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Improving Sanitation in Brazil Through Partnership Initiative

The need for sanitation improvement in Brazil has necessitated the need for collaborations. The government interests to make concessions through a partnership with the BNDES (National Bank and Social Development) provoked experts’ views. However, Edison Carlos the Trata Brasil president prefers the resource management of the sanitation and structural benefits that the program will offer. His views were echoed by, Mr. Felipe Montoro, an infrastructure specialist, mentioning the advantages the plan will have on water preservation benefits.

The initiative will comprise of the partnership with private companies and all government agencies. BNDES mandate will be to survey and develop action plans customized to each location. Water wastage is one contributor to poor sanitation and increased financial resources in the state.

Private entities have more resources than the state and thus must be involved in the plan to prevent water wastage. These enterprises have advanced technology and better management systems in the county. They will make a better player as investors in improving the sewerage networks. Involvement of the private companies will significantly enhance the financial state of the public institutions.

While the involvement of the private business in the program is essential, clear guidelines in the selection of preferred partners are paramount. As mentioned, not all privately owned companies can deliver. Identification and range of the partners should rhyme with the citizen’s needs, utility mode of operation and the cost of the services offered. The contractual agreements must include clear goals and the adoption by the public agencies during the inspection of the services provided. There should be a review of the activities to confirm if the service provided is in line with the agreements.

About Felipe Montoro Jens

Felipe Montoro Jens is a known expert in infrastructure. He serves as the chief executive officer of the Energizer Captacao S.A. The renowned finance expert and also an investor. He served as a valuable advisor in the partnership of Brazil government and the BDNES.

Mr. Felipe Montoro Jens has served in several leadership roles. In 2010 to 2013, he was the director at Braskem. The expert also worked as a member of the board in with Concessionaria do Centro Administrativo do Distrito Federal. He was also the director of Santo Antonio Energia.

Richard Mishaan Design; Excellent Interior Designs

Are you in New York and you are searching for a firm that can help you in interior design? Relax! Richard Mishaan Design is the company that offers great interior designs for residential and commercial homes. Also, the design firm offers proper designs that are unique and eye-catching to hotels and hospitality industries. The firm was started by Richard Mishaan who is a great principle designer at the enterprise.

Richard Mishaan Designer has vast experience in interior design as it has been operating in New York for 20 years. The design firm has dominatedthe interior design market by offering creative designs for residential, retail and big hotel projects. With a team of great designers lead by Mishaan, they offer designs that are Unique, friendly and those that aim at satisfying what clients want. At Richard Mishaan Design, they don’t impose designs to customers, but they come up with designs that customers like.

At his home, Mishaan has designed his interior home in a beautiful manner that combines traditional and modern cultures. He has used creative art and furniture which is beautiful. The house is well arranged and with the beautiful ceiling which shows Spanish influence. His kitchen is painted white and bright white which is highly noticeable. His bathroom can’t go unnoticed with his iconic Fornasetti wall paper. A carpet is well put, and his master bedroom is well designed with Pacific shades of cream which is combined with other art elements to look amazing.

Another design from Richard Mishaan Design is at Karen Silverman’s Home. The home was arranged by another designer, but Mishaan upgraded the design to look excellent. He rearranged furniture layout. Secondly, he worked with the owner to develop a more enhancing look. He used his experience in changing Silverman’s house into a home. Richard Mishaan Design is the home of new interior designs, and with the vast experience, their designs are unbeatable.

Louis Chênevert: An Imaginative Visionary

Current CEO of United Technologies Corporation, Gregory Hayes, explains the power and necessity of future promise when investing in a company. He tells that CEOs must have the presence to make investments that conjure up benefits in the short run, yet yield an even greater occurrence in the long run. One specific example of this investment in the future that UTC has made is the Pratt & Whitney Geared Turbofan engine, which was an investment of more than 10 billion dollars over 20 years to be a pioneer in cutting emissions and noise pollution. UTC also believes in investing in human capital, hiring many new workers to their team who will bring these new and advanced technologies to the table, and also paying for their degrees through the Employee Scholar Program so they can advance throughout a multitude of career options.

