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Business Executive Brian Mulligan

Brian Mulligan is an experienced and well-educated business executive. It pertains to his career achievements. Currently, he serves as CEO of Brooknol Advisers, which is a media, entertainment, and sports advisory company. In the 30- year career, Brian has held various positions in the industry, which include CEO, CFO, and COO. His ambition and business wit led to him effectively running media companies to success. Additionally, Brian has chaired Fox broadcasting and Cable and Co-chaired the Universal Pictures Board. On the same note, he has served as the senior executive adviser at Boston Consulting. His expansive career has been full of success that people see him as the solution to the industry’s solutions. Mr. Mulligan has overseen installation of equipment valued at $175 billion in media and entertainment transaction.

Mr. Mulligan is a renowned sports and film expert. Consequently, he is proficient in recorded and publishing music, TV and cable production, and broadcast. The executive also has experience in cable channels, video games, theme park, an international entertainment, media, DBS and properly structuring companies. He has been in the field for long enough to master most of these skills. Currently, he serves as a member of LA-based Digital Roundtable, Sports Business Institute, and International Entertainment and Media Roundtable. Throughout his career, Brian has received several honors; key among them is the fifty most powerful people in Hollywood, according to Premiere magazine. The Los Angeles Business Journal named him one of the top ten prominent Bankers.

As philanthropic as he is, Brian has been involved in various charities and political causes. The project “a better LA” helped raise $90 million for schools, which included St. Jude, the city of hope and MCA charities. He is also an integral part of the United Way, land of the free foundation, UCLA Anderson Dean Society, UCLA Chancellor’s Associate, YMCA and USC School of Cinema. To add to his long list of achievements, Mulligan has been part of the USC Associates, media and entertainment, and SCB film festival among others.

Brian holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of California. He also holds a master’s degree in Business Administration from John E. Anderson Graduate School, University of California. While studying, he earned several CPA certificates over the years, which include FINRA 63 and 79 licenses, a BS from USC and an MBA from UCLA. As a sportsman, Brian has coached youth tackle football and travel basketball. While running travel basketball, he served as the Commissioner of Youth Basketball League.