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The New York Real Estate Market Downshifting

The NYC luxury real estate market is always changing and shifting. It is just part of the nature of the beat. This is no different in New York than anywhere else. However, the city does often have varying degrees of real estate changes. Town Residential, an upscale real estate company is often working with individuals in order to help them understand the market better. The more a market is understood, the better both buyers and sellers are able to deal with it. That is why the company continually points out what buyers and sellers should do and what the changing real estate market is going to do for them.


One change in the market is that there basically isn’t a change coming up. For years, the real estate market has shifted up and down continually. This means it has been difficult to forecast exactly how it is going to change for buyers or sellers. Now though, as these continual shifts have stopped, it is possible to figure out exactly how to recommend particular actions for both buyers and sellers.


With buyers of real estate, it is possible to shop around. While there is always the risk of missing out on a piece of property because of someone else moving in on the real estate and buying it out, a buyer doesn’t need to move quickly out of fear of the property increasing in value and price. The same is true with sellers. Sellers do not need to move the property quickly and just accept any bid out of fear of the property dropping in value in the coming months as well. All of this should help both buyers and sellers find the right property/buyer without having to worry about making a poor deal or being forced to make a deal.


The only real aspect buyers need to consider that might shift the cost of real estate is an increase in mortgage loan percentages. This percentage might increase a small amount over the course of the year, which means it can have an impact on the bottom line of the mortgage loan.



Human Rights Activist Yeonmi Park Facing Criticism For Her New Book

Yeonmi Park is a human rights activist. She is famous for bringing attention to the dire situations of the people who are residing within the confines of the state of North Korea. Park is also a voice for the thousands of North Korean defectors, escapees who through sheer luck or determination have managed to escape the world’s most oppressive country and make it out alive to freedom.

Park’s autobiography called In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom recounts Yeonmi’s life in North Korea. It describes the daily struggles for food a-midst a famine, the brainwashing of children to believing that their supreme leader is a god, and the propaganda aimed at vilifying the west and glorifying the regime of North Korea as all mighty and infallible. Yeonmi Park’s biography is truly an inside look of the life and mind of a North Korean citizen.

Surprisingly, there are even some good times in North Korea describes Yeonmi Kim. She even came to see some Western movies such as the Titanic, although this was all done through the black market. If anybody was caught with Western movies or books there could be swift and harsh reprimands. That is how brutal and oppressive the regime in North Korea is.

Yeonmi describes on The Reason that before she escaped North Korea she had no meaning of the concept of individual freedom. It just does not exist in North Korea where the government controls your life from birth to death. After escaping from North Korea in 2007, hiding out in China for years and managing to make it safety in South Korea through Mongolia Park has felt compelled to share her story through her autobiography.

Her book has come under attack from the North Korean government, who claim that she is an undercover agent for United States. This is a ludicrous attempt to discredit Park’s descriptions of North Korea and the dire situations there. Non-North Korean critics have pointed out errors and inaccuracies in her book. Yeonmi Park has said on taht errors were due to a poor grip of the English language, and the inability to share events at the time of writing the book due to feelings of shame and fear. has more info, on Park’s book and the critics’ remarks about her autobiography.


Hedge Fund Manager Creates Autism Charity

Solo Capital founder, Sanjay Shah, has set up a GoFundMe campaign as an additional way to raise money for his charity called Autism Rocks. The campaign aims to raise 6,610 British Pounds which is roughly equivalent to about $9,500 US dollars. All of the money that Sanjay Shah raises through this GoFundMe campaign will be given to the the Autism Research Trust, which helps fund autism research at Cambridge University in London.

Mr. Shah was motivated to create his very own charity, Autism Rocks due to a highly personal experience with the disease. His youngest son had been diagnosed with the disease and it shocked Sanjay that there wasn’t all that much he could do. Autism is a disease that cannot be cured, it can only be managed. When Shah saw that his youngest child had to receive special attention and treatment that wasn’t available to other kids, he was moved. He wanted to contribute to the cause of autism research, and through a series of unexpected events Shah managed to create his very own charity that has raised enough money to fund over 15 long term research projects at Cambridge University dealing with autism. He also donated to the Autism Center in Dubai, where his family was residing so that other children could receive the care and attention that his youngest son Nikhil could afford.

Before starting up his own hedge fund firm, Solo Capital, Mr. Shah worked for financial companies such as Morgan Stanley and Lehman bros. The diagnosis of his son with Autism, combined with a personal visit by legendary rap artist Snoop Dogg gave Sanjay Shah the idea to start Autism Rocks. Shah had always had a strong passion for the music and arts. He helped to organize concerts during his college days. He managed to convince Snoop Dogg to perform at a private concert in order to raise money for autism research.

Since launching Autism Rocks, Sanjay Shah has helped raise lots of money that is being used for autism research to understand the causes and management techniques available for autistic children. Mr. Shah continues to attract famous musicians such as Lenny Kravitz to perform at his concerts to raise awareness and funding for autism research at Cambridge University.

Nosebleed and Your Health


You start the day ready to go and the dreaded nose bleed occurs out of nowhere. You ask yourself why? There are several reasons why you might experience a nosebleed.

Dr. Sergio Cortes says there are several health issues in your life can trigger a nosebleed. Health issues can lower your body’s ability to properly clot the blood which can cause a nosebleed. Also a rapid increase in the pressure of your blood can sometimes contribute to a nosebleed happening. Rapid blood pressure in the body that is followed by a severe headache, difficulty with breathing, and nervousness can contribute to a nosebleed. Constant allergies, colds, or habit of consistently blowing your nose can gradually irritate the lining in the nose. Constant irritation of the lining of your nose can be associated with a nosebleed.

