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Protests in Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro out

Most of the citizens in Venezuela don’t want Nicolas Maduro as president for their country anymore, which has been proven when they voted for the opposition in congressional elections in December. However, the state institutions didn’t let the opposition pass legislation by blocking the congress and this week Maduro said that the congress has already lost its legitimacy.
The result came from the streets of Caracas as reported by Danilo Diaz Granados, where the opposition moved and citizens demanding to recall the referendum. In recent weeks larger protests are happening more and more often, wanting Nicolas Maduro out.

Recently, there were at least three protests added Diaz Granados, where protesters were trying to reach the headquarters of the electoral body. However, police stopped them by throwing tear gas into the crowds.

Nicolas Maduro declared a state of emergency and gave himself a 60- day of decree power, and as for an explanation he mentioned that it was needed to guard against US meddling. The opposition, however, rejected that. Maduro then was accused for working with the US against him.

The Venezuelan opposition handed about 1.8 million signatures in order to recall a referendum against the president Nicolas Maduro. The right- wing of opposition had 30 days to collect signatures in 23 states nationwide.

The opposition leader, Henrique Castilles demands that Maduro leaves the office, and mentioned that thousands of signatures proved that the citizens of Venezuela don’t want this socialist president as their leader anymore.



Organo Gold – Healthful Beverages That Enhance Health with Ganoderma

The introduction to Ganoderma throughout the world is the work of one person, Bernardo Chua, founder of Organo Gold. Bernardo Chua started the growth of this company with the assistance of a handful of employees. The staff diligently worked to produce this specific blend of beverage containing the Ancient Herb Ganoderma, marketed and distributed to one country at a time. Organo Gold is now sold in over 48 countries worldwide.

Chua has spent years researching the advantages of this ancient herb used by the Chinese for over centuries to enhance and cure various illnesses. Chua wanted to share this healthy remedy with the world giving millions of people the advantage of drinking their favorite beverage with a healthful herb added as an enhancement to their well-being.

From his Facebook it’s clear Bernardo Chua has spent the last ten years successfully ensuring every person would have the opportunity to purchase their favorite beverage with the health enhancing Ancient Chinese Herb Ganoderma added.

This herb grows in the form of a mushroom on the trunks of trees and logs in the tropical areas of Asia. The mushrooms picked at the perfect stage of their growth, naturally dried and when ready ground to a fine powder.

Chua, over the last ten years, has introduced these products to the world, one country at a time. Distributorships have been established, and coffee houses, restaurants, and individuals are enjoying Organo Gold throughout the world. The distribution staff has grown with the overwhelming acceptance of populations of people who have helped to increase the popularity of the many beverages offered by Organo Gold.

Blends of coffee receiving such high acceptance are Black Coffee, King of Coffee, Café Latte, Café Mocha, Café Supreme. The specialty teas include Green Tea, Red Tea and Black Ice. Organo Gold share nutritional body products used for bath and spa benefits. Most recently, African Red Sweet Tea blend has been added to the brewing cup products.

Month after month, Organo Gold wins the hearts of more people around the world who also enjoy the benefits from with the added Ganoderma Ancient Herb.

How Social Media Can Make Or Break A Business


What exactly is online reputation management? Well, it is a method of managing social media and websites that feature your business, by paying attention to what is being said about them. In today’s society, social media has completely take over and many of us rely on the experiences of others before we try new businesses or products. Keeping up with the feedback is crucial to the success of the company because negative feedback could make or break the name.

In a recent article, it discussed the main reasons why online reputation management is crucial for keeping a positive name. What people leave as feedback on pages spreads like wildfire, especially on sites like Facebook. Most of the customers a company will acquire are through the suggestions of other people, but when you have a negative comment, people are likely to turn the other way. If you have experienced a bad review, it gives competitors the opportunity to take your customers away. You will have little to no time to bounce back from a bad review, thus leaving you in a tough predicament. With no control over what can and cannot be said about your business, you are left with very few options on how to get your good name back.

Luckily, there is one great option available to you. There is a website called The Search Fixers. They can fix my online reputation. At a reasonable rate, they will go in and fix any negative feedback or comments associated with your business. You will be able to regain your reputation back, and when people search you on Google, the negativity will no longer be available to the public. This is the perfect alternative for a business struggling with that one or those few customers who are angry. Once they’ve taken care of the problem, you will be able to focus on the future of your business.

Online reputation management is a key part of owning a business. People rely so much on social media and the feedback of others before they are willing to try a new product or service. You must pay attention to how the world is viewing you as a company. But, if problems surface, you at least have The Search Fixers to help you out of your bind.

Do you need internet reputation repair?

When it comes to the way that your business looks online, this can be a whole lot more important than you might think. After all, the vast majority of people will do searches for your business online before even going to its location, so you need to have a good following and reputation online in order to bring in the crowd that you desire. Unfortunately, a lot of people who own businesses simply do not have the time or skills to build this online reputation for themselves and so they may forget about it and suffer because of this.

One of the easiest ways to build an online reputation is to use a company like The Search Fixers. This company can easily build the reputation for you on the Internet, ensuring that you get the clientele that you always dreamed that you could get. You will find that working with The Search Fixers is easy, quick and highly inexpensive for your business budget. After all, you can contact them to see what they are able to do for you and then figure out what type of management you need to make your dreams a reality. This is one of the easiest ways for you to feel confident in yourself and your company.

What The Search Fixers can do is fix bad online reputation. For example, you can have The Search Fixers build your social media accounts and manage them for you, further saving you time and money because this is something that you are not going to have to do on your own. You will also want to think about seeing what other things they can do, such as search engine optimization and a variety of other things to help you out.

When it comes to your online business or local company, the Internet is a huge part of who you are and where people may see you for the very first time. Because of this, it is absolutely essential that you look into hiring experts who can do this work for you and save you the time that it would otherwise take for you to do this on your own. There is nothing better than a business that grows and is benefiting from all of the online work you’ve done.

Is Beneful dog food healthy for your dog?

Beneful is among the top selling brands of dog food on Wal-Mart. Despite its popularity, pet food critics, twitter bloggers, and pet lovers have criticized the brand. The issues against the dog food brand were raised in class action lawsuit against the manufacturer, Nestle Purina Petcare. The lawsuit was filed in early 2015. The major issues in the suit concern the ingredients used including propylene glycol and colorful dyes. FDA approved propylene glycol as an ingredient fit for humans and gods. Critics also raised concerns about mycotoxins in Beneful. Minimal mycotoxins are not harmful to pets. The defendant, Nestle Purina Petcare argues that the class action lawyers have no evidence or report from veterinarian to support their claims.

One Huffington Post reporter, Carlotta Cooper, interviewed the Vice President of Purina’s research unit, Dr. Janet Jackson and the Marketing Vice President, Ms. Plassmeyer. In her post, the reporter indicates that both officials agree that Purina has reformulated its Beneful food brand. Purina has introduced new recipes for its eight formulas of Beneful dry dog food. The manufacturer will include meat as the main ingredient in the seven formulas. Real salmon will be used in the Originals with Salmon formula. Purina has removed added sugar from its list of ingredients and replaced propylene glycol with natural glycerine. The company has also reduced the amount of dyes used in Beneful.

Dr. Jackson indicated that the 23-28% crude protein in Beneful dry dog foods would remain. The crude fat will increase by 1-2% in half of the formulas. Purina tested the new formulas on volunteer dogs, and none of them was harmed. However, AFFCO has not approved the new formulas. Purina has had one recall of their products. The company recalled 10-oz wet dog food produced in one facility in March 2016. Purina is committed to quality control and conducts about 30,000 quality checks on its products. The changes in Beneful address the issues in the lawsuit. However, some people will continue to criticize the brand. The changes show that the manufacturer values feedback from customers and the health of their dogs. Purina has proved that Beneful is healthy, nutritious, balanced and safe for dogs. Visit for more information.







Stephem P. Murray: Husband, Father, Philanthropist, And Private Equity Investor

Stephen Murray spent more than half of his life working in the financial services industry. Beginning in 1984 when he became involved with the analyst training program with the Manufacturers Hanover Corporation until his death in 2015 when he was president and CEO of CCMP Financial, Murray had been involved in private equity investment. He also spent a great deal of time helping charitable organizations like the Make -A-Wish Foundation, the Lower Marion County Food Bank, and many others.

Stephen Murray also shared his experience and expertise by sitting of the board of many major businesses along way including that of his alma mater Boston College. A 1984 graduate of Boston College with a bachelors degree in Economics, Stephen Murray took a position with Manufacturers Hanover Corporation immediately after graduation (

When he completed his masters degree in business administration from Columbia School of Business in 1989, Manufacturers Hanover offered Murray a position in its private equity division.

Murray remained with the company when they were acquired and merged with first Chemical Bank then Chase Manhattan Bank and finally J.P. Morgan & Co. in 2000. At that point the company was known as JPMorgan Chase and the private equity division was called JP Morgan Partners.

When JPMorgan Chase acquired Bank One in 2004, it was decided that the private equity division would become an independent company. When JP Morgan Partners was spun off in 2006 it became the independent company CCMP and Stephen Murray was made president and CEO. While he was at the helm of CCMP, the company spun off Panorama Capital, Unitas Capital, and Linzor Capital. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP:

Those were the divisions of CCMP that were involved in Information Technology, Life Sciences, and handling investments in Asia and South America. Spinning off those companies helped to make CCMP lean, mean, and extremely profitable. Stephen Murray has dedicated over 30 years to private equity transactions for the company.

He’s also known as a dedicated philanthropist. Plus he’s always been willing to work with the board of several corporations to help them to succeed. Some of the major companies whose boards he has sat on include Legacy Hospital Partners, Generac Power Systems, Aramark, AMC Entertainment, Cabela’s, The Vitamin Shoppe, Warner Chilcott, and Pinnacle Foods. But the most important people in his life is his family. This includes his wife Tami and his four sons. Sadly Stephen Murray died in March 2015 at age 52.

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