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One of The Most Famous Lawyer in Brazilian Attorney, Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto is one of the most famous lawyers from Brazil and he is the founder of Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados. He is a very experienced business lawyer with vast experience in commercial law, Banking Law, commercial law and contracts, business criminal laws, credit restructuring and debt and so many other areas including credit recovery. He has a vast range of experience in these industries. Some of the companies he has worked for include Grupo Rede which is a Brazilian based company in which he worked as the HR and the Legal management team. He also happens to be the director of the most famous director for Fundação Rede de Previdência Privada. He is on the record being the most hardworking lawyer in Brazil and has, through his law firm proved to be a great lawyer of all times.

Ricardo Tosto is a self-made Brazilian lawyer and studied at Mackenzie University and has an extension in Business Administration. He also worked at the Judicial Reform Committee and also the Judicial Modernization committee. He is also a very active member of the International Bar Association (IBA). He is also a member of the Study Centre for Attorney Partnerships ie, CESA. He is also the founding of the famous IBEDEP. He has done tremendously well in those boards and continues to achieve greatness in all those aspects of the law. He is definitely one of the best lawyers Brazil has ever had. He has achieved in changing the law of Brazil and is doing very well. He is no doubt one of the leading lawyers.

Ricardo Tosto is also an award winner because of his contributions in the legal sector. He was nominated by Who’s Who and was rewarded and recognized as one of the best Brazilian lawyers in the field of commercial Litigation. He did it perfectly well when it came to representing and also advising his clients. His law firm status has been able to rise very well and successfully. He is a very respected scholar with very many records of achievements. His great practice has been recognized by Legal 500 and also the Brazilian Legal Publication.


Greg Secker, Expert Stock Trader and Philanthropist

One of the most lucrative positions anyone can attain and also be an entrepreneur and maintain their own schedule is through the stock exchange market. Presently there is a lull in local trading with the interest rates at all time lows, inflation continues to wreak havoc on the market and wages are stagnant. All of this makes the traditional golden strategies for trading not early as effective as they have been in the past. Now is the opportune time to add foreign exchange markets, or forex, into your trading regimen.

The Forex is a foreign exchange marketplace where the currencies of the world are traded 5 ½ days a week and 24 hours each day. The way you exchange through the forex is unlike the standard markets as it is reliant on digital transfers where you make trades on global currencies based upon whether you believe that currency will rise or fall in value over the course of your trade. All of these things are handled digitally but there is no need to be tech savvy to get on board as the programs are all extremely easy to use.

The unfortunate truth is that the current instability on a global scale is an aspect of geopolitics that makes forex trading a booming area right now. Now is indeed the time to get into forex trading, it has been available for many years but this climate is one in which the ability to foster and grow wealth through the forex is in a golden age.

These tips come from an industry leader, Greg Secker. He was born in 1975 and has risen to become a master trader, philanthropist and public speaker. He is the founder of the Knowledge to Action Group, founded in 2003. This organization and its affiliate companies are what represent the passion and fire inside of Greg to improve the quality of life for everyone on a global scale.

Greg Secker has been speaking publicly for many years and has been featured on network shows such as CNBC and Bloomberg. Now having made a name for himself and established his skills in trading and economy, he is frequently asked to speak alongside some of the most influential financial experts of our time.

Nick Vertucci’s Determination Led Him To Success In Real Estate

The story of Nick Vertucci is a true reflection of the right attitude to overcome challenges in life. Years later, he is now the leader of a real estate firm. Raised in a loving family, Nick grasped the basis of leadership at a young age. He lost his father at the age of 9. This was a challenging moment in his life because his mother had t work on filling his father’s shoes as the bread winner. Nick’s life was now plagued with challenges and sleeping in a van was just one of them. He however, kept the faith and worked hard to establish himself.




Nick Vertucci invested in a computer parts vending business. He describes this as the miracle that transformed his life. He was dedicated to growing the business by expanding services. According to him, being his own boss was a huge success. He later settled down by marrying. His family was his rock of living. Wading through the challenges that life threw at him, Nick bumped into another shocking disappointment in 2002. His business crushed in losses where he lost everything. With a family to raise, he was depressed. Nick describes that episode as his worst with him having the wrong mentality towards investment. Suffering for 18 months without a source of income, Nick was determined to wade through the murky inconveniences yet again.


 Real Estate


Nick’s life changed when a friend invited him to a real estate workshop. He was motivated to join the team by investing in the business. Keenly listening to what the speaker was saying, Nick hardly grasped the entire agenda. Surprisingly, he was relieved because he was determined to succeed. Feeling inspired, Nick Vertucci was reenergized and determined to work for real estate. That marked the beginning of his real estate firm. Now a millionaire, Nick owns one of the leading real estate firms with an averagely large employee base. He is determined to transform people’s lives by teaching them the ropes of real estate and how to invest in the business.


