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Going To A Good Lake Tahoe Resort

Going to a good Lake Tahoe resort is something that people need to try when they want to have a better skiing vacation. These vacations are a lot of fun because they provide the traveler with fun in the snow, and they can make their way to places like Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley to have fun. Andy Wirth owns both of those locations, and Andy Wirth is trying to make ti a more fun experience for everyone. The skiing experience in the area is nice because it is right by Lake Tahoe at

This is a great place to go because the skiing up in the valley is nice in the ski season, but there are still a lot of other things that people can do when they are traveling there. The people that love to ski are going to enjoy the big mountains in the area that all have their own ski culture, and the hotels like Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley are nice places to sit inside instead of just being on the slopes.

There are dining and shopping options in each hotel, and people can sit by the fire in the lobby to read a good book if that is what they want to do. Everyone can have their own kind of experience in the hotel, and then they can decide what they want to do when they make their way out into the snow. There are hiking trails in the area, and there are good places to eat and shop in the valley.

A skiing vacation in Lake Tahoe is one that a lot of people will forget about because they do not remember that it is there. The mountains and valleys of California offer a nice trip that anyone will like, and everyone who is really sold on skiing needs to go at least once. The best part of this for all travelers is that they can try something new on every trip. Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley are great places to go that sit on the sides of the same mountain, and they are a haven in the snow for the skier.

Classdojo Collaborates with PERTS to Help Change Students’ Attitude Towards Learning

The news about a compelling research that will help students change their discernment of themselves as learners has gotten many teachers excited. Carol Dweck, a Stanford psychology professor, found out that when kids are told that their brains are flexible and can be able develop their abilities helps them to embrace learning. The research gives teachers the type of environment that they have always wanted in class. The struggles that teachers have always had in the past to weave the right mindset through teaching will now be cracked.


Ed-tech the company that owns ClassDojo will team up with Stanford Project for Education Research That Scales (PERTS) center, to help create five animated videos. These videos will contribute to growing the mindset of students and will use ClassDojo characters that are well known by students.


When ClassDojo was created it begun as a behavior management tool that enabled the teachers to shape a positive behavior in students by awarding them points. Today ClassDojo has grown to become a communication platform that teacher now use to share videos, photos and text of students’ class activities with parents. Presently ClassDojo is used by teachers in more than half of all US schools and 180 other countries worldwide.


Dave Paunesku who is the executive director of PERTS expressed his excitement working with ClassDojo due to its ability to access many teachers around the world. The study that will be connected will not be restricted to videos only, but will also study and see what the teachers are doing on a daily basis. Working together with the teachers will help the collaborating team understand what strategies that teachers use work and those that are not functioning.


ClassDojo already can gather information through videos, photos and messages. These materials will be utilized by PERTS understand better how to grow students’ mindset.


The videos that will be made for the students will be released by ClassDojo for a period of five weeks and will be free. The videos will be in released in sequence, and the topics will to be tought will include; week 1 video: A secret about the brain week 2 video: The magic of mistakes, week 3 video: The power of “yet”, week 4 video: The mysterious world of neurons, week 5 video: Little by little. All these videos will be based on real evidence research.


The new strategies will see ClassDojo give teachers a way to ensure that their ideas work in their classes.


Learn more about CLassDOjo:


I Had To Call My Baby In Jail

I had to call my baby in jail because he was going away for over two years, and I am a frail old woman who was not going to make it out there. I needed something to help me call from the nursing home, and I got a nurse to help me with Securus. She was nice enough to put Securus on her own phone, and she would leave the phone with me for a while so I could talk to my baby. It was the only way for me to keep in touch with him, and I even got some help using the video camera on the phone.

Seeing my baby on the screen was a really good feeling, and we got to talk just like the old days for as long I wanted. I know that I sound like a silly old woman for needing to call my baby in the jail, but this is the only way I will see his for over two years. He cannot get out any faster, and the only way for him to see me is on the video camera. The nice nurse brings me her phone once a week, and I just press a couple buttons to get started.

There are a lot of people out there who are hurting like I am because my baby is in jail, but at least I can talk to him until he gets out. I had to have something that was going to put me at ease because I am not myself right now. I have Securus to thank for giving me something that was helpful in what has been the worst time of my whole life, and I think that I can sleep easy at night knowing that I can call the nice nurse to help with Securus again.

Securus Video Visitation – Everyday from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.