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Dr. Clay Siegall:Driven By A Passion To Help Cancer Patients

For over 20 years, the primary focus of the work of Dr. Clay Siegall has been on developing effective treatments for cancer. His company, Seattle Genetics, has a staff of talented, experienced researchers that have been able to create some of the best new cancer treatments seen in decades. Under Dr. Siegall’s leadership and direction the staff has developed the groundbreaking cancer treatment drug ADCETRIS, and have a number of other promising antibody-drug conjugates almost ready to be used to help patients worldwide struggling to be victorious over cancer.

The cancer treatments created by Dr. Siegall and the Seattle Genetics team are now used all over the world to bring healing to people suffering with many different types of cancer. After spending over a decade working with biotech companies that are world leaders in cancer research, Dr. Siegall has now put together a team of scientists that have shocked people involved with cancer research with the incredible cancer treatments they have developed. Prior to Seattle Genetics developing ADCETRIS, no other antibody-drug conjugate had ever received FDA approval.

In addition to creating the facility and putting together the research and development team, another important role Dr. Siegal plays is chief fundraiser. It costs a great deal of money to do the research and development necessary to bring a cancer treatment drug to market. To facilitate the company’s ability to simultaneously develop several effective treatments, Dr. Clay Siegall has been able to raise $1.2 billion for Seattle Genetics. The money has come from licensing agreements, a successful IPO and from several public and private sources.

Dr. Clay Siegall is motivated to find less painful, more effective cancer treatments because of the suffering he saw his father endure. He wants to ensure no one else has to go through what his father did while getting treatment for cancer. The passion to end pain drove Clay Siegall to earn his undergraduate degree at the University of Maryland, his PhD at George Washington University and found and guide Seattle Genetics. Countless cancer survivors all over the world owe Dr. Clay Siegall a debt of thanks.