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The Expertise of Vincent Parascandola In Building Financial Experts

Vincent Parascandola is a renowned expert who natures financial experts. He also takes part in recruiting personnel and appointing them to executive positions. He is well known for his contribution in building the AXA Advisors. His ability to control and manages the finance development has led to his appointments to serve in various positions in various companies. He works at AXA Advisors as Senior Executive Vice President. His leadership in the firm has led to the growth of the business operations.


The success of Vincent Parascandola in leadership is traced to the good educational background. He pursued Bachelor of Science at Pace University. The experience that he has obtained in various companies is also what is behind his contribution in training financial experts. He started working from 1987 to 1990 in Prudential. The leadership skills that he portrayed in the company led to his recognition as National Rookie of the year. He was employed at MONY Life Insurance in 1990.He left the company in 2004 and joined AXA Advisors. He was appointed as the chairperson of Advantage Group. The institute is a branch of AXA Equitable. The developments that he brought to the company led him to be appointed as the divisional president. Check out Pocomuseum for more details.



AXA Advisors has grown to be a famous company in the world through the leadership of Parascandola. The company provides financial services in various parts of the world. The growth rate of the firm grew too led to 14 percent, and the company was noted to be the first insurance brand globally. He is at the forefront in ensuring that the company provides services to various parts of the world. The company has expanded its services to the Middle East and Western Europe. The growth in the business operations is attributed to the ability of Vincent Parascandola to invest in various regions. His leadership at AXA Advisors has assisted many people to live comfortable lives due to the life insurances.


Vincent Parascandola has the required experience and skills which are fundamental to business growth. He has led to the growth of AXA Advisors to various parts of the world. He is also good at training and retaining skilled personnel. You can visit his Facebook page to know more about him.



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Things you need to know about Eric Lefkofsfky

Many individuals in the United States and all over the world have cancer, and the number of cancer patients is expected to even go higher in the coming years. Some doctors are however working towards reducing the number of his patients through their inventions, and Eric Lefkofsfky is one of the co-founders of Groupon to invent an effective medicine to improve the conditions of the people living with cancer. Though a many doctors use a more advanced technology in the diagnosis and treatment of the disease, many individuals including Eric frustrated on finding out that their relatives have the disease. Eric believes that a lot needs to be done to handle the data collected on the people living with cancer efficiently.

Besides, he has profoundly contributed to efficient way to handle such data through his Tempus platform, which seeks to provide the analytics software at an affordable rate. The company also focuses on the manner in which data on such victims is collected and handled, to give room for faster follow up especially in adverse conditions. On the other hand, the company also provides molecular data which they gather through human genome sequencing at a throwaway price.

Additionally, the company seeks to treat the disease in its cellular and molecular levels, and as a result, victims are identified early and guaranteed fast treatment. Eric believes that through the company’s technology, doctors will be more accurate and sure of whatever they are treating.

On the other hand, Eric has helped transform the field of medicine through his amendable technological skills and as a result saved the lives of many individuals. He has a lot of experience in his entrepreneurial field, and he started career by creating Starbelly company which is an internet forum.

He has partnered with various enterprises in the past years including Donovan Data Systems to improve his companies as well as business operations. Besides, the entrepreneur launched a charitable forum together with his wife, which aims at helping people, especially those with various problems including cancer. He has served to change the lives of many individuals, particularly the poor ones in the following: click here.

Doe Deere Is Releasing New Products For Lime Crime Regularly

In a recent article, PRN Newswire announced that Lime Crime Cosmetics company Had just released its newest lip color. It is part of their velvetines lip color line and the name of the new color is Scandal. Scandal is a deep rich Plum that is designed to last all day. The company’s founder, Doe Deere, was responsible for the concept and development of the new addition to the velvetines lip color line. Her incredibly successful business venture Lime Crime, currently has over 2.6 million Instagram followers. The new color is perfect for people that are daring and want to make a statement. The new color is following the current fashion trend for the season.

