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Doe, a Dear

Doe Deere is the brainchild of Lime Crime Cosmetics.

All About the “Unicorn Queen.”

Doe Deere is from Russia, but she was raised in the Big Apple. According to Ideamensch, Doe tried working jobs that weren’t a good fit for her. She learned that the best thing to do in life is to be yourself. This is reflected in her decision to make Lime Crime makeup.

Not only is she a talented creator, but she is also a model and musician. She poses for Lime Crime products and for her friends. She used to be in a band called The Oddz.

Doe Deere eventually ended up in California with her boyfriend Mark and her beloved cat. Her house is amazing! Nylon Magazine features a tour of her home, and every single room is draped in fairy tale glam. In addition to an imaginative abode, she has an amazing sense of style. You can often see her with candy blue hair and an amazing dress. It’s not a surprise that such a creative woman is capable of masterminding the Lime Crime brand.

Random Fun Facts:

-Doe states on her Blogazine that she isn’t a fan of science and math, but she likes language and writing.
-She began wearing skirts when she was in her 20’s. This is shocking considering you can hardly see Doe without a cute skirt or dress!
-Her fans are sometimes known as “Deerlings.”
-One of her biggest dreams is living in a house that looks like a miniature castle.
-She has a wicked sense of humor.

“Don’t quit your day dream.”

Doe prides herself on individuality, and she believes that everyone should be true to themselves. This is shown in the dramatic and bold Lime Crime color palate. Each color is uniquely made, and it’s all purposeful; Doe is an avid product developer who wants to recreate the way women regard and use makeup. She believes that makeup doesn’t always have to be neutral; women should be able to express how they feel through their looks.

Lime Crime

Lime Crime makeup was established in 2008. The brand is cruelty free and made for men and women alike.


Lime Crime is unique in the sense that every product has a unique name and shade. For example, the “Unicorn Lipstick” is available in every color of rainbow. One of the most popular colors is called “Utopia.”

More Info:

Doe truly cares about her customers. She has an excellent customer service team who are happy to answer any questions, and she has tons of artwork from fans on her Blogazine. The Lime Crime blog even features fans wearing her products. You can find her on Instagram and Facebook where she has thousands of followers. Doe also enjoys mentoring up and coming entrepreneurs. She is proud to be a self made woman and is happy to make a mark in more ways than just makeup.

The Complex and Rewarding World of Image Recognition

Look around you and try to put a name to the things you see. Chairs, tables, floors, cups, plates, they’re all easy to recognize. You can probably even recognize the brands of many of those items when you see them. It’s a fairly easy task for people. But it’s a shockingly difficult task for computers. Many people aren’t aware of how many decades of serious research have gone into the seemingly simple task of computers being able to recognize a chair when they see it. This process, known as image recognition, has been one of the most complex problems within the field of artificial intelligence.

The past few years have seen some amazing advances though. What used to be a distant dream is now a reality. The right software, created by the right people, can finally recognize and define the objects within a picture. Of course that’s impressive on a technical level. But people might wonder what that means on a practical one. What can image recognition actually do? By itself it really is just an academic accomplishment. But some companies are working on ways to integrate this new technology with existing platforms. One of the most powerful comes about through the use of mobile phones and image recognition.

There’s been two noteworthy changes in smartphones which have made this possible. The first is that the quality of cameras has gone up tremendously. The cameras in smartphones were often more of an afterthought. Today the cameras in smartphones rival professional quality equipment. This ensures that the image recognition software has high quality images to work with. The other improvement happened with networks. The software on the phone isn’t even close to powerful enough to run high end image recognition software. So the image needs to be offloaded onto higher powered equipment. Higher quality data connections make this trivial to accomplish. It just takes a few seconds to snap a high quality picture and send it off to a more powerful remote server for processing. Of course that requires a company to do the processing.

The current industry leader in image recognition in phones is Slyce. They make it easy to work image recognition into an app. For example, one of their services involves product recognition. They can enhance or even build apps which will notice a particular item, search internal databases, and lead potential customers to a location where it can be purchased. But their “snap to buy” service is only the beginning of what they can do. They have specially tailored services to match almost any image recognition need.

