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Sponsor the Dallas Women Foundation’s 32 Annual Luncheon?

The globally celebrated bank just sponsored the 32nd annual luncheon of Dallas Women Foundation with cash worth $100,000. The activity aimed at advancing women’s economic leadership and security was crowned by Dr. Hope Jahren, one of the top 100 people in TIME magazine. Dr. Jahren is also an author and a best seller who has won several awards for his works of arts. The event was much revered that it was streamed live to more than 10,000 students and 20 schools across North Texas. An event held annually by this powerful financial institution hosts people from all walks of life including the community leaders, the civic as well as the business persons.

Dallas Women Foundation is a financially beneficial organization that aims at empowering women and girls across Texas through such a luncheon. The foundation has been organizing the activity for decades to provide the girl child with financial skills so that they become independent. The organization has become one of the world’s largest women fund and trusted leader improving the economic and social status of women in the whole country and has had experience of more than 30 years serving its clients. Since its foundation, Dallas Women Foundation has impacted positively on the lives of the girl child and women at large. It has been spearheading their education, motivation, and freedom in the ever-changing economic tides across the city. It is this commitment by the leadership of this women’s movement that attracted the main financial institution in Texas to come in and donate such an amount of money to it.

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