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Making School Fun


When you go back to school, there are a few hacks that you should have on hand to make school supplies a little more fun. Boring highlighters can be transformed into a rainbow. Color the corners of a light highlighter with blue or pink, and you’ll see that there is a rainbow when you highlight on the paper instead of one color. You can also use two colors instead, adding a small amount of water on the paper to create a watercolor appearance.


Personalize your pencils and pens with washi tape in any design that you like. You can easily roll the tape onto the pencil with round utensils working the best. Buy ballpoint pens that you can decorate. Stir about one tablespoon of glue with a cup of water. Put the liquid glue into the clear part of the pen after removing the inkwell. Grab glitter, putting the glitter inside the pen tube before the glue dries. After the glue is dry, replace the ink and the top of the pen for a glittery pen.


Wengie suggests Attach a colorful feather to the top of a pen. You can paint and design plain feathers if you can’t find ones that are already colored. Measure the inkwell from a pen, gluing the component to the feather so that it feels like you’re writing with a quill. Make your staples colorful by highlighting them or painting them with nail polish. This will add a bit of pizzazz to your papers that are stapled together for class.

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Correctional Facilities Prevent and Prosecute Crime with Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies provides a suite of inmate communication and administration services to correctional facilities across North America. Rick Smith, CEO, recently published a sample of customer reviews and comments indicating that Securus has been responsible for preventing a variety of criminal activity and keeping facilities safer.


Smith reports that the company develops an average of one new product each week to assist criminal justice officials in the prevention and successful prosecution of crime. They recognize their role as partners in the justice field and constantly innovate on behalf of safety and security for correctional facilities, staff, and residents. Customers praise Securus’ revolutionary technology and credit it with improvements in security postures and overall public safety.


Securus has been highly successful in preventing or mitigating criminal activity in a variety of correctional facilities. Their call monitoring has provided facility management with information about the possession and distribution of dangerous contraband throughout the correctional system. In addition to call monitoring, their investigative tools, reporting data, and covert alert features have been credited with solving and prosecuting crime occurring in customer facilities.


It’s not surprising, then, that Securus has issued an open invitation to current and prospective customers and investors to reach out and explore the opportunities they can provide.



The Natural and Organic EOS Lip Balm is Steadily Rising to the Leader in the Industry

In the past decade, things have drastically changed in the lip balm industry, and it can all be attributed to the sensational new EOS Lip Balm ( that have hit the market. Chapstick, original, cherry or mint, has been the leading lip balm for many years, in fact, it was the only lip balm besides the cheap generic brands.

EOS Lip Balm is a unique lip balm that comes in over 15 different flavors, which makes it very intriguing for the oversaturated market and the millennials who have adopted the new EOS products. One of the defining differences of the EOS or Evolution of Smooth products is that they are not buying into the cylindrical containers that Chapstick is known for.

EOS has designed a pretty, sassy round container that allows the user to apply the balm from a pretty little container. EOS also adds a fragrance to match the flavor in their products, so as they are used an inviting fragrance enhances the user as well.

It was seven years ago that EOS Lip Balm began to occupy the shelves in Walgreens, Walmart, and Target. Celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Christina Aguilera, and Kim Kardashian began using the little balls of balm and were seen with them everywhere. Then the latest thing in lip balms hit the beauty magazines and the L.A. fashion world, and EOS became second only to Burt’s Bees Lip Balm.

EOS Lip Balm is organic, which is presently in high demand. Today, it sells over 1 million units a week, and management has strategic plans for the future. As the lip care market is expanding and growing at a steady pace, EOS market researchers project that by 2020 sales will exceed $2 billion, which is outstanding for the lip balm industry.


Fashion Trends: The Past, Present, and Future

Technology has revolutionized many different industries from communication to medicine. In retrospect, technology has improved the condition of the world today. With all these great improvements, no one would have imagined that technology would have a grip on the fashion industry. Fashion and technology have combined in perfect harmony and great products have been invented from that union.

Do you remember back in the 1980s, for one to listen to music, you had to possess as cassette decks. These decks had two sides one for playing the taped and the other one for recording. The Walkman was introduced in the 1990s, and it was a big relief for the music lovers. Currently, people are accustomed to the iPods which are fashionable and elegant at the same time.

The improvements have also been seen in the clothing and shoe industry. There has been the creation of an Airbag for cyclists that is designed to be worn on the neck. It may not be fashionable, but, it adds an extra layer of protection for you. The Airbag will protect your head from impact.

If you thought recycling was for plastics only, think again. Today, the fashion experts are recycling the inner tubes of the bicycles to design the T-shirts and jackets.

When it comes to shoes, Soledad Martini has developed a prototype for running shoes. The shoes will be designed with a kinetic energy that you can use to charge your phone while running.

