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Many Fans No Longer Impressed by Supernatural

Although Supernatural’s fan-base has increased and the show’s ratings have gone up year-after-year, resulting in many good deeds through charitable organizations promoted by the actors such as those that Jensen Ackles spoke about recently in an April 29th Variety article, a lot of the show’s initial, longest-lasting fans are not impressed with it any longer.

There are a wide variety of reasons why previously devoted fans have stopped watching it or started to criticize it more:

Over ten seasons, Supernatural’s writers and actors have merely played out the same story again and again: Sam and Dean are in a dysfunctional sibling relationship in which one of them makes a bad supernatural decision every season to save the other, they fight about it and then their close friends, allies and pretty much everyone in the world suffers for their decisions. Fans like Gianfrancesco Genoso know that every time they choose to separate and build relationships with other people, they eventually return to one another and their dysfunctional relationship.

Worse yet, even after years of vocal viewer offline and online complaints, the writers and actors continue to promote onscreen ideas and attitudes that a few charitable acts off-screen will never balance out: Specifically, the show is well-known for promoting misogynistic attitudes toward women, discrimination against people of color, members of the LGBT+ community and fanfiction writers and “queerbaiting.”

Critics have noted that the show’s ratings are mostly reflecting new and syndication viewers.

Zayn Malik Leaves One Direction

All good things eventually come to an end, and the show must always go on. Apparently in the world of the young heartthrobs both those sentiments are very true. While staying mostly intact since their amazing rise to fame and glory, the band One Direction is experiencing a shift in members. The move comes as the band is in the midst of another tour, but it seems like there will be little impact on the band.

According to BBC, Zayn Malik has decided to call it quits as a member of the band after five years. The band will continue the tour as a four member band, but will also record a fifth album later this year. The official announcement comes about a week after Malik left the world tour because of stress. In the end though, anyone with tickets to any of the remaining dates for One Direction will still be in for quite a show.

Fans at Anastasia Date know that the band has had a remarkable couple of years selling out massive concert venues and releasing hit song after hit song. Even without Zayn, it seems like the future of the band is fairly safe. However, Malik’s future is still under wraps, but it seems like a safe bet that he will be taking a bit of time to relax and get his head together. All of that fame comes with a staggering price of being on the go all the time, but the actual reaction from fans will be gauged over the next few weeks.

Toto Bass Player Dies of ALS

Sadly, Mike Porcaro, the bass player for progressive rock band Toto for many years, has recently passed away. He died of ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Porcaro joined Toto in 1982, which was when the band was at the peak of their popularity following the release of their album Toto IV. Along with two of his brothers who were also in the band, he contributed to a number of albums. He left the band in the mid-2000’s since his health no longer allowed him to perform. He was inducted along with the rest of Toto into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2009.

While it is sad when anyone dies, I think it is especially sad when someone dies of ALS. As Alexei Beltyukov knows, this terrible disease slowly robs its victims of their motor skills. Instead of a quick and merciful death, people with ALS are fully conscious of their own physical decline. This must be especially tough for musicians or athletes with the disease, since they once depended on those very abilities for their livelihood. When Lou Gehrig himself contracted the disease, fellow athletes expressed shock and horror at seeing how quickly his baseball skills deteriorated.

By all accounts, Porcaro was upbeat and brave during the years of his disease. While Toto continues to perform without him, his unique presence and musicianship will be missed by his fans.

Kid Ink’s New Video “Be Real” Bloody

Kid Ink has a new album in store for his fans under the title ‘Full Speed’, and the first music video to come out of the album is already being prepared of the song “Be Real” with Kid Ink and Dej Loaf. The release of the music video is going to show a new side of Ink who was known for his radio hits. The song is production of DJ Mustard which was dedicated to Ink’s latest album.

DJ Mustard’s crew of writers had sent the beat to Ink with the general idea behind how the hook can be used and Ink did all the rest by applying that hook all over the song and making it the hit it will be when it comes out.

The video itself can be a little crazy because you got Ink sitting on a sofa chair watching what looks like about 10 different television sets with nothing but crosses displayed on the screens. Flavio Pentagna Guimaraes BMG knows that it’s supposed to portray the different things played on TV as a whole lot of holy messages that everyone takes so seriously and lives by.

The video is somewhat gothic as well a girl dancing in a bath filled with blood that is just poured all over her body and it kind of looks border line sexy and disgusting.

The video director definitely took a new approach with this video and it is worth watching.

Nicki Minaj Is Preparing For Her Pinkprint Tour And We Got A Sneak

Can you believe that in only 12 days, Nicki Minaj will be kicking off her The Pinkprint tour which is going to take place in Europe. There is a lot to be done before the first concert in Stockholm and the way Nicki likes to do it, it’s going to be a crazy show.

In order for such a show to happen, there has to be hours of rehearsal to get everyone in sync. Nicki gave us the honor to look at her training session through an instagram picture she posted on her account on Tuesday night. What you can see from the picture is some dancers taking a break from the training, and Nicki standing in the center wearing tight leopard leggings. There seems to be a dancer also posing in the picture but that’s okay.

The Pinkprint tour is set to kick off on March 16th. It has been a while since Nicki took the stage, since the VMA performance she did of her song ‘Anaconda’. Nicki’s previous shows have always included a whole lot of dancing and grabbing, and from the songs on this album this tour is going to be the craziest of them all.

