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MB2 Dental’s Unique Business Structure Lets Dentists Become Entrepreneurs

MB2 Dental is a dental firm that provides resources and administrative help to dentists. What makes them different is that the dentists who are part of their network are in complete control of their practice. The practices are completely dentist-owned, and they make all the decisions. MB2 Dental provides support, guidance, and help. Dentists also have the opportunity to co-invest with each other. While MB2 Dental takes care of all the nonclinical administrative aspects of running a dental practice, such as bookkeeping, dentists are still the ones that make the decisions for even non-clinical issues. For example, they decide whether they want to expand or open up another location. Outside investors and shareholders are not the ones calling the shots, like in other firms where businessmen who do not understand a thing about running a dental practice make the decisions. That is why MB2 Dental is so special.

Dentists really love this business model. They believe that MB2 Dental is preserving the integrity of the dental profession by letting dentists be the ones who actually call the shots. This way, they never have to compromise on things that would negatively impact patient care. MB2 is preserving what is sacred in dentistry, and by doing this, they are staying ahead of the curve. They give dentists the tools to be successful and get where they want to get. They are able to achieve their goals. Some dentists are more business oriented and involve themselves in the business side of their practice and with crunching the numbers, while others take advantage of the opportunity that MB2 Dental offers them to focus exclusively on the clinical aspect of the business. For those that take part in the business side, MB2 Dental offers encouragement, as they want dentists to be entrepreneurs and to be able to make the decisions.

MB2 Dental has been seeing growth that can only be described as explosive. A lot of this has to do with their unique business structure, which simply cannot be found anywhere else. To aspiring entrepreneurs, Dr. Villanueva advises questioning everything. You should not attempt to follow some guidebook for when to get into debt, when to sell, when to hire, and so on. Instead, challenge the status quo and look at the specifics of your own business and how certain steps will affect it, either for the better or for the worse.


MB2 Dental Solutions; a dental service organization works in partnership with the aim of affiliating dentists worldwide. The institution provides offices that help them to run their practice effectively. The offices have helped a great deal since the dentists don’t have to give up their parental care during their practice.The MB2 team strives to maintain a hundred percent autonomy and efficiently run every facet of their practice at their affiliated dental offices.The MB2 team has a vision of coming up with a community where dentists can deeply concentrate only in their practice. The institution also tries to focus their energy to satisfy the needs of their patients. The mission of the institution is to provide knowledge to a team of experts.MB2 Dental solutions helps individuals with the urge of growing and develop to reach their maximum potential.

About Dr. Akhil Reddy

Dr. Akhil was born in Lubbock, Texas. While growing up, he involved himself in numerous activities such as Scouts, Soccer, Tennis and Red Cross. He had already known his calling at a very early age; he knew it would be a great combination of engineering and medicine. