike fans, and the introduction of Crystal Hunt to movie audiences is covered.

#1: Magic Mike Is Raucous Adventure

Magic Mike follows the trials and tribulations of male strippers who are working a club in Tampa. They are called the Kings of Tampa, and the movie is a dramatization of the early life of Channing Tatum. He came up in the entertainment business as a male dancer, and he wanted to show what the industry is really like. This movie shows the human side of guys who are dancing every night from screaming fans.

#2: Crystal Hunt Is Introduced

Crystal Hunt is featured in her first major role in motion pictures playing Lauren. Her position as a love interest in the movie follows up work she has done previously on daytime TV. Her girlish appearance helps her play younger characters, and she was the perfect choice for a new young fan in Magic Mike XXL.

#3: Crystal’s Daytime Career

Crystal’s daytime TV career began on Guiding Light, and she continued on One Life To Live. Daytime TV was a big break for Crystal, but she always wanted to star in movies. She took a break from daytime TV to appear in a few roles, but now she is starring in a movie that will do extremely well at the box office, and should bump up her Instagram and Facebook fan page numbers.

#4: Magic Mike XXL Is Meant To Be Fun

This is a fun movie about guys who have formed a tightly-knit group. They are all working in the same industry, and they are helping each other get through each performance. The friendships in the movie are believable, and their adventures are adventures anyone would want to have.

Magic Mike XXL has helped introduce Crystal Hunt to movie audiences, and the movie helps show the Kings of Tampa have one last adventure. Anyone who needs a fun movie to watch will find a lot of enjoyment in Magic Mike XXL.

Sam Tabar Exemplifies Investing in the Future

Sam Tabar is one of New York City’s more prominent attorneys, in addition to being an accomplished capital strategist. After receiving a Bachelor of Arts with honors from Oxford University, Sam moved on to the prestigious Columbia Law School which shows. While attending Columbia, he occupied the position of Associate Editor of the Columbia Business Law Review.

Upon graduation from Columbia in 2001, Sam became an Associate at the distinguished law firm of Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP. During his tenure at Skadden, he advised clients on regulatory and compliance issues, employment issues, side letters, private placement memoranda, investment management agreements, and hedge fund structure and formation. Tabar’s employment at Skadden lasted until 2004, whereupon he traded his prominent legal career for a job in high finance.

Initially joining Sparx Group/PMA Investment Advisors as counsel in 2004, Sam eventually earned a promotion to Managing Director and Co-Head of Business Development. His time at PMA Investment Advisors was spent managing every facet of a $2 billion hedge fund, from global marketing to investor relations. Along with his expertise, Sam also provided a personal rolodex of thousands of potential investors to the firm. He excelled in his new role, and during his career developed hundreds of new investor introductions.

Tabar left PMA Investment Advisors in February 2011 to join Bank of America Merill Lynch. He served as the Director and Head of Capital Strategy for the Asia-Pacific region. During his time in this role, Sam managed and assisted fund managers and investors throughout the capital allocations cycle. Tabar also compiled a rolodex of over 1,250 investors over the course of his time at Bank of America Merill Lynch. In September 2012, Sam left the firm to join Adanac LLC, BVI as Director. He invested in start-ups and properties such as Verboten and Thinx.

After nearly a decade away from the legal scene, Tabar joined Shulte Roth & Zabel LLP in September 2013. While at Shulte Roth & Zabel, he served as a Senior Associate catered to hedge funds. In this role, he offered counsel on regulatory and compliance issues, employment issues, side letters, private placement memoranda, investment management agreements, and fund structure and formation.

Inmate Phone Calls Made Better With Securus Technologies

I recently found out about an incredible tech innovation that is making huge leaps forward for those who need it most; it is an advancement in phone technology and video visitation for prisons.

Now, we tend to have negative views of prisoners, and perhaps should in some cases, but this technology from Securus Technologies, a Dallas-based organization that has raised the standard in inmate communication systems, seeks to better serve not only those who are incarcerated, but also their families who are suffering on the outside.

The questions are: how does it work, and are there any other benefits?

How Does Securus Technology Work?

Securus has recently created a program called THREADS 3.1. This application not only provides for better phone connections, but it also alerts those who need to monitor the calls with context-sensitive reports.

Think about that for a minute. This system is so advanced that it not only picks up on specific words and phrases (which prisoners know to work around) but it also can pick up on the nature of the conversation during inmate phone calls. This is incredible, and can increase the safety of those inside and outside the prison, particularly the victims, who need all the help they can get.

What Are the Other Benefits?

Beyond the technology, it cannot be overstated that since Securus is in Dallas, they are creating jobs in the US. Currently, they have a staff of roughly 800 people in their tech and customer service departments. That means that 800 more people are receiving a wage, which means they are enriching their communities.

Currently, Securus is helping about 1.2 million inmates and their families. These families are very vulnerable as a result of their situation, but when it comes to their safety, and the ability to receive quality phone calls from their loved ones, they are secure.

To see just a couple of reviews from those who have used this amazing technology, click here.

If anything, Securus has found an incredible market in doing the most for those who need them most.

Having a Wikipedia Page Has Only Upsides

Wikipedia is, of course, an online encyclopedia. Millions upon millions of people visit the site for the purpose of conducting basic research. To assume, however, that Wiki only serves one single purpose (providing research content) would not be accurate. Wikipedia is a great venue for branding a business or establishing a positive reputation of a person, place, or thing. In essence, there is great marketing and promotional value found in having a page published on Wikipedia.

With the right Wikipedia writing service, a fantastic page could be crafted for a business, entrepreneur, or any entity in need of one. Get Your Wiki is a service that does provide this type of Wiki writing. The produced prose from one of their many Wikipedia writers could end up being enormously valuable. Wikipedia business page creation is a beast to undertake, but its value should not be underestimated or taken lightly.

Those who are under the impression Wikipedia does not allow personal or editorial commentary are correct. Nor does the site allow marketing or promotional material. So, how could any content be written that serves a business?

Simply put, factual information about a business (or person or other subject) is perfectly acceptable. Once content of this nature is produced, it helps provide positive information about the subject. This creates branding and marketing benefits even with the absence of a promotional push.

The content does have to be written in such a way that the material remains within the acceptable standards of Wikipedia. Otherwise, the material could be hack-edited or removed. Working with Get Your Wiki helps avoid annoying outcomes after the content is submitted for publication.

Working with a professional service is a lot easier than struggling to create a page. Professional services deliver professional writing that is impressive. The content is going to be right to the point, positive, and appealing. The writing will be produced within a reasonable amount of time. Clients do not have to be taken away from their business’ primary duties.

All of these benefits – and more – reveal why hiring a service to create a Wiki page is a good idea. And remember, the produced page will be indexed by the search engines contributing further promotional value.

Why delay on having a Wiki page produced? The page can only help a business and do so in numerous ways.