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Comedians Claim that Political Correctness is Messing with Their Careers

When one makes a living out of telling jokes and picking on those individuals around them they can’t be politically correct in all that they do. When it comes to the job of a comedian these individuals need to have the freedom to say what they want to say. The world, though, is becoming more and more politically correct. It seems that the freedom that comedians once had is disappearing, and they are noticing the difference that this is bringing about when it comes to their careers says Ivan Ong.

The comedians that are out there need to say things that are a bit edgy in order to get the laughs. A comedian can’t be unoffensive all the time, not if they want to bring about humor in a special way. As more and more people push for political correctness in every area it is getting harder for comedians to keep their careers going strong. In the fight for political correctness comedians are losing some of their ability to make jokes and poke fun at those around them.