The greatest improvements have been the glasses. In the past, the people wearing glasses were stigmatized, but, not anymore. After the introduction of the Google glasses, people have developed a liking for wearing glasses. Diane Von Furstenberg was one of the fashion designers who made use of these glasses. Her models wore them during a fashion show.

According to Christopher Burch, fashion and technology can function together in one accord. In the future, many great creations are expected to be launched, and one can only wait in anticipation.

About Christopher Burch

Christopher Burch is the founder and the Chief Executive Officer of the Burch Creative Capital. His Company supports the development of consumer products including apparel and home furnishing. The Company has also been involved with technology, hospitality, and retail industries.


Christopher has built a robust career in the last 40 years. He has used his imagination and creativity to steer the Company to greatness.


Josh Verne Success Tips

Becoming successful in the modern economic climate is not an easy task. The business industry has also become very competitive, and most people end up with massive losses when they venture into the industry.


Josh Verne is one of the individuals who have done well in their careers. At the moment, the businessman is based in the United States, and he has helped many business people to succeed in life and business. The successful businessman has been in the competitive field for more than two decades, and he has all the knowledge required by the modern consumer. Verne has started several businesses, and they have all turned out to be successful. He is the founder and president of Here are some of the tips used by the businessman.


Balance life

Wise people say that life is a balancing activity. You might be earning a lot of money but fail to live a healthy life. To avoid suffering, ensure that you work towards balancing all the areas of life. Your wealth, personal growth, health, and relationships should not be ignored.


In business, be the leader, not the boss

The management positions in your business are critical. The bosses will use their prestigious title to make people do whatever they want. These individuals will demand to be respected, and they are feared by employees. Leaders are different. They protect the interests of their employees, and they are respected because of their qualities. Individuals who chose to be leaders in their businesses end up being more successful than those who decide to be bosses.



The leadership that has led to the success of Rock Nation

Music business is one of the most rewarding for the artistes that stick through the thick and get to the top. One of the challenges that all up and coming talent has to deal with is getting a recording label that will handle their business well. With the right label, it becomes easier to book concerts, make your music known and distribute it to people that will put your name out there to the public.

When JayZ started Roc nation, he thought about all the talented people from different backgrounds that did not have the chance to showcase their talent and decided to get a way to connect them with audiences. To date, Roc Nation is one of the largest talent management companies in the nation. They manage talents such as artistes, song writers, producers and engineers. Some of the big names in the industry that have passed through the talent management firms include Rihanna, Shakira, Big Sean, Satigold and many others. For the nine years that the company has been operational, they have managed to introduce little known names such as Robyn Fenty and make them into a phenomenon such as Rihanna

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At the leadership of the group is Desiree, Dez Perez. Desiree Perez has been the CEO of the company since it was started. She is also a close friend to JayZ amd has been his confidant for many years. One of the latest improvements that have been made to the company is the introduction of and the recent upgrade of the music that is available on the application. She is a tough negotiator and is really good with numbers, which would explain why JayZ picked her for the job. She has provided excellent leadership for the company and has even been brought on board to help in the management of Roc Nation Sports.  Source:

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Navigating Between Progressive and Pandering

The construct of gender roles and norms has gradually been wearing away over the decades to reveal a better outlook on society’s treatment of an individual regardless of sex. Though as the roles for both women and become less defined and more opportunities become equally available to the right candidate, those wishing to help women wishing to fulfill their aspirations within corporate America are tasked with the increasingly difficult problem of creating useful, applicable advice while not simply pandering to a female audience.


The constant barrage of over-used tropes and advice tailored to career-oriented women has inundated working professionals so much so that the buzzwords common to convention halls and auditoriums have almost completely lost meaning among those they target.


American Eagle’s former president and the founder of P3 Executive Consulting, LLC, Susan McGalla understands that more than buzzwords, working women need applicable advice from professionals who have succeeded in the corporate world.  Click on


Susan McGalla has led a storied career rising through the ranks of American Eagle Outfitters steering the clothing brand that would become vastly popular across the nation. She now uses her years as an executive to help like-minded and goal focused women find success within their careers as well.


When asked as to how she succeeded so well in a world often dominated by men, Susan McGalla credits her upbringing with a football coach father and two brothers who gave McGalla no extra slack for being a girl. From her childhood, McGalla learned to present herself and her ideas confidently to anyone regardless of gender while not dwelling on the increased difficulties of being a woman in corporate America. McGalla has said “My angle on this in my career was not to ‘break the glass ceiling,'” McGalla explains. “To make the point, I never carried a chip on my shoulder of what I should be entitled to as a woman or what prejudices existed.”