Prior to current CEO Gregory Hayes, United Technologies Corporation was led by CEO Louis R. Chênevert. He truly blossomed the ideas that Hayes talks about, as he invested and had faith in the future of UTC. When he joined UTC in 1993, he was able to lift the company out of recession and raise UTC’s share price from $37 to $117 in a single week. His effort and commitment started very early in his leadership.

Many think that if Chênevert was able to make profits and gains this tremendous, there had to be sacrifices elsewhere in the corporation. But this is opposite of the truth, as Chênevert did not ship any jobs overseas or cut out any investments in the workforce.

The final founding principle that made Chênevert such a successful CEO was the fact he could combine the intricacies of a market economy with the creativity and imagination one needs to dream big and accomplish anything. As described by Hayes, the investment in the Geared Turbofan engine proved to be one of Chênevert’s riskiest yet most fruitful and rewarding efforts, proving once again how he has pioneered the promise that UTC will continue to innovate through investment.

Watch Chênevert speak:

José Borghi is a Recognized Advertising Expert

The business world has changed in numerous ways over the past 20 years. One of the changes that has affected how many companies operate in the business world today is advertising. The popularity of the Internet has ushered in a new way of thinking about advertising. For many years, there was a main way of thinking about advertising. It contained what was considered traditional advertising mediums such as television, radio, and news print.

However, over the past few decades, a new advertising medium has emerged that has become one of the most popular mediums in advertising. The medium is the Internet. Online advertising has become a major player in the advertising world. Many company executives have shifted their advertising budgets to take advantage of the popularity of online advertising.

Many companies have approached the idea of online advertising and traditional advertising with the idea of using an outside advertising agency to handle the various aspects of advertising instead of using internal staff. There are benefits to using an outside advertising agency that appeals to some companies in the business world. One of the major benefits is that companies can benefit from the expertise of an advertising agency to get the most out of all the available advertising dollars. Click here to know more.

One of the best advertising agencies in the world is Mullen Lowe Brasil. The agency is known around the world for its creativity and ability to produce great advertising campaigns. At the head of the Mullen Lowe Brasil advertising agency is José Henrique Borghi. An advertising expert who has made a name for himself by creating some of the best advertising creatives over the past decade, José Henrique Borghi is one of the best advertising executives in the world.

José Henrique Borghi is considered the best in the advertising arena in Brazil. His unique approach to advertising is widely viewed by professionals in the advertising industry.

Josh Verne Success Tips

Becoming successful in the modern economic climate is not an easy task. The business industry has also become very competitive, and most people end up with massive losses when they venture into the industry.


Josh Verne is one of the individuals who have done well in their careers. At the moment, the businessman is based in the United States, and he has helped many business people to succeed in life and business. The successful businessman has been in the competitive field for more than two decades, and he has all the knowledge required by the modern consumer. Verne has started several businesses, and they have all turned out to be successful. He is the founder and president of Here are some of the tips used by the businessman.


Balance life

Wise people say that life is a balancing activity. You might be earning a lot of money but fail to live a healthy life. To avoid suffering, ensure that you work towards balancing all the areas of life. Your wealth, personal growth, health, and relationships should not be ignored.


In business, be the leader, not the boss

The management positions in your business are critical. The bosses will use their prestigious title to make people do whatever they want. These individuals will demand to be respected, and they are feared by employees. Leaders are different. They protect the interests of their employees, and they are respected because of their qualities. Individuals who chose to be leaders in their businesses end up being more successful than those who decide to be bosses.



Adam Milstein: Founding Partner At Hager Pacific Properties Talks To Ideamensch

Adam Milstein is known as one of the world’s Top 50 Most Influential Jews according to a list that was published just this last year by the Jerusalem Post. Milstein is a co-founder and Managing Partner of Hager Pacific Properties, named for Adam Milstein’s colleague and friend David Hager. Milstein has invested in properties and managed the portfolio of this real estate broker company, and he’s also started his own foundation for philanthropy. Ideamensch decided to interview Adam Milstein to find out how he got the idea for the company, and what a day in his work usually looks like.


