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Adam Milstein; Like Father ,Like Son

Adam Milstein is a man who has followed the footsteps of his dad. Just like his dad, Adam has fought in the war to represent his country in its time of need. He is also a real estate agent just like his dad. He enlisted in the Israeli Defense Forces in the year 197 and fought in the Yom Kippur War of 1973. He began his career in the real estate business at a relatively smaller position as he was working as a sales agent.

Form this position; he managed to rise over the years, and he currently serves as the managing partner at Hager Pacific Properties. This is a real estate company that specializes in buying, developing and selling properties all over the world. His position at his company includes disposition and managing the finances of this firm. He is also responsible for accounting.

Adam Milstein is also a learned Man. He holds a bachelor’s degree from the Technion College. While at Technion College, Milstein specialized in economics and business. For his MBA program, Adam Milstein attended the University of Southern California back in the year 1983. Adam is married to Gila Elgraby. They have been together since 1974, and together they have accomplished a lot. In 2001, the two founded an organization called the Adam and Gila Foundation. This foundation is geared towards strengthening the Jewish culture of the Jews living in the United States of America.

Adam Milstein is the co-founder and chairman of an organization called the Israeli-American Council. Other than this foundation, Adam has been active in other Jewish organization boards such as American Israel Public Affairs Committee, Birthright Israel as well as Israel on Campus Coalition.

For his role and contribution in these movements, Adam Milstein was named as one of the most influential Jews alongside famous people like Haim Saban and Sheldon Adelson as well as Benjamin Netanyahu, the current Prime Minister of the State of Israel. Adam Milstein Live in California at a place called Encino with his wife and his three daughters. Adam Milstein is known for funding of various students organizations that stand up for student’s rights.

Talk Fusion Bringing Communication to the World

PRNewswire announced in August that Talk Fusion and the company’s revolutionary video chat system was presented with the 2016 Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award given by the Technology Marketing Corporation. The award showcases and honors products and services that have been introduced in the previous twelve months which have had a positive impact on society by making improvements in the area of communications.

The Talk Fusion Video Chat application allows users to communicate with anyone, anywhere, on any electronic device whether it is a smartphone, desktop computer, laptop, or tablet. The Video Chat app is available for purchase through iTunes and at Google Play Stores.

Founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina, expressed gratitude for the award and said that his designers at Talk Fusion would continue to improve the existing product and would make more and better products available in the very near future.


Talk Fusion was established in 2007 by Founder and CEO, Bob Reina. After achieving initial success the company has taken a strong stand in supporting charities that work to help and enhance families, communities, and animal charities wherever the company is doing business across the world.


The advances being made in Information Technology (IT) and social communications is revolutionary. IT is making the world that global village that was forecast decades earlier by a forward thinking Canadian, Marshall McLuhan.

Unfortunately, language and economic barriers often impede the easy transfer of knowledge and understanding needed between cultures in an attempt to secure global peace, but communication applications like Talk Fusion and the company’s sales agents can have a huge impact and make a significant positive impact on everyone’s future.

The Importance Of Treating Employees Well

For people that run businesses where they have employees, it is important to treat them well. After all, businessmen need the employees they have so that they can focus on some of the other types of work that they have to do for the business. For one thing, times are changing a lot. Therefore, it is more important than ever that employees are treated better. This is no longer the days where scared employees have to be subject to the raging tyrannical boss who is shouting out threats of job losses. It is better to be more calm and exercise self control.


Josh Verne states that one of the ways to treat employees with more regard is to listen to them. For one thing, employees can be equals. They just hold different positions. When they have solutions, then it is a good ideal to listen to them. For bosses that want to feel big and in control, it is actually a much greater feeling to be able to come to a solution for others. One of the best things to do for some bosses is to swallow their pride and understand that some people have ideas that work well for their businesses.


One thing that Josh Verne believes is that it takes respect to get respect. If one shows respect to others, then he is more likely to get respect back. At the same time, he is to be respectable. For one thing, Josh Verne is so successful because he focuses on being a leader. For one thing, he leads by example and is willing to train others to follow in the ways that he himself goes.


Josh Verne is also willing to help people achieve their own success by giving them tips on what they can do to make sure that their business is a success. There are a lot of techniques that people can learn as well as tools that could be used to take the marketing to the next level. He has a lot of advice for people who are running different businesses and using different models.

Waiakea Water Talks Responsible Water Management And Charitable Donations

Water, an unlimited resource for many, has become a beverage we take for granted, however many developing countries have limited access. To meet this growing need, Waiakea water has taken on the challenge of helping populations have access to drinking water. In particular, clean drinking water is not self-evident in many regions of the country and water-borne diseases such as cholera and diarrhea are widespread.

According to UNICEF, every day, about 3,000 children, 1.1 million per year, die from diarrhea due to the poor hygienic conditions. Organic Authority has it that Waiakea is working withPumpaidto and has been donating bottled water to improve sustainable development.

Basic Human Needs Are A Challenge

Water is one of the most basic human needs and the degradation of water quality, resulting from a wide range of economic activities, reduces the amount of fresh water available. This one beverage is required for health, agriculture, and energy, and is crucial to sustainable economic development.  Learn more about Waiakea water:

Two and a half billion people live without reliable sanitation and nearly 768 million people without drinking water, resulting in thousands of deaths daily. Many studies indicate that the difficulties will be exacerbated under the effect of climate change. Experts estimate that by 2025, 43-50% of the world population will live in countries where water is scarcer, and the poorest countries remain less prepared for this upcoming crisis, and will be the most affected.

In developing countries, water resource is in competition, and therefore affects both the quantity and quality. The allocation of this scarce resource becomes worse each year because populations continue to increase. This leads to exacerbated pressures and restrains the development of countries. Waiakea water founder, Ryan Emmons understood he was in a unique position to help communities cope with limited water supplies and thoughfully used Waiakea springs for donation.

Responsible Water Management

The increasing pollution and scarcity of water already represents a real threat to life for many people. In the last decade, water consumption has risen greatly and with a growing population, the need for water will increase.

For Waiakea water, responsible water management is a vital issue on the path to becoming more environmentally friendly. The company has reviewed their production standards, and put in place solutions to remain environmentally responsible, like using low-emission carriers to ship their product.

Pure water is scarce, and Waiakea sees great possibilities for taking part in resourcing the less fortunate with water, and continually working to introduce more sustainable water standards.

Every Woman Should Learn To Use Bright Eyeshadows From Lime Crime


Every woman should try using the bright eyeshadows from Lime Crime, and they will find out that the company has colors that no one else has. The idea here to help a woman make sure that she can get colors that will match from head to toe. She can pick something that she would not have worn with any other company, and she can get products that come in shiny and matte styles. The idea is to make sure that someone who wants to wear these colors can get them in the exact colors they want.

There are colors in the full line that a lot of people need to think about, and they should see if they can match up their colors just the way they have in the Lime Crime catalog. The catalog was made to help people, and it was designed to give them a real option for getting their colors onto their faces. Someone who is trying to make sure that they can get something that looks a little more outrageous can go with the brightest colors that are offered here. They can find an eyeshadow that will stack over something they are used to wearing, and they can pair their bright colors with something that is softer.

The brand also has the brushes that will help a woman get these colors on one lid. She wants to be able to make her lid look like it is a blend of colors, and the only way to do that is to make sure that she is using all the products that this company has put together for her. She can use these products without any trouble, and she can create art above her eyes. She has more options ever with the colors in the Lime Crime eyeshadows, any of which can be bought through Glambot.  But one of the best places to see the new looks for yourself is always going to be Instagram, and their all important Facebook feed.