Lime Crime is a company that takes pride in creating a in lip colors that are bright and bold and help people to express themselves through color. Doe Deere has always enjoyed expressing herself with color and that was the main reason behind the creation of the company. She was having a hard time finding colors that suited her needs to she began to make her own. People couldn’t get enough of her cosmetics and pretty soon she had become one of the largest forces in the online makeup industry. she began to sell her cosmetics on eBay and she decided on the name Lime Crime for her eBay store. The name has followed the cosmetics and it’s become what it is today.


Doe Deere has had an incredible amount of success with Lime Crime Cosmetics. She currently is encouraging other female entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams. She offers the advice to follow your dreams and keep pushing forward to reach your goals. She dreamed of working with makeup since she was a little girl and she was determined to succeed. Because of her determination and hard work she has been able to achieve her goals. She says she never feels like she is working because she is living her dream everyday. She is working hard every day helping to develop and market new colors for everyone to enjoy.

Insurance Innovation by USHEALTH Group Inc.


The USHEALTH Group is a health insurance company that covers the self-employed, the employed as well as small business owners. Based in the United States, the company has a myriad range of health insurance products such as individual health insurance, dental insurance and fixed indemnity insurance among other widely known products. Due to its large market scope, the company trades through its affiliated subsidiaries all over the United States. Before changing its name in 2015, the USHEALTH Group was widely known as Ascent Assurance. The inception of this giant company was in 1982 where it first began its operation in Fort Worth. Currently, USHEALTH has an estimated employee base of about 500 people running the largest health insurance company in the US. It is estimated that the number of customers served surpasses the 15 million mark over the last 50 years. The company’s customized products that satisfy the health cover needs in the market have significantly contributed to the company’s growth.



USHEALTH Group insurance



The USHEALTH group prides in several milestones that the company has achieved through enabling customers to access health insurance. Employers seeking to give a competitive medical, dental or vision cover to their employers are best served by the USHEALTH Group’s range of collective and innovative insurance covers. This is owing to the company’s personalized insurance plans that cater for employees’ needs in fairly affordable prices. In addition, the company has made it very easy for customers to access their services through its online platform which is an effective means compared to the proverbial and tedious paper work. The USHEALTH Group genuinely cares for its clients and by extension their families with the support of One Medical and Health Advocate. Backed by a group of subsidiaries, the company has managed to cover the entire country hence bringing its valued services closer to its esteemed clients. USHEALTH Group understands that different customers have different needs hence the personalized approach in developing its products. In this respect, the company ensures that clients are well advised and guided on the best product depending on individual needs. 

Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero’s Leadership Keeps Grupo Televisa above the Rest


Competition in the media industry in Mexico is becoming stiffer every day. Established companies such Grupo Televisa, Grupo Reforma, and Cinemax are facing intense competition from new firms in the industry. The market demand is also shifting to customized programming. Additionally, the cost of production is rising continually, hence, making quality programming expensive. Nevertheless, Grupo Televisa has remained on top of the industry through its experienced financial management department headed by Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero.

Intelligent Leader

Salvi Rafael Folch is one of the most capable leaders in the industry. He has led numerous organizations to profitability through hi financial insight and visionary leadership. Before joining Grupo Televisa, he worked as the Chief Financial officer and later the CEO of Comercio Más SA de CV. In 2002, he joined Grupo Televisa and served as its financial planning Vice President. His excellent results in the department led to his promotion as the overall CFO of the company.

Responsibility and Achievement

As the Chief Financial Officer, Salvi Rafael Folch’s primary responsibility is ensuring high-quality programming at a cheaper cost. Salvi has delivered much more. He has diversified the content of the shows and improved the relevance of the content to Grupo Televisa broad audience. Today, the media group has achieved its goal of having both education and entertainment delivered in one package.