Dry air can contribute to a nosebleed. Dryness can cause the lining of your nose to get irritated and eventually bleed and/or crack. Blood-thinning medication can also contribute to a nosebleed occurring. Also accidental picking of the blood vessels in the nose area can cause a nosebleed to form.

Sometimes nosebleeds can be treated properly at home. Other times it is important to seek medical attention when having a severe nosebleed. More than one nosebleed occurring each week is a great indication that it would be best to talk to your doctor. For more information regarding a nosebleed and your health follow link.

Youtube Star Wengie Shares Her Beauty Tips With Women All Over The World

The creation of the online media channel YouTube and its subsequent growth in popularity has lead to a new phenomena on the web. This new phenomena is called YouTube sensations and it is unique in that it is entirely born online. YouTube lets pretty much anybody with access to the internet, a video camera, microphone or video editing programs develop and create videos and share them on the web.

The explosive growth of YouTube and the ever growing presence of the internet has propelled some people to fame and even fortune. You can find hundreds of people that have garnered millions of views of their videos through YouTube. These people have becoming, realizing it or not YouTube Sensations or stars on the internet to put it another way.

Sensations can vary greatly. Some may perform comedy routines, pranks or outrageous stunts. Other sensations can became famous after a video showing their singing, dancing or gymnastic skills become popular. Other sensations bring attention to pressing issues such as human rights or the the right to an education for women in third world countries. One thing that is clear about YouTube Sensations, is that the phenomena is here to stay as long as YouTube remains a popular avenue and the internet continues to grow.

Wengie is an example of a YouTube Sensation that has been born trying to bring attention to an important issue. Wengie, or Wendy Huang is a native Australian of Chinese descent with a great interest in Women’s makeup and cosmetics. Wengie got into makeup, fashion and cosmetics at an early age. Being Asian, she was curious of what Asian specific makeup products there was available. The world of makeup, fashion and cosmetics is seemed to her was geared towards Caucasian audiences.

In 2010, Wengie launched her own personal blog that dealt with fashion, beauty and cosmetics with an Asian focus. Her blog garnered much attention and companies routinely ask Wengie to discuss new products in her blog. A few years later Wendy created her very own YouTube Channel that showed viewers makeup, beauty and fashion ideas, with an Asian focus. Wendy’s Channel has become one of the most popular beauty channels in all of Australia and has amassed over 29 million views. Wengie’s fans now include people of all kinds of races and backgrounds, not just Asians.

Pet Stores Making Room for New Trends in Dog Food

Twenty years ago, pet owners had limited choices in dog food selection. That seems to be changing quite drastically and quite rapidly – and grocery and pet stores will need to add more shelves to support this growing tidal wave of high quality, gourmet pet food selections that are entering the marketplace. Not only is the trend towards higher quality standards, such as, fresh ingredients and less preservatives, pet owners are seeking to feed their dogs more human-like menu choices. Add to that the blossoming trend toward organic, gluten free, low calorie and high-density nutrition super foods sweeping the country, maybe it was only a matter of time before pet owners were willing to part with hard earned bucks to supply the same for their pets.

One popular trend is to feed your dog what its wolf ancestors would have eaten hundreds of years ago; commonly termed the Paleo Diet and would feature raw chicken or beef with vegetables like kale, sweet potatoes and spinach. Even big name companies like Purina, with it’s recent purchase of Merrick Pet Care, the first manufacturer of certified organic, wet and dry dog food, will be in a position to capitalize on this trend. Merrick already has a BackCountry dog food line featuring recipes such as Pacific Catch and Game Bird. To extend on those wildlife recipes would put Purina in good stead with this sector of pet owners.

Beneful has been leading the gourmet recipe trend with its line of Old World style recipes, which include Romana Style, Mediterranean Style and Tuscan Style Medleys. Each of these recipes feature either lamb, beef or chicken with ample portions of Paleo type vegetables, such as tomatoes, spinach, carrots, brown rice. Available in cans with a rich sauce making them perfect for mixing with the Beneful Original dry kibble. In this way, especially for bigger dogs with larger appetites, owners can create delicious meals without spending excessively. As dog food selections such as those offered by Purina Beneful continue to serve up quality, tasteful and healthy recipes, it seems as if owners are willing to splurge on their furry friends.



Darius Fisher Is One Of The Top Innovators Of 2015

Darius Fisher, the entrepreneur who co-founded Status Labs in 2015 has been heralded as one of the leading innovators in the technology sector. Fisher’s company deals primarily with online reputation management. They also perform public relations campaign, crisis management and online marketing. Fisher’s most innovative service is the fact that his company can literally change the search engine results about a company or person on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

So how does Darius Fisher and his company change the search engine results about a person? It may seem like magic, but its not. It is actually a combination or press releases, creation of blogs, personal websites and fact checking review sites. Status Labs engineers also use algorithms and formulas which are used by Google and Yahoo to tweak the search engine results in favor or a person or company. Gone are the days when a media scandal or smear campaign ruined a person’s or company’s reputation.

Darius Fisher believes that people should be given a second chance and his company offers that to high profile people, who are especially vulnerable to negative publicity, smear campaigns and scandals.

Before starting Status Labs, the entrepreneur and tech innovator worked as a consultant in the political world, where he saw firsthand what smear campaigns can do to individuals and corporations. He also worked as a copy writer where he realized the importance of transferring the facts from one medium to another. Distortions of the facts and truth often occur in the media and social media and and this has been a major driving reason why Darius Fisher created Status Labs several years ago.

Mr. Fisher has become a highly respected figure when it comes to online reputation management. He has been featured at several prominent technology conferences as a leading speaker. Darius Fisher’s goals right now are to continue to expand his firm’s operations and work diligently to protect his clients’ reputation.