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Hedge Fund Manager Creates Autism Charity

Solo Capital founder, Sanjay Shah, has set up a GoFundMe campaign as an additional way to raise money for his charity called Autism Rocks. The campaign aims to raise 6,610 British Pounds which is roughly equivalent to about $9,500 US dollars. All of the money that Sanjay Shah raises through this GoFundMe campaign will be given to the the Autism Research Trust, which helps fund autism research at Cambridge University in London.

Mr. Shah was motivated to create his very own charity, Autism Rocks due to a highly personal experience with the disease. His youngest son had been diagnosed with the disease and it shocked Sanjay that there wasn’t all that much he could do. Autism is a disease that cannot be cured, it can only be managed. When Shah saw that his youngest child had to receive special attention and treatment that wasn’t available to other kids, he was moved. He wanted to contribute to the cause of autism research, and through a series of unexpected events Shah managed to create his very own charity that has raised enough money to fund over 15 long term research projects at Cambridge University dealing with autism. He also donated to the Autism Center in Dubai, where his family was residing so that other children could receive the care and attention that his youngest son Nikhil could afford.

Before starting up his own hedge fund firm, Solo Capital, Mr. Shah worked for financial companies such as Morgan Stanley and Lehman bros. The diagnosis of his son with Autism, combined with a personal visit by legendary rap artist Snoop Dogg gave Sanjay Shah the idea to start Autism Rocks. Shah had always had a strong passion for the music and arts. He helped to organize concerts during his college days. He managed to convince Snoop Dogg to perform at a private concert in order to raise money for autism research.

Since launching Autism Rocks, Sanjay Shah has helped raise lots of money that is being used for autism research to understand the causes and management techniques available for autistic children. Mr. Shah continues to attract famous musicians such as Lenny Kravitz to perform at his concerts to raise awareness and funding for autism research at Cambridge University.