Staff Motivation

Salvi Rafael’s key success strategy lies in staff recruitment and motivation. He insists on employing qualified and passionate individuals. Salvi encourages the employees to share their ideas on how to improve the quality and relevance of their shows. Salvi always takes such contributions seriously. In addition to staff motivation, Salvi Folch is keen on optimizing the use of resources in the production process. He specializes in finding ways of delivering quality at a lower cost and in the shortest time.

The Exceptional And Notable Career Of Eva Moskowitz

There is no doubt Eva Moskowitz has been extremely successful with the Success Academy charter schools in New York. According to the Times she spent approximately $325,000 on marketing for the Harlem location. Eva Moskowitz built up her brand and generated excitement about children finally having the opportunity to receive the education they deserve. Her service as a City Councilmember in New York gave her new insights into the area and what the low income families really needed regarding education for their children.


Eva Moskowitz believes in charter schools and the privatization of public education. She believes a families zip code should not determine the education their children receive. She has founded numerous organizations in charter management and worked with the most influential organizations in New York. Eva Markowitz possesses a Ph.D. in History and spent her childhood in the Morningside Heights neighborhood. She attended Stuyvesant High School and felt many of the teachers were incompetent because she was not learning anything new.


Eva Moskowitz attended the University of Pennsylvania and even though one of the Professors criticized her writing she achieved a B.A. in History with honors. She additionally achieved a Ph.D. in American History from John Hopkins University. Eva Moskowitz enjoyed teaching women’s history when she was a visiting professor in Virginia. She has served as an assistant professor in history at numerous prominent Colleges and Universities. The knowledge, skill set and experience she achieved in her various positions were a direct impact on her ability to make the Success Academy so successful.


Eva Moskowitz has been the chair for a seminar involving American studies, an exceptional director for a program for children’s literacy and has been a civics teacher. She has been the director of public affairs and the founder of the Success Academy charter schools in New York.


MB2 Dental: The Symbol of Dental Success

Dr. Reddy is an example of a successful yet humble practitioner. He has not allowed his success to make him malign the less privileged customers. Instead, Dr. Reddy has continually focused on rendering equal and fair service to clients of all calibers. In an interview, he stated that a client’s money or financial ability or lack of it does not determine the value of care he gives; he serves humanity equally. At the same time, Dr. Reddy attributes his success to the team of motivated people who work below him. He posited that a team that feels loved and respected by the seniors is willing to move boulders for the bosses. As a result, his team at MB2 Dental is highly productive and effective.

From quite an early age, Dr. Reddy knew that he wanted to pursue dentistry. However, the decision was initially clouded by a desire to pursue engineering, which was later overruled by the latter. Dr. Reddy joined the University of the Pacific and pursued Bachelor of Science in biology. Upon graduating, he quickly joined the doctorate class in dental surgery. He graduated with a doctorate in the field at the tender age of 23 years. For him, it was time to go back to Dallas and serve humanity. With optimism and enthusiasm, he launched a private practice which he bought, but he was forced to sell it at a loss. Despite that, he learned from his mistakes and decided to join hands with Dr. Chris, the founder of MB2 Dental. The above move would save him the hustles of being in private setting and still accord him the benefits associated with the corporate practice.

MB2 Dental was started by Dr. Chris, who had also faced the challenges of private practice and experienced the downside of corporate practice. Dr. Chris felt that dentists would draw higher benefits from the setting. Thus, he founded MB2 Dental. Dr. Reddy has reaped many benefits from MB2 Dental as he is mainly involved in dental practice and consultancy. Additionally, he believes that he must balance his private and work life for success. Consequently, Dr. Reddy works 8 hours every day on weekdays and half day on Saturdays. The rest of his time is spent with family and friends, specifically with his fiancé. Additionally, he also uses the time to play games and do other relaxing activities that keep him fit for his duty. Dr. Reddy also plays soccer, which he played from an early age.

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Building Wellness in Historic Areas

Jason Halpern: Property Developer

A successful entrepreneur loves what he does. Because it is not only a job to the,. It is spreading the joy of their passion, which is exactly what people like Jason Halpern are trying to do. When you have a passion it’s like nothing else matters but carrying it out. People who have good ideas and are confident about them, only have to learn to turn them into actions. It is not easy to learn, and it is not easy to develop, but people who believe in what they do make it happen. They take their serious risks and see it as an investment opportunity.

