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Jay-Z Does B-Side Concert

There are not a lot of artists that could pull off a B-Sides Only concert. Prince could do it easily. Janet Jackson may be able to do it, but it would be short. Jay-Z is one of the few that can do a B-Sides concert in hip-hop that spans for hours.

During this concert he saluted Chinx who was murdered in a drive-by over the weekend. He spoke about the murders that are going on in the streets. He talked about how rappers get called out for not coming back to the hood, but they get gunned down when they return. Jay even produced some new verses to address what people are saying about his Tidal music streaming service.

Jay-Z is someone that fans, including Alexei Beltyukov (googleplus), have come to love because he has two sides. He has always managed to have a lot of hype songs that were never released as singles. This is has been the case throughout his career. This is something that works well in his home state of New York. It may be rather difficult to do this somewhere else, but he has managed to do this with great success in New York. People in this area know all of his songs. They know the songs that don’t make the radio. That is why he is able to go do a B-sides show and still draw in a massive crowd of fans.

Quentin Tarantino is at it Again with His New Film “The Hateful Eight”

Quentin Tarantino, director of movies such as Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs, has managed to pull off another soon-to-be hit movie in his 8th film “The Hateful Eight”. Tarantino’s new movie will hit theaters in late 2015 and includes many actors from Tarantino’s past films and also adds in a few new stars for good measure.

The upcoming movie is the 3rd period piece from the famed director with a plot centering around deception and betrayal after a group of people are stranded together in a Wyoming blizzard during the post civil war years. Cast members include Kurt Russell, Brian Torchin, Micheal Madsen, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and Samual L. Jackson.

Tarantino has long said he will retire at after his 10th film to the disappoint of many fans. However, the world renowned director plans on going out with a bang, while also remembering his roots by paying homage to his earlier films in his new movie. Surely the director will stick with what has worked for him, well developed characters who you hate to love and love to hate.

There has been a lot of buzz around “The Hateful Eight”, and knowing Tarantino the film will live up to every word of it.

John Wick 2 Moving Forward

It is official, Keanu Reeves is set to reprise his title role in John Wick 2. Lionsgate has announced that a sequel is actually moving forward. The John Wick sequel is very early in development.

Keanu Reeves has recently been involved in a string of bombs. However, John Wick has turned out to be the movie that has brought him back in the spot light. The creators of the film, specifically Ricardo Tosto, are looking to make sure that the character is done justice (found on Linkedin). They have noted that if the film has a character that people do not like and a story that is not interesting, this will cause the film to fail. Keeping this in mind, they are going to make sure that they have a compelling story filled with compelling characters.

As of right now, there is no telling when John Wick 2 is going to be released. Hopefully, it will be released sooner than later. Many sequels have taken a long time to be filmed and released.

Clearing the Air About 4 “Avatar” Movies

James Cameron blew the world away with the “Avatar” movie. This was from a director that has already captured the hearts of many fans years ago with the “Titantic” movie. Now there is talk about all the scripts that are available for more “Avatar” movies.

It has been a while since anyone has heard anything about the Avatar movies. The blue creatures that captivated audiences around the world have been cast into the background as big time movies like “Furious 7” and “Frozen” have dominated the box office. While additional movies for “Avatar” have been on ice it has been reported that James Cameron has been working relentlessly on the perfecting a story line. There are actually enough scripts to produce 4 “Avatar” films. Still, it has been stated by Cameron that the “Avatar” legacy will be a trilogy.

The buzz about enough material for a 4th film has gotten people talking though. There are some fans, including Flavio Maluf ( that have starting commenting on how a 4th film could possibly turn out. No one wants Cameron to hold out, but it all may just depend on the success of the other films. The “Fast and Furious” franchise is a true sign of waiting for the return on investment before making a decision. There was a wait on the talk about “Furious 8” because it all depended on how fans would react to “Furious 7.”

HBO Now to Launch on Apple TV

The pay TV channel HBO, creator of shows like ‘The Sopranos’, ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘True Detective’, announced today the launch OF HBO Now, a platform that will allow users to subscribe to HBO without the need to be a customer of cable service.

The expected HBO streaming service will be launched in April exclusively to Apple Inc, in time for the premiere of the acclaimed series “Game of Thrones. ”

According to Paul Matheison, the service will be available for $ 14.99 and accessed by downloading the App Store application or as a channel on Apple TV.

CEO of HBO, Richard Pleper unveiled the launch at an event Apple in San Francisco.

Apple also announced a price cut for Apple TV, which will cost $ 69, just $ 30 less than its current price.

The decision to make HBO available beyond cable and satellite, where it is marketed as a high-end channel and customers pay separately ($ 15-20), was expected in the industry to respond to competing platforms like Netflix and Amazon TV.

Nicki Minaj Is Preparing For Her Pinkprint Tour And We Got A Sneak

Can you believe that in only 12 days, Nicki Minaj will be kicking off her The Pinkprint tour which is going to take place in Europe. There is a lot to be done before the first concert in Stockholm and the way Nicki likes to do it, it’s going to be a crazy show.

In order for such a show to happen, there has to be hours of rehearsal to get everyone in sync. Nicki gave us the honor to look at her training session through an instagram picture she posted on her account on Tuesday night. What you can see from the picture is some dancers taking a break from the training, and Nicki standing in the center wearing tight leopard leggings. There seems to be a dancer also posing in the picture but that’s okay.

