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Wengie Knows how to Help us with our Hair


Wengie is quite the genius when it comes to hair hacks. She’s got the best ideas when it comes to how to use hairspray in order to achieve the hair we want!


Wengie tells us to use a makeup brush to smooth down scalp fly-aways by applying hairspray to the brush and then using a comb to push them back. Hairspray can also control baby hairs by spraying it onto a toothbrush.


Another great hairspray hack is by spraying it on bobby pins. Bobby pins are known to slip and slide and not stay in place very well. By spraying them with hairspray, it helps them to stay right where they are needed.


Another simple hack is to trim split ends with a pair of hairdressing scissors. This is perfect for when you’re in-between hair appointments. All you have to do is take a small section of hair and twist it until the split ends stick up. Then simply snip them off wherever you see them. It’s quick, easy, and helps your hair look fresh!


Finally, many of us rely on dry shampoo when our hair gets oily. Wengie has a great hack which involves applying dry shampoo at night before going to bed. That way, it fully absorbs all of the oil by the time morning rolls around. Wengie says instead of brushing out the dry shampoo, simply blast it with a hairdryer.


Overall, Wengie has the best hair tips because they are ones she tries out herself.

Making School Fun


When you go back to school, there are a few hacks that you should have on hand to make school supplies a little more fun. Boring highlighters can be transformed into a rainbow. Color the corners of a light highlighter with blue or pink, and you’ll see that there is a rainbow when you highlight on the paper instead of one color. You can also use two colors instead, adding a small amount of water on the paper to create a watercolor appearance.


Personalize your pencils and pens with washi tape in any design that you like. You can easily roll the tape onto the pencil with round utensils working the best. Buy ballpoint pens that you can decorate. Stir about one tablespoon of glue with a cup of water. Put the liquid glue into the clear part of the pen after removing the inkwell. Grab glitter, putting the glitter inside the pen tube before the glue dries. After the glue is dry, replace the ink and the top of the pen for a glittery pen.


Wengie suggests Attach a colorful feather to the top of a pen. You can paint and design plain feathers if you can’t find ones that are already colored. Measure the inkwell from a pen, gluing the component to the feather so that it feels like you’re writing with a quill. Make your staples colorful by highlighting them or painting them with nail polish. This will add a bit of pizzazz to your papers that are stapled together for class.

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