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Yeonmi Park and the Effects of Trauma

While Yeonmi Park has overcome a lot of issues, there were certain effects of trauma that interfered with her life as a result of being trafficked. For one thing, due to such monstrous men being in her story, she has developed a distrust of men to the point of not being able to connect or interact with a man. In fact, her trials have caused her to lose faith in humanity. She admits to not being able to see men as normal people. She didn’t think she would ever be able to trust men again due to their actions towards her when she was trafficked. She does regret all these years hating men. She recognizes that her father was a man. She loved her father and he was always good to her. It was when she started writing her book and she remembered her father that she quit thinking that men were the worst the world had to offer. This has helped her in moving forward with her plan to bring forth justice towards the North Korean government. However, she is faced with a lot of fears which include what could happen to her family because the truth is out. Yeonmi Park does understand that her life is in jeopardy due to the nature of the enemy she is standing up against. She does admit on youngvoicesadvocates that she was intimidated at the idea to the point where she wanted to give up on the whole project in order to spare her own life and the lives of her relatives. However, the unacceptable acts of North Korea are what made her want to keep moving forward with her plan to expose the Kim Dynasty. Among the things that she told about in her book is a lot of interesting characters that she met in the process of her escape to freedom. There were certain characters who have ultimately proven to be on her side even though they have done things to hurt her. However, Yeonmi Park has found it in her to forgive one particular person who has hurt her because he helped her escape and he had his own trials to deal with.