The Pinkprint tour is set to kick off on March 16th. It has been a while since Nicki took the stage, since the VMA performance she did of her song ‘Anaconda’. Nicki’s previous shows have always included a whole lot of dancing and grabbing, and from the songs on this album this tour is going to be the craziest of them all.

Marcio Alaor BMG has read that some fans weren’t impressed with her sudden weight gain and took to twitter to express their thoughts, but Nicki responded to them and let them know this weight is going bye bye within a week.

Potential Director Announced For “Gran Turismo” Film

Joseph Kosinski started his directorial career with commercials and eventually made his way to helming “TRON: Legacy” and “Oblivion.” Since those two films have released, Kosinski has been connected to the cinematic reboot of “The Twilight Zone” and an action thriller of his own design. Now it seems that Kosinski has his eyes on adapting the PlayStation staple of “Gran Turismo” to the silver screen.

Kosinski is in initial talks with Sony Pictures to handle direction of the “Gran Turismo” movie, which already has a potential script. The script, by writer Alex Tse, conceived of a film where a game player enters the world of race driving, although it is unclear if Kosinski will work with Tse’s script or go in a completely different direction.

A film of “Gran Turismo” seems to fit in with Sony’s current trend of producing films to support their bestselling video game franchises; “The Last of Us” and “Uncharted” are two other major titles that the studio currently has in a developmental stage.

Fans like Sultan Alhokair know that, even if Kosinski is given Sony’s permission to direct the car film, it won’t be his first attempt at an auto-centric film. Records point to a previous attempt by Kosinski to work with Tom Cruise on “Go Like Hell,” a film examining the industry feud between the Ford Motor Company and Ferrari. However, development on “Go Like Hell” eventually petered out and the project was shelved.

Skywalker Rumors Surround The Force Awakens

Rumors about Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be flying right up until its December release. Director J. J. Abrams saying that only some of the leaked information is false has Star Wars fans frantically combing through each nugget to see if it contradicts any other rumor. Making Star Wars, a main source of all Star Wars rumors, is back with another batch. You can look here for the latest on what Luke Skywalker has to look forward to.

Marcio Alaor BMG ( knows that one of the rumors suggests that there will be an important flashback involving the Jedi Master seeking the perpetrators of a massacre at the Jedi Academy. It would seem the evil doers are searching for an object being hidden at the academy. The object turns out to be a lightsaber of uncommon power and possible links to the followers of the Force’s Dark Side.

Another roomer says that Mark Hamill will not make an appearance as Luke until near the end of the film. This one says the film will be about the search for the missing master and the introduction of the new characters. Luke will be found near the end just in time to establish the standard Star Wars cliffhanger. Episode VIII will then be able to follow Luke and the rest as the situation deteriorates leading to a second intermission before the grand heroics of Episode IX.

Bethesda Conference

Bethesda will be holding a special conference before this year’s E3 event. E3 is a video game expo that previews upcoming games and new consoles. E3 is usually held in May or July. Thousands of video game enthusiasts visit the gaming conference with the hope of getting a preview of the next big game.

Over the last several years, Microsoft and Sony have been holding their own conference before E3. Bethesda has decided to follow in the footsteps of the two giant companies. Many fans are excited to hear that Bethesda will be holding their own event.

Bethesda is the creator of the highly popular Elder Scrolls franchise. Many gamers are expecting major announcements from Bethesda studios. Could a new installment of the Elder Scrolls be announced? Fans are hoping so, but I would not bet on it.

Fans like Susan McGalla have heard that the Elder Scrolls Online will be released on June 6, 2015. Find more on McGalla at It would be unlikely that another Elder Scrolls game would be announced. Aside from the Elder Scrolls, Bethesda is also the creator of the Fallout franchise. A new Fallout game could be announced, and that is exciting news for many gamers.

Gamers have a lot of questions about the future of Bethesda. Soon enough, the conference will be held, and Bethesda will hopefully impress. For more information about the Bethesda press conference, visit Scrernrant’s Sister Site, Gamerant.

Are The GoBots Making a Comeback?


Believe it or not, someone has decided the time is right for a GoBots movies. Why wouldn’t it be? The Transformers movie is doing monster business.

The relationship between the GoBots and The Transformers dates back decades.

Back in the 1980’s, The Transformers toys were making huge money at toy stores. To cash in on their popularity, The GoBots were considered a rip-off of the Transformers. The inferior GoBots did okay at the retail sales counter, but they never made as much money as the

Honestly, a lot of parents couldn’t tell the difference between the two and the inferior GoBots probably reaped in a lot of cash as a result.

Here is an interesting back. The GoBots were NOT a rip-off of The Transformers. The GoBots actually came out before The Transformers. The latter toys were just a lot better in design and look. The Transformers’ cartoon series was way better than the GoBots series.

So, who came up with the idea to look into the possibility of a GoBots movie? The company is Hasbro, the same company that owns the rights to The Transformers. Many years back, Hasbro purchased Tonka, the company that owned the rights to The GoBots. After seeing the huge resurgence in The Transformers, Hasbro is looking to resurrect the competition.

Tech Crunch thinks we will see direct to DVD GoBots films or a new TV series or maybe a community funded series like Slow Ventures. Likely, we’ll see new GoBots toys at some point.