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The Exceptional And Notable Career Of Eva Moskowitz

There is no doubt Eva Moskowitz has been extremely successful with the Success Academy charter schools in New York. According to the Times she spent approximately $325,000 on marketing for the Harlem location. Eva Moskowitz built up her brand and generated excitement about children finally having the opportunity to receive the education they deserve. Her service as a City Councilmember in New York gave her new insights into the area and what the low income families really needed regarding education for their children.


Eva Moskowitz believes in charter schools and the privatization of public education. She believes a families zip code should not determine the education their children receive. She has founded numerous organizations in charter management and worked with the most influential organizations in New York. Eva Markowitz possesses a Ph.D. in History and spent her childhood in the Morningside Heights neighborhood. She attended Stuyvesant High School and felt many of the teachers were incompetent because she was not learning anything new.


Eva Moskowitz attended the University of Pennsylvania and even though one of the Professors criticized her writing she achieved a B.A. in History with honors. She additionally achieved a Ph.D. in American History from John Hopkins University. Eva Moskowitz enjoyed teaching women’s history when she was a visiting professor in Virginia. She has served as an assistant professor in history at numerous prominent Colleges and Universities. The knowledge, skill set and experience she achieved in her various positions were a direct impact on her ability to make the Success Academy so successful.


Eva Moskowitz has been the chair for a seminar involving American studies, an exceptional director for a program for children’s literacy and has been a civics teacher. She has been the director of public affairs and the founder of the Success Academy charter schools in New York.