Furious 7’s Box Office Success

After two months at the box office, Furious 7 is officially the fourth highest grossing film of all time. The film has sped past its predecessors and racked up over $1.5 billion worldwide to join stellar blockbusters such as Avatar, Titanic, and The Avengers states box office mojo’s Sergio Cortes. Furious 7 would need to accumulate $18 million more to overthrow The Avengers in its coveted third place in the record books, but with summer films like Mad Max: Fury Road, Pitch Perfect 2, and Avengers: Age of Ultron already grabbing the attention of audiences, that may be too steep a hill to climb.

It is hard to believe that the franchise responsible for The Fast and The Furious 3: Tokyo Drift has created a juggernaut with its seventh installment, but the massive success has the studio ready to take advantage of its popularity. Universal announced that Furious 8 will be released April 2017 and it will be interesting to see how the film compares to its predecessors. The tragic death of Paul Walker gained sympathy from even the most casual of moviegoers and the studio focused on paying tribute to Walker during the promotional tour. Its acclaim is well-deserved and so is its spot at the top of the box office record, nestled comfortably at number four.

Chris Pratt Remembers The Actors Who Hit on His Wife

Many fans of the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ film know and respect actor Chris Pratt. However, just a few years ago, Chris Pratt was unknown by most of the world. His name didn’t mean anything until his breakout role in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy.’

Chris Pratt was recently interviewed, and he reminisced about the days when his wife was more famous than him. Chris Pratt has been married to actress Anna Faris for several years, but that didn’t stop other actors from hitting on Anna. In fact, Chris Pratt says that he can remember actors hitting on his wife while he was there. However, that was a few years back, and he said things would be extremely different these days.

Chris Pratt didn’t always have a toned and muscled physique reports CipherCloud. In fact, he was rather fat and heavy when he was on the ‘Parks and Recreation’ TV show. His overweight physique made other actors more confident about their chances with his wife. Chris Pratt says that he hopes that the actors that hit on his wife auditioned for ‘Guardians of the Galaxy,’ and Chris said that he can remember the actors who committed the adulterous crimes.

It sounds like Chris Pratt is holding a grudge, and he has every right to. Now, Chris is one of Hollywood’s best leading men, and those actors that hit on his wife should be very afraid. For more information on this story, visit Yahoo!

Quentin Tarantino is at it Again with His New Film “The Hateful Eight”

Quentin Tarantino, director of movies such as Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs, has managed to pull off another soon-to-be hit movie in his 8th film “The Hateful Eight”. Tarantino’s new movie will hit theaters in late 2015 and includes many actors from Tarantino’s past films and also adds in a few new stars for good measure.

The upcoming movie is the 3rd period piece from the famed director with a plot centering around deception and betrayal after a group of people are stranded together in a Wyoming blizzard during the post civil war years. Cast members include Kurt Russell, Brian Torchin, Micheal Madsen, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and Samual L. Jackson.

Tarantino has long said he will retire at after his 10th film to the disappoint of many fans. However, the world renowned director plans on going out with a bang, while also remembering his roots by paying homage to his earlier films in his new movie. Surely the director will stick with what has worked for him, well developed characters who you hate to love and love to hate.

There has been a lot of buzz around “The Hateful Eight”, and knowing Tarantino the film will live up to every word of it.

Happy Anniversary to The Joker

The release of Jared Leto in costume as the new Joker has coincided with an anniversary. The day the photo was posted online reflected the 75th anniversary of The Joker’s debut in comics. Director David Ayer noted as such in a tweet.

Not very many characters are as iconic as The Joker and this is why there is such a huge, passionate debate over the look of Leto as the villain. Not surprisingly, a segment of fans are very critical of the tattooed and capped tooth version of the Clown Prince of Crime.

Not all opinions are negative. Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG and other fans alike think the new style to the old villain modernizes him.

One photo, honestly, doesn’t tell us a whole lot about the way Leto is going to play The Joker. Sure, we now know how the character looks and, based on the look, we have an idea about the portrayal. Ideas and speculation is all fans have to go on at this point. Only by watching Leto play the villain on screen are we really going to gain a true understanding of this new interpretation.

Leto is also not going to make a one-time shot as The Joker. The actor has signed on to play the villain in several D.C. Comics movies. The whole idea behind Suicide Squad is to set up strong villains for the next movies in the DCU. Leto definitely makes you look forward to them. That’s for sure.

