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New Information About Slyce Just Released

Technology Upgrades From Slyce

One of main reasons why a tech company like Slyce keeps investors interested, keeps retailers happy with their relationship with the company and keeps consumers happy with the performance of the application is the technological upgrades that developers keep coming up with. The newest upgrades to Slyce’s platform make the application easier to use, more fun to experience and help the application perform searches better. Slyce’s platform is designed to help consumers find the products that they are asking for without going through traditional means of online shopping. Consumers are able to quickly find what they want by snapping a picture of the object that they are purchasing.

One of the newest upgrades to Slyce allows consumers to not only take a picture of the object, but the consumer can use their device to take a picture of a picture or of a barcode. This means that a consumer can conduct their online shopping search by capturing a picture of a print ad, for instance, or they can use a picture of something they find online to search on the web through Slyce’s portal. This new feature is called Universal Scanner, and Slyce brought it to light on their platform in October of 2015.

Other Changes At Slyce

The Yahoo Finance article that contains a lot of the upgrades on image recognition that happened with Slyce in the last year also sheds some light on new relationships with retailers. The company has signed a contract with Urban Outfitters to offer their products through Slyce’s platform. Users can now search for Urban Outfitters products by snapping pictures of what they see in front of them. The company has also built strong ties with Neiman Marcus, a company that has launched a similar shopping experience for its consumers. Neiman Marcus’ search recognition platform is now run entirely through Slyce’s platform.

What is the Future of Real Estate Investment with iFunding?

Twitter followers indicate the neat thing about iFunding is that it allows those with limited capital to invest in greater scale projects that would otherwise not have been possible. Usually users can invest a minimum of $5000 up to $10 000 or more on a single project. iFunding determines the minimum amount for each project depending on their research. Once a project has reached its maximum number of subscribers the project is closed and any other investors that would like to invest cannot do so. This is on a first come first serve basis to allow for fair opportunity for all investors. The performance of the investment will be monitored very closely by iFunding and this information is relayed to the investor either through email notifications or visible through the account dashboard which can be accessed anytime of the day. If however the customer would rather like to be contacted via phone this is also a possibility. In this way any further questions regarding to the project investment can be made directly to the professional staff on hand at the iFunding headquarters. The terms that iFunding offers are very simple and straight forward. iFunding only collects a listing fee and a administration fee from the sponsor once all funds for the project have been raised. Once this is done iFunding will close the asset and begin wiring the funds to the sponsor. If the deal however exceeds an entire year then iFunding will charge an additional asset management fee. If the term is less than a year then the asset management fee does not apply and is waived. In fact all terms are completely negotiable as well as being competitive within the real estate market.

iFunding provides the following financing, preferred equity, senior debt as well as mezzanine debt. All deals are structured under an LLC structure. iFunding will manage the main LLC and all projects are held within a sub LLC structure.

William Skelley who founded the iFunding platform has had experience within the real estate investment as well as fundraising in the past and is the reason that iFunding has had such success in the market place. indicates iFunding has really been on the rise too.

William Skelley due to his diverse background is often asked to speak at public events to share on his wisdom and knowledge about crowdfunding and real estate finance which is his forte.  William runs the iFunding Twitter as well, which posts updates about the service and their offerings.

New York City Real Estate Market Unsafe At Any Speed

New York is a tough place for real estate companies, whether established companies or newer upstarts. Real Estate Weekly reports on the difficulty real estate agencies have when operating in New York. RE/MAX is one of the more established companies seeking a triumphant return to business in New York.

Founder Dave Lininger started the company in the 1970s, and he sold master franchises, which operated regional offices. The Master Franchise for the state of New York has been purchased back by RE/MAX, and now, Lininger is sending in a specialist team to New York to expand the operation. He feels that it is a matter of branding and generational differences. Lininger feels that RE/MAX will be successful in New York if given a solid push, and he intends to open a few more offices in Manhattan.

In recent years, it has been the newer upstarts that have done well in New York, Keller Williams New York, Rutenberg Realty, BOND New York, and TOWN Residential. The more experienced agents at these firms have great knowledge of the neighborhoods. They do an excessive amount of research, and they have numerous other connections to spread the word on available properties. It is a people business. For their services, some of them receive more commission share for sales. Newbie agents have the chips stacked against them, no matter how hard they work.

Although commission work has its mysteries, agents live on their commissions. Some companies pay agents for sales on a 50/50 basis, gathering a small fortune into the company to pay for overhead costs, and other agencies pay agents a much more solid cut, 70 – 100 percent. This is the profit sharing model. Then the companies charge the agents a fee for office space and advertising fees.

TOWN Residential has been in business for five years. They deal in the luxury residential sales and leasing. They also market, sell, and lease high-end property developments for commercial or retail use. Their listings are in every neighborhood of New York, from SoHo, Gramercy Park, Tribeca, and Manhattan to Flatiron, Midtown, and Battery Park.

Live Mint Writes About Visual Search, Plus Learn About Slyce

New Ways To Identify Consumer Shopping Habits With Technology

Back in the old days before all the advances in technology, retailer would have to conduct surveys of their consumers to get an idea of what people want to buy at their locations. They would also have test groups and panels set up. Promotional marketing has always been a big deal, and similar measures have been taken in the past to gauge where consumer interests fall. However, when technology started to make changes and tech companies erupted all over the planet, the retail side of shopping changed as well.

The biggest development in the retail industry has been the invention and utilization of the Internet for online shopping purposes. People can readily accessible the inventories and catalogues of mostly any store that exists in order to make purchases of any product that they would like to have. The retail industry has adapted to make room for their consumers making purchases on the Internet, and as a result of this, their profits have grew significantly. More and more retailers every day are making improvements to their online market in order to offer exclusive products to consumers. Consumers benefit from the interaction as well. However, predicting the possible shopping habits of consumers has been a tricky job.

Solutions For Predicting Shopping Habits

Understanding what the shopping habits are of consumers is a major asset to any retailer. Slyce is a visual search company that might just have the right formula to predict these habits. They are and have been compiling large catalogues of data based on the buying habits of their customers. Their customers are generally consumers that like online shopping more than going to stores, and these consumers are usually people who are fed up with online shopping recommendations. Slyce’s platform offers some of the best, most accurate recommendations to consumers.

When consumers get better recommendations, like the one Slyce is sending to them, they are more likely to purchase their products online. This increases the retailer’s profit. It also makes the retailer more relevant in the consumer’s life. Slyce is bringing consumers back to a state of loyalty to the retailers which provide their products. Slyce also offers a variety of special promotions to consumers that use their apps.