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Early Career and Contributions of Drew Madden to the Success of Evergreen Healthcare Partners

Drew Madden is a distinguished entrepreneur specializing in healthcare information technology. Drew is an expert in Electronic Medical Records, Healthcare Information, and epic systems. He studied industrial engineering at the University of Iowa.

Career History and Achievements of Drew Madden

While at the university, Drew Madden was appointed student advisor. This was his first job. Drew worked at the facility for about four years before joining Cener Corporation. His roles at Cener Corporation included clinical applications implementation at hospitals in Chicago. Madden acquired certification from CPOE, PharmNet, and Emar application modules. He was hired by Healthia Consulting/Ingenix in 2006 and helped the company put into practice Epic inpatient applications. While at Healthia Consulting/Ingenix, Drew Madden helped the company obtain certification in Clinical Documentation, Inpatient Procedure Orders, Willow, and Inpatient Medication Orders. Moreover, Drew worked at Ingenix Consulting as a regional sales director. In 2010, Drew Madden moved to Nordic Consulting Partners and worked there for seven months as an executive vice president. Nordic Consulting Partners is a renowned consulting firm. It has won many awards and is ranked among the best in terms of Epic implementation services provision. Under the leadership of Drew Madden, Nordic Consulting Partners increased its number of employees to 725. Moreover, its annual revenue increased by $130,000,000. Drew Madden successfully increased Nordic Consulting Partners’ clients from three to 150 partners.

The Role of Drew Madden at Evergreen Healthcare Partners

Currently, Drew Madden works at Evergreen Healthcare Partners as a managing partner. Drew played a key role in the establishment of the company. Evergreen Healthcare Partners provides high-quality IT services to numerous clinical facilities. It is considered one of the leading providers of IT services in the country. Additionally, the company provides other services to its large client base. Evergreen Healthcare Providers employs highly qualified professionals who are dedicated to offering high-quality services and creating long-lasting engagements with customers. Drew’s company is dedicated to providing unique and personalized advisory services for HER platforms and HCIT applications. Drew Madden works round the clock to make sure that his clients and staff feel empowered to maximize their IT investments, achieve more, and improve outcomes.