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Lots of Tears and Smiles During Younger Season Finale

Last night’s season finale for TV Land’s Younger dealt with Josh finally knowing the truth and revealed just how close Liza is to losing everything at a moment’s notice.

The episode began with Liza sending Maggie home in a cab so she could search for Paul Mathieson. She found him at the bar they frequent and she tried to tell him the truth about herself, but he quickly shut her down and told her he did not want to see her ever again.

At work, Liza and Kelsey had a strong friendship moment after Kelsey learned about the breakup and went to the bar with Lauren to try to talk to Josh on Liza’s behalf. Liza still didn’t tell the girls her secrets, but she thanked Kelsey for being her friend.

The scary part of the episode involved Liza bumping into an old co-worker who recognized her. The co-worker tried to blackmail her for insider secrets, but, after some great advice from Maggie, Liza stopped the woman by telling her that she kept copies of emails about the blackmail and that she would release them to the public.

Lastly, Liza gave Josh a flash drive that revealed all of her secrets via a photo slideshow. After watching it, he asked Liza to coffee so that he could get to know the real her. Also, Liza’s daughter, Caitlin, announced that she was coming home.