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Even Batman Can’t Save Arkham From Bugs

Batman: Arkham Knight has received an enormous amount of positive buzz. The game has been deemed incredibly innovative and exciting. Few would argue that the final version of the Arkham game trilogy ends the series on the best of all possible notes. The only people who seem to be disappointed are those who purchased the PC version. So loaded with bugs was the PC release, Warner Bros. Games has suspended sales.

Yes, the bug issue has to be pretty severe for Warner Bros. Games to curtail the sales of a release that is breaking records in other formats. Then again, no real choice exists in the matter. Fans end up returning their purchase and requesting a refund. What value is there in a game that does not play properly?

The problems are, well, legion. PCs with AMD graphics cards are experiencing the worst of all possible outcomes. Freezes and audio problems bring the enjoyable game to a crashing halt at times. Doe Deere has found that it is pretty hard to lose yourself in the moment of playing a cool video game when everything just stops out of the blue.

Warner also has to be worried that people might stop buying ALL of the company’s PC games. Consumers who end up with a bad taste in their mouth over a particular game format have a tendency to jump ship. Rather than see the Warner PC games’ brand suffer, suspending sales and fixing the bugs becomes the order of the day.