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Clay Siegall on Scaling the Heights of Seattle Genetics

Founded in 1998, Seattle Genetics deals in developing and promoting innovative monoclonal antibody therapies for cancer patients. Seattle ranks among the top biotech companies in the United States. Seattle has an estimated value of over $9billion and a provision of employment to more than 900 workers and is the most significant biotech company in Washington. Seattle Genetics makes massive investments in research and marketing and is keen on expansion as it targets to add its employees to over 200 people. Seattle Company also focuses on drug development and taking care of complicated issues emerging in the line of the market for its new drugs.

Seattle has also made commitments to the global market and pledged to spend over 2million in a bid to acquire worldwide rights to commercialize a particular drug developed in New Jersey that treats cancer. Seattle Genetics continues to grow in production rates which have tripled in the last five years. Financial analysts have pinned this success to the severe investments made in the research of several drugs that have a high potential of skyrocketing in the market. The company has focused on the ADC drug fully known as antibody-drug conjugate that targets antigens-protein molecules which help the immune system in the production of antibodies. The ADC works to destroy the cancer cells while maintaining the standard functionality of the tissues. The drug reduces the collateral damage created by the chemotherapy and radiation.

Dr. Clay Siegall currently runs Seattle Genetics as CEO and Chairman. He co-founded Seattle Genetics back in 1998 and had been experiencing tremendous growth ever since. Doctor Siegall formally worked at the Bristrol-Myers Squibb, a pharmaceutical research institute for six yrs before moving to the National Institute of Health and the National cancer institute for close to 4years. Doctor Siegall attained a bachelor’s degree in zoology from the University of Maryland and held a Ph.D. in genetics accomplished at George Washington University.

Clay Siegall also holds a position as a director in two privately owned biotechnology companies which are: Mirna Therapeutics Inc and Alder Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Dr. Siegall partnered with Mr. Fust who previously held the position of chief financial officer and executive vice president at Onyx Pharmaceutical, Inc. He later on served at Jazz Pharmaceutical Inc as the chief financial officer among other legit credentials. Mr. Fust currently holds a position on the board of directors as of a biopharmaceutical company known as Sunesis Pharmaceuticals. Clay Siegall together with partner have been able to scale Seattle Genetics to exceptional heights in the Biopharmaceutical industry