Marcio Alaor BMG has read that some fans weren’t impressed with her sudden weight gain and took to twitter to express their thoughts, but Nicki responded to them and let them know this weight is going bye bye within a week.

Skywalker Rumors Surround The Force Awakens

Rumors about Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be flying right up until its December release. Director J. J. Abrams saying that only some of the leaked information is false has Star Wars fans frantically combing through each nugget to see if it contradicts any other rumor. Making Star Wars, a main source of all Star Wars rumors, is back with another batch. You can look here for the latest on what Luke Skywalker has to look forward to.

Marcio Alaor BMG ( knows that one of the rumors suggests that there will be an important flashback involving the Jedi Master seeking the perpetrators of a massacre at the Jedi Academy. It would seem the evil doers are searching for an object being hidden at the academy. The object turns out to be a lightsaber of uncommon power and possible links to the followers of the Force’s Dark Side.

Another roomer says that Mark Hamill will not make an appearance as Luke until near the end of the film. This one says the film will be about the search for the missing master and the introduction of the new characters. Luke will be found near the end just in time to establish the standard Star Wars cliffhanger. Episode VIII will then be able to follow Luke and the rest as the situation deteriorates leading to a second intermission before the grand heroics of Episode IX.

Joe Rogan Verbally Assaults Brendan Schaub

Joe Rogan is well known in the world of mixed martial arts and television. Rogan was the host of Fear Factor for many years, and he recently had his own shown on the Syfy network. Joe Rogan is also a commentator for the UFC.

Fans like Bernardo Chua know that Rogan also hosts his own podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience. Joe Rogan is also a comedian, Jiu Jitsu black belt, and a respected comedian. Rogan has done more things in one lifetime than many people could ever dream of. His talent cannot be denied, but a recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience was extremely controversial.

Joe Rogan interviewed UFC fighter Brendan Schaub. Schaub was recently knocked out in the first round against Travis Browne. Joe Rogan had harsh criticism for Brendan, and he proceeded to verbally destroy Brendan. Joe told Brendan that he should quit the UFC. Schaub was speechless, and it appeared as if he was about to cry.

Joe Rogan laid it on thick. He bashed Brendan Schaub’s fighting skills. Schaub did not say much back, but Joe continuously berated him. Joe Rogan told Brendan Schaub that Cain Velasquez would destroy him.

Many listeners of the podcast agreed with Joe, while some listeners supported Brendan Schaub. Schaub has returned to the show since the verbal beat down, and the two men appear to joke about the entire situation. For more information about Joe Rogan and Brendan Schaub, visit Yahoo! Sports.

Jimmy Page Talks About Physical Graffiti

Led Zeppelin guitar player Jimmy Page discusses the band’s classic album Physical Graffiti and other related subjects in a recent interview in Rolling Stone Magazine.

One interesting topic he touched on was what the phrase “Physical Graffiti” actually means. Page said at the time the record was recorded, in the mid 1970’s, graffiti was starting to appear all over England. Page said the graffiti was actually mainly quotes from literature. Fans like Susan McGalla has also heard that he said that what the band was putting on tape was a kind of “physical” graffiti, as opposed to a graffiti of words. More on McGalla can be found on

Page also spoke about the classic Zeppelin tune “Kashmir,” one of the most weird and wonderful songs in the band’s catalog in my opinion. He talked about how the song started out as a very simple riff that he had written on acoustic guitar and that more and more sounds and instruments were layered on top of it in the studio. Page mentioned that Zeppelin drummer John Bonham provided the heavy percussion that was key to making the song work and he also spoke about the challenges of recording an orchestra on the song.

Finally, Page mentioned that he is working on a new recording of his own currently. This will be an instrumental recording using many different guitar sounds and playing techniques. Since Page is a player with so many diverse styles, it should be interesting.

The Continued Success of the Antique Wine Company

The Antique Wine Company has continued to be one of the most successful wine companies in the world. This organization is the largest wine company in the world, and a large part of the success of this organization has to do with the leadership of CEO Stephen Williams.

It is under his lead that the company has built a storage facility with more than 10,000 different wines. This is what leads a lot of customers to continue patronizing this organization. The Antique Wine Company has managed to break records with their large collection of wines. This company has been known to also break records for selling things like the most expensive bottle of wine. This wine, a $100,000 bottle of 1811 Chateau d’Yquem, still holds the record today.

Another thing that has kept this company in the front of the competitors is the number of services that this organization offers. The are employees that work for The Antique Wine Company that can help you design your cellar for your own wines. It is also easier to sell your wines through The Antique Wine Company. There are also people that may have a desire to store their wines through The Antique Wine Company. This is very popular for someone that may have a lot of wines, but they may not have the home with the appropriate wine cellar.

Stephen Williams founded the company and all of these great services have been provided under his leadership. He had to ability to see wine and the services associated with wine on a global scale. That is why the company has continued to grow and expand at such a rapid rate. Unlike many other smaller wine companies that may have only advertised to a limited market, Williams saw a bigger vision for The Antique Wine Company. This organization actually has business operations in more than 60 countries. This global scale of business allows The Antique Wine Company to dominate in a major way.

There are also some VIP services that are available for parties. These different services have allowed The Antique Wine Company to build a unique brand with things like concierge packages. This can be good for events like weddings and conferences. Stephen Williams has carved out a special place in the world for the business he founded. He has made the Antique Wine Company a brand to be recognized everywhere.