Adam Milstein said he formed the idea for starting his own company because he saw no paths to success in the current landscape of job offers at the time. He doesn’t wait for someone else to take an idea and run with it, but takes the full initiative himself because he believes in doing what others are unwilling or unable to do. So he and David Hager entered the real estate broker business in the commercial sector and soon had enough capital to start their own company. Milstein likes his job because of the unpredictable nature of the market and not knowing what will come next.


Adam Milstein’s loyalty is pledged to Israel, the country of his birth. His parents migrated there in the early years that it became recognized as a nation, and his father fought in the first war before retiring to become a building framer and construction manager. Adam Milstein is the oldest of three, and his life has consisted of traveling around the nation of Israel as a young man due to his father’s job, serving in the Israeli army under Commander Ariel Sharon, and completing his studies at the Israeli Institute of Technology, or Technion as it is known as. He also married Gila Elgrably and has three daughters.


Adam Milstein moved with his family to the US in 1981 when he completed his MBA at USC, and started Hager Pacific Properties not long after. He and Gila founded the Milstein Foundation in the year 2000, and later he became Chairman of several pro Israel organizations including the Israeli-American Council. His work on behalf of Israel and US relations earned him a spot in the Jerusalem Post’s Top 50 Most Influential Jews of 2016 list.

The Importance Of Treating Employees Well

For people that run businesses where they have employees, it is important to treat them well. After all, businessmen need the employees they have so that they can focus on some of the other types of work that they have to do for the business. For one thing, times are changing a lot. Therefore, it is more important than ever that employees are treated better. This is no longer the days where scared employees have to be subject to the raging tyrannical boss who is shouting out threats of job losses. It is better to be more calm and exercise self control.


Josh Verne states that one of the ways to treat employees with more regard is to listen to them. For one thing, employees can be equals. They just hold different positions. When they have solutions, then it is a good ideal to listen to them. For bosses that want to feel big and in control, it is actually a much greater feeling to be able to come to a solution for others. One of the best things to do for some bosses is to swallow their pride and understand that some people have ideas that work well for their businesses.


One thing that Josh Verne believes is that it takes respect to get respect. If one shows respect to others, then he is more likely to get respect back. At the same time, he is to be respectable. For one thing, Josh Verne is so successful because he focuses on being a leader. For one thing, he leads by example and is willing to train others to follow in the ways that he himself goes.


Josh Verne is also willing to help people achieve their own success by giving them tips on what they can do to make sure that their business is a success. There are a lot of techniques that people can learn as well as tools that could be used to take the marketing to the next level. He has a lot of advice for people who are running different businesses and using different models.

How Jose Manuel Gonzalez is focused on transforming the Lives of People in Venezuela.

Jose Manuel Gonzalez is a Venezuelan citizen who runs various successful enterprises and is the current representative of the Guárico State at the National Assembly. He formerly worked as the leader of the Venezuelan Federation’s Chamber of Commerce and was chosen to this position because of his exceptional knowledge and experience in entrepreneurship. Most of Mr. Gonzalez’s ventures are agriculture related, and therefore, the businessperson has adequate knowledge about the sector. He is devoted to sharing his information with the people of Venezuela to help them in improving their lifestyle.

The entrepreneur believes that the government of Venezuela is not run in the proper way since only a few politician make all the major decisions and this has led to infectiveness. Jose Manuel Gonzalez is a very knowledgeable individual, and he has faith that he can represent the citizens of his country by helping them to make necessary changes to the government. He is a popular individual among the Venezuelan people since he has been an active participant in the agriculture sector, which involve a large population. Mr. Gonzalez’s inspiration and dedication to bringing change come from the government of the United States where all the citizens are offered equal opportunities to participate in the leadership of the country. He has always been striving to ensure that the people of his country get jobs in various companies including the ones he owns.

Mr. Gonzalez has raised concerns about how the Venezuelan agriculture sector is managed, and he believes that it is oppressing the stakeholders. The prices of farm products are currently controlled by the government, and therefore, the farmers are not able to make sufficient profits from their products. According to him, the government should adjust the prices of the agriculture products and if it fails the farmers may be forced to smuggle their commodities to neighboring countries such as Colombia. Jose is a diligent individual, and he is has been working to ensure that all businesspeople in the agriculture sector have a better life. He also believes that he can use his knowledge to transform the administration of Venezuela.