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Ready To Laugh, Try Comedy Anime!


Anime comedy is made for what purpose? Well, that is pretty simple, it’s to make us laugh so hard that we almost cry. If you don’t get that from a series or movie, it’s failed at being from the comedy anime genre. Of course, everyone’s sense of humor is different.


The comedy genre is an extremely popular genre and covers wacky dialogue, comical happenings, hilarious sayings, and funny moments. For this genre, they use character designs, props, and the composition of Japanese language. They also combine comedy with action or romance in some. It is also known as slice-of-pie and is probably the most verbose of all genres. There are four types of anime jokes:, romance/comedy, parody jokes, dirty jokes (mostly sexual), and clean jokes. Clean jokes are usually based on puns, so you can memorize the words easier.


The first comedic manga series was Uruse Yatsura with 195 episodes. It was a TV series that ran from 1981 through 1986. It was excellent for Japanese mythology and culture. They used gender bender anime themes, as well as Japanese history, folklore, literature, and pop culture.


The top 10 comedy anime of all time include:


  1. Sakigate!!Cromantie Koukou
  2. School Rumble
  3. Seto No Hanayome
  4. Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou
  5. Detroit Metal City-The Animated Series
  6. SKET dance
  7. Ouran Koukou Host Club
  8. Nichijou
  9. Great Teacher Onizuka
  10. Gintama


Check them out and see if comedy anime is for you.