The Firm


Nick Vertucci owns NVREA system, a real estate software that connects investors to clients and numbers. Being a game of numbers, Nick helps people to land the best deals by attracting clients. After attracting clients, he focuses on providing the best rates in the market. For Nick Vertucci, clients come first. He has set a trending pace for real estate business by initiating a platform that works well for investors and clients. He is determined to grow the business by growing prospective clients.

Richard Mishaan Design; Excellent Interior Designs

Are you in New York and you are searching for a firm that can help you in interior design? Relax! Richard Mishaan Design is the company that offers great interior designs for residential and commercial homes. Also, the design firm offers proper designs that are unique and eye-catching to hotels and hospitality industries. The firm was started by Richard Mishaan who is a great principle designer at the enterprise.

Richard Mishaan Designer has vast experience in interior design as it has been operating in New York for 20 years. The design firm has dominatedthe interior design market by offering creative designs for residential, retail and big hotel projects. With a team of great designers lead by Mishaan, they offer designs that are Unique, friendly and those that aim at satisfying what clients want. At Richard Mishaan Design, they don’t impose designs to customers, but they come up with designs that customers like.

At his home, Mishaan has designed his interior home in a beautiful manner that combines traditional and modern cultures. He has used creative art and furniture which is beautiful. The house is well arranged and with the beautiful ceiling which shows Spanish influence. His kitchen is painted white and bright white which is highly noticeable. His bathroom can’t go unnoticed with his iconic Fornasetti wall paper. A carpet is well put, and his master bedroom is well designed with Pacific shades of cream which is combined with other art elements to look amazing.

Another design from Richard Mishaan Design is at Karen Silverman’s Home. The home was arranged by another designer, but Mishaan upgraded the design to look excellent. He rearranged furniture layout. Secondly, he worked with the owner to develop a more enhancing look. He used his experience in changing Silverman’s house into a home. Richard Mishaan Design is the home of new interior designs, and with the vast experience, their designs are unbeatable.

Boraie Development Excels In New Jersey’s Real Estate Market

The post-crisis season has seen a surge in real estate markets in the United States, especially in New Jersey. These patterns are being experienced in one of the densely populated areas in the US. This way, it is threatening the rebound of housing. According to reports by Zillow, a real estate tracking giant, New Jersey has the highest rates of shares and rates of residential mortgages, which are extremely delinquent and in foreclosure. The drop in delinquency and rate of foreclosures are signs of the significant impacts of the severe post-crisis events. These signs include improved basics and fundamentals like higher rates of employment, formation of household and the gains of home prices. The future of the real estate industry is expected to have similar positive trends as the industry focuses in identifying and resolving challenges across the markets.

The housing shortages being experienced in New Jersey are likely to intensify as the gap between housing demand and housing supply widens. This is according to the realtor chief economist at the National Association of Realtors, Lawrence Yun. He contends that there is a shortage in homes for sales and auctions while newly built homes are selling rapidly. The current state might pave way for new properties in the market, which would in turn worsen things in New Jersey. According to Zillow and economists, the anticipated appreciation of home prices in New Jersey is expected to improve the selling conditions. However, some towns in New Jersey are registering high demand in housing despite of the crippling impact that the Great Recession left in the real estate industry. Most of these towns, which are gearing up for new developments and numerous new apartments, are close to New Jersey transit station. This information was originally published on


About Boraie Development

Omar Boraie is the proprietor of Boraie Development. The company has been planning on how to improve the current state of the real estate industry in New Jersey. Boraie Development is one of the notable real estate companies in New Jersey. The company specializes in the urban real estate market where they offer real estate development, sales/marketing, and property management services. They work with trusted financial institutions, leading architects and contractors who focus on timely delivery. For over three decades, the company has focused on reliability and excellence. According to Rutgers Magazine, this way, Boraie Development ranks as one of the most sought after developers in New Jersey. They use their own vision to create outstanding projects using their own capital. They help clients to create additional value of their homes through property management activities like physical improvements, maintenance, leasing, customer service, administration and accounting. This information was originally reported on Boraie’s website as explicated in this link View the Omar Boraie’s  profile on

A look at Dr. Mark Mckenna

Recently, Dr. Mark McKenna founder of OVME sat down with Ideamensch and participated in an interview. This Interview showed a lot about the mentality and work ethic that had led to his success. Dr. McKenna finds a unique balance between work and play. An example given is one of his average days, which begins with time with his daughter, then work, after which he makes it a point to have dinner with the family before heading to Jiu Jitsu and then working some more before bed. He also attributes his success to surrounding himself with an intelligent and capable team. Dr. McKenna Also speaks highly of the power of visualization and often finds time in his day to meditate.

