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Victim Adviser for Canceled A&E Show “8 Minutes” Speaks Out

A&E Channel has been in some hot water lately over an ill-advised reality show that was aired on April 2nd. “8 Minutes” was a show that featured Kevin Brown, a former police officer turned minister, who reached out to help women in the sex trade. The women would enter a hotel room where they expected to “work” however what they found was Kevin Brown asking them if they would like to get out of the business and start over again. Many of the women who appeared on the show were anxious to get the help that was offered, however it did not work out as the production company had promised them.

D’Lita Miller is a former sex worker who was also a victim of human trafficking was featured on the show as an advocate for the women. Miller understood what the women were going through as she managed to get out of that same lifestyle. Her role on “8 Minutes” was to serve as a counselor on-camera for the women according to Bruce Levenson (Check out more on him at Forbes). Miller has now recently spoken out about how A&E had a good idea but very poor execution and follow through in actually helping the women they promised to help. Miller said that these women really needed her help but she was only given a few minutes with each one.

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