About JHM

Jason Halpern with Model, Milana and Richard

When Jason Halpern started in the Real-estate business, he wanted to make things differently. He wanted to make developments in historic districts combining smart design and luxury, never leaving behind what really matters: the beauty of history and the wellbeing of the community. In JHM, his real estate company, they like to do everything from scratch, from site diligence to design and marketing, they are not all about the property, but making it a real product to market. Many people complain that they do not have money to invest, but with the many options from luxury to family options, JHM has a full offer of developments to choose from.

Jason Halpern with Crunchbase Production

But Jason is not all about business. When it comes to charity, he is also a beacon of hope for many people in the United States. With the used of his personal resources, he dedicates time to the Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center at Westchester Medical Center, where they care for heart surgery patients, burn victims, internal injuries and women and children. On top of that, he also provides water resources in Nepal and Ethiopia through the partnership of his company and several NGO’s, aimed to bring healthy and safe water for entire communities in these two countries. With this and many more charities to tend to, Jason Halpern will continue to share the joy of well-being in small communities all around the globe.

A Look Into The Future

Entrepreneurs are successful because they know how to provide products or services that customers need and are pesented in a way that seems attractive and available. With a wide offer in New York, JHM will continue to expand in Brooklyn, landing major development and building contracts for condos and luxury apartments that will definitely leave the seal of the company imprintes in the city. As for Jason Halpern, he will continue to be highly invested in his business and the way he wants to see New York and other parts of the United States, committed to building better communities all across the nation.

Felipe Montoro Jens Interview – First Step

A recent it-down concessions interview between Felipe Montoro Jens and Carlos Edison was but a first step forward in changing Brazil’s rapidly rising wastewater management issue. Lost water is no laughing matter, especially when it’s on such a widescale level and scope as has never been seen before. If not stopped soon, then perhaps this nation will be in a worse state than the U.S. economy had been under President Obama – or even as Greece’s continually broken economy; it never seems to rise from the ashes.


Only picture these broken economies in terms of water management, and you’ll know what we’re talking about. It’s evidently no joke, nor is it fixed right away, especially considering that the problem has been going on unchecked for decades. Now is the time for action as Edison engines remotely agreed.


Jens certainly knows what he’s talking about. He’s an avid studier of international management. He has also studied wastewater and toxic solutions. He additionally holds expertise in the sugar and ethanol industries.


He’s considered a foremost expert on these matters. He has additionally interviewed numerous leaders in the past to find viable solutions for problems that currently threaten to ruin Brazil’s future standing among other nations. In particular, this time the problem presents itself as wastewater management.


Sanctions for such sanitation must take immediate effect, or else the country will never be the same. Among the factors discussed, Jens and Carlos pointed in agreement that public power and private usage must always go one after the other and never be used against each other, or else the disunity may tear the country’s status to new shreds. When public and private sectors emerge in conjunction, more may be done than before. This was wisely pointed out by Edison, to which Jens nodded in agreement.

Alexandre Gama: Brazilian Business Extraordinaire

Alexandre Gama is an entrepreneur and businessman from Brazil. Born in 1958, Gama is most well-known as the CEO of one of the largest advertising agencies in Brazil, Neogama. The agency was founded in 1999, and quickly attained status as one of the most rapidly growing companies in the country. Gama has been listed as one of Brazil’s most important leaders in the realms of publicity and marketing by About Magazine and Grupo Consultore, respectively. After partnering with a London Advertising agency called BBH in 2002, Gama split off from BBH in 2016 after 14 years of partnership. Since that time, Neogama has operated independently in Brazil. In addition to his contributions in the world of advertising, Gama is also active in the Brazilian music industry. In 2014, he founded VIOLAB, a company designed to showcase the local talent of various Brazilian musicians.