Dr. McKenna has a Medical doctoral license in surgery and medicine from Georgia and Florida state boards and he graduated from Tulane University medical school. After graduating, he launched McKenna Venture Investments, which proved to be an excellent stepping stone to furthering his business interests in New Orleans. Unfortunately, In August of 2005 when Katrina hit New Orleans, it also destroyed Dr. McKenna’s business interests in the area. He used his experience in real estate to help rebuild ruined housing by focusing on developing low to moderate income housing.

In November of 2007, Dr. McKenna moved to Atlanta, GA where he started ShapeMed. The company was ultimately sold to Life Time Fitness Inc. in 2014. He then spent two years acting as the National Medical Director of Life Time Fitness. In 2017 He founded OVME, a medical aesthetic company that is reinventing elective healthcare. The idea for this new innovative company is born of Dr. McKenna’s lengthy experience in healthcare. He has many ideas of how he can shake up the industry. With a track record like this, it’s likely we will see a lot more from him in the future.

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Robert Ivy Is A Mover And Shaker In The World Of Architecture

Robert Ivy is an architect with a very prestigious background. He attended Tulane University and earned a Masters of Architecture. He also holds an undergraduate degree, Bachelor of Arts (BA) in English from Sewanee: The University of the South.

Ivy was a managing partner at firms including Dean & Ivy and Dean/Dale, as well as becoming a critic for numerous national publications. In 1996, Mr. Ivy took on the role of the Editor in Chief of Architectural Record. His leadership helped the publication to grow into the most read and referenced publications in the world of architectural and architectural construction. Ivy also took on roles with McGraw-Hill construction media as Editorial Director and Vice President. McGraw-Hill Construction Media also includes publications such as Sweets Catalogs, Constructor, ENR, HQ Magazine, Architectural Record: China, SNAP and GreenSource: The Magazine of Sustainable Design.

Robert Ivy served on the panel to select Architect Frank Gehry to design the National Memorial to Dwight D. Eisenhower. He has also been the recipient of several awards including the Crain Award, which is the highest award American Business Media’s highest form of recognition given to an individual. He is also the recipient of the McGraw-Hill award for Management Excellence. Mr. Ivy is also a member of the Senior Fellow of the Design Future Council.

Architectural Record received several publishing industry awards under Ivy’s leadership and includes the American Society of Magazine Editors National Magazine Award for General Excellence. The publication also earned 26 Jesse H. Neal Awards, the MPA Digital Award for Website of the Year and 7 Ozzies: Folio Design Awards.

In 2010, Robert Ivy was voted to the level of “Master Architect” for his extreme effectiveness while communicating the value of design. Ivy is only one of seven chosen architects to receive the award in its 100-year history. Other recipients of the honor include I.M. Pei, Richard Buckminster Fuller, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and John Wellborn Root.

Robert Ivy’s current challenge is the Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the AIA (American Institute of Architects). The organization has more than 250 chapters and 90,000 architects and design professionals. The group is committed to the enhancement of the building design and construction environment. He works to promote the organization through community outreach and education initiatives that allows members to serve communities and clients through challenge and change. Ivy is also the author of the biography of architect Fay Jones. The publication educates the industry’s non-professional audience the role an architect plays in the lives of others.

Neurocore Is Able To Ascertain How Well The Brain Is Functioning And Can Help Keep The Brain In Balance

Depression has become common in the United States and affects 16 million adults every year. Although depression is a serious medical condition, the stigma surrounding depression prevents many individuals from seeking help. Stress and a history of depression within the family increases the risk of an individual developing depression. The characteristics of Major Depressive disorder are sadness lasting a minimum of two weeks and low self-esteem. Persistent Depressive Disorder is a depression that can last for years but rarely results in major depressive episodes. Postpartum Depression is a result of giving birth and can last between a couple weeks and a year. Seasonal Affective Disorder occurs during the winter or in times of limited sunlight.

The most common signs of depression include numbness, emptiness, sadness, irritability, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, and physical symptoms can occur. A leading cause of suicide is depression, this is the second leading cause of death in youths, and the top cause of disability for individuals between 15 and 44. The annual cost of depression in the United States is $80,000,000,000. Depression is treatable although the condition is frustrating. They key to ending the stigma is education.

Neurocore offers programs that are easy, painless, and do not have side effects to ascertain how well the brain is functioning. This is based on an individual’s brain data and used qEEG technology. Sensors are used to determine the electrical activity of the brain. The results are analyzed so a program can be developed based on the source of the symptoms. The methods used to build a profile include an electroencephalogram, an integrated auditory and visual test for continuous performance, and a heart rate variability.