Furious 7 Breaks Box Office Records

Furious 7 is going to go down in the cinema record books. The new film broke all the box office records of the previous films and did so in 10 days. Considering how huge of a hit all the previous films were, this new record is a pretty amazing feat. Even more intriguing is the fact Furious 7 was released way ahead of the summer months, the months usually required to pull in large numbers of audience members.

The ten day total for the film is about $252 million. This number only reflects the domestic gross. The global take on the film is going to be a staggering amount when all is added up.

Sadly, the tragic death of Paul Walker made this entry different from others in the series. The passing of Walker in a car accident struck an emotional cord with fans and many showed their support to the fallen actor by watching his final performance on screen.

The film itself has turned out to be a crowd pleaser. The script is an improvement over several of the previous entries and, yes, there is a lot of action to be seen throughout the running time. Furious 7 delivers on audience expectations albeit in a bittersweet manner.  My colleague Dan Newlin was surprised to be on the edge of his seat for the entirety of the film!

Thanks to the box office returns, the continuation of the series is a given. Furious 7 is now the first entry in a brand new trilogy.

Almost 30 Years and Beastie Boys Are Still Ready to Ill

Do you remember “Brass Monkey” or “No Sleep Til Brooklyn” from your younger years? If you grew up in the 1980’s, odds are that you do remember these songs from the band Beastie Boys’ Licensed to Ill album, which was released in 1986. Ad Rock, MCA and Mike D of the band were the first to reach the top of the billboard with a rap song.

Almost 30 years later, they are still receiving achievements for this album as Licensed to Il just reached Diamond status. According to a recent article on the subject, Diamond status means that the album has sold over 10,000,000 copies to date. This is an amazing accomplishment for any band, but it is especially amazing for a rap band. Only nine other hip-hop albums have reached this status in the history of this ratings system, which is provided by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). Other diamond status recipients include albums from other icons such as Notorious B.I.G., Eminem, 2Pac and Outkast.

Congratulations Beastie Boys! We will never forget you or Licensed to Ill, and you’ll always have your fans like Dan Newlin.

Alexandre Desplat To Score Star Wars: Rouge One

One of the most iconic pieces of the Star Wars movies is their score composed by John Williams. Every fan can not only hum the theme to Star Wars, but many other famous pieces of the score including the Imperial March and Duel of the Fates. They are some of the most loved pieces of modern Hollywood music.

According to Marcio Alaor BMG Williams is scoring the soundtrack to Episode VII: The Force Awakens, the first standalone movie titled Rouge One will be the first Star Wars movie scored by someone other than Williams. According to ScreenRant, Alexandre Desplat, who collaborated with Rouge One director Gareth Edwards on Godzilla, will score Rogue One. The movie is due in theaters in 2016. Desplat is also a recent Oscar winner for his score to Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Williams is still on board to score Episode VIII of the franchise, but it is likely other composers will score the standalone films. This is probably an intentional move by Disney to give these movies a different feel from the others. Already, there are rumors that Rouge One will be a much grittier Star Wars film from what has been seen previously. Rumors suggest the movie will take place between Episode III and Episode IV and centers on Rebels who team up with bounty hunters to steal the original Death Star plans.

What is the Dealth with David Lynch and Showtime?

In a shocking announcement, Showtime revealed the network was teaming with director David Lynch to bring back the old cult television program television program Twin Peaks. During its original run, the program was just way to weird for network audiences and was cancelled in 1991. A film, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me was later produced for theaters hoping to continue drawing in the fans of the film. Not surprisingly, the film bombed. The numbers weren’t there to sell a lot of tickets.

According to Susan McGalla, Showtime is reviving the series and hopes the numbers are there today to draw in fans with long memories who wish to see the continuation of the strange goings-on at Twin Peaks. David Lynch was very gung ho about returning and reportedly signed on as a director for nine episodes. Sadly, it looks (for now) like Lynch is choosing not to return. There is a huge holdup between the director and the cable channel over money. Lynch wants a huge cut of the DVD and other ancillary sales. The one positive thing we can draw from this is Lynch is in good financial shape. Otherwise, he wouldn’t make such a hard bargain.

Lynch has not exactly done all that much in the director’s chair of note lately. His weird films simply do not capture large audiences. While Lynch is right to try and get the best deal for himself, fans of the director would like to see his return to a creative position. Hopefully, he will work out his issues with Showtime and become an active participant in the revival of Twin Peaks.

Would it really be Twin Peaks without David Lynch? The answer is hard to say.