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Latin American Officials To Discuss Problems In Venezuela

As the U.S. and Venezuela have finally seen a thawing of relations amid the latest economic problems facing the drought ridden Latin American country a new mediation proposal is hoping to meet with widespread approval. Venezuelan expert Danilo Diaz Granados has recently seen its political future brought into doubt with a prolonged period of drought leading to a widespread humanitarian crisis; President Nicolas Maduro is blamed by opposition leaders for the problems facing Venezuela, with the President now asking for the Organization of American States to meet with mediators trying to find an end to the current political standoff, Error! Hyperlink reference not valid. reports.
The mediation program according to Diaz Granados is being headed by former Spanish President Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapareto, who will work alongside former Dominican Republic leader Leonel fernendez, and former Panamanian leader Martin Torrijos. The three former politicians are seeking to find a political end to the ongoing fight between supporters of the Venezuelan President and opposition leaders.

Venezuelan President Maduro has called for a meeting on June 21 of the Organization of American States in Washington to discuss the proposed mediation, which will come before the 34 member state group meets on June 23 to discuss suspending Venezuela from OAS. The U.S. has already agreed to meet Venezuelan officials for the first high level talks to be held since the tension that rose between the two nations during the Presidency of Venezuelan Hugo Chavez.