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Suicide Squad is About Family

David Ayer reveals that the theme of Suicide Squad is family. This doesn’t really come as a surprise when you look at the premise of the film as it is being presented by David Ayer. One clue is the cast that he uses in order to bring the comic book to life. Will Smith is one of the cast members that is quite recognizable. Another recognizable element is the character Harley Quinn, who was created to be a woman who is head over heels with the Joker.

There is very little official information released. David Ayer himself has shown himself to be good with crime stories according to my friends at the cell phone provider freedompop review. He has also put together an amazing War epic with the film Fury.

The set photos release offer a promising look at the film that is being produced. Each of the characters look like they are going to be faithfully adapted to the big screen in the upcoming Suicide Squad film.