The Neurocore Brain Performance Center uses the ability of the brain to change its neuroplasticity during biofeedback and neurofeedback sessions. Neurofeedback involves watching a movie when the speed of the brain is within a certain therapeutic range. The movie is paused when the brain goes out of range so feedback is provided and the brain knows something is no longer in balance. This teaches the brain how to remain in balance and can improve the function of the brain.

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The quality focus of Gregory James Aziz at National Steel Car

The early education and life of Gregory James

Born in 1049, Gregory James was the first born in his family. He was educated in the local schools around Ontario and succeeded in his early education. Being born to a middle-class family, Greg Aziz did not face much of the childhood problems. He had time to concentrate on what the family did for a living, and this became his interest as he grew up. After his early years of education, James Aziz joined the University of Western Ontario for his undergraduate degree. He excelled in his Bachelor’s of Economics and brought his knowledge back to the family business making it a world class company.

The employment path of James Aziz

In the early 1980s, Greg James went to the United States to seek greener pastures. Because of his experience and knowledge in business, he got several proposals from a variety of companies. In as much as Greg James was seeking employment, his mind was in owning a business. He selected the banking sector and worked for about a decade before embarking on personal business. In the employment field, Greg Aziz held different positions and worked in different capacities as he gained more experience in management.

The success of Gregory Aziz as the CEO of the National Steel Car

Through his advice, the National Steel Car was purchased in 1994. Though the company was performing fairly well, Gregory registered his dissatisfaction with the production considering the potential of the company. From his childhood, James Aziz did not tolerate an average work when there was more potential. He worked tirelessly to improve the status of the company and the average sales in a year.

The quality achievement

Out of all the production companies in Canada, the National Steel Car is the only company that has received ISO certification constantly for two decades. ISO certification is only awarded to companies that meet the standards of production as they are required. The quality of the parts produced has always been to the required standards, and this created a positive name in the company.

Giving back to the community

Currently, the National Steel Car has its headquarters in Hamilton, Canada. The company has employed the locals. With the current employee population of about 4000 people, almost all the employees come from the country, and this has improved the economic status of the people. Greg Aziz himself is a native of that country.


JPay’s Ambitious Expansion Plans Following Securus Technologies Acquisition

Securus Technologies called a presser on 14th of April 2017 to announce the signing off on the deal to acquire JPay. The top brass agreed on a definitive stock trade of agreement as they relinquished control of the prisons payment tech company, JPay. JPay has a solid presence in the American prison industry. Coming into the sale, JPay operated in over 33 correctional facilities in the US where they provided electronic payments solutions, call and email support. In some instances, the tech company had exclusive tenders to sell hygiene and personal care products to the thousands of inmates in the 33 prisons.

Modernizing American Prisons

The CEO of Securus Technologies noted that the multi-million deal had effectively thrust his company to the very top of the prison service food game. No other service provider in the nation could match the broad array of options given to Securus’ customers. Rick reiterated his company’s commitment to modernizing the entire American prison system using high-tech gadgets and creative security solutions. CEO Smith opened up about why they’d decided to chase after the tech company. Rick had always been attracted to integrity, innovation, and experience possessed by JPay.

Smith’s counterpart at JPay, CEO Ryan Shapiro sounded equally as ecstatic at the merger agreements. Ryan expressed a great deal of optimism by remarking that with the support of Securus, the American prison industry ought to brace itself for more startling innovations in the coming years. Shapiro also thanked teams from both companies for their valuable input towards making the acquisition deal successful.

In an effort to prove just how efficient Securus systems are, the CEO organized a research project. Securus’ customers were asked to write in and state the problems that went unaddressed inside the prisons. Rick got an overwhelming response that saw hundreds of prison staff come clean about illegal activities being conducted by their mates. The research also revealed cases of drug peddling, arms trafficking and other undesirable activities that ostensibly took place right under the noses of the people in charge of the prisons. The research was also used to introduce safety and security measures to seal off the loopholes.

CEO Rick Smith

With several Masters Degrees in Mathematics, Engineering, Business Administration and Associate degree from New York University, University of Rochester and Rochester Institute of Technology respectively, Rick has the necessary expertise needed to run the firm. Rick’s held high profile tenures in several companies such as Eschelon Telcom where he served as a CFO, Global Crossing North America Inc. as well as serving on the Board of Integra Telecom Ltd. Securus continues to scoop medals and awards for the exemplary job they do to improve the quality of life for the inmates doing time in the American correctional facilities. Here’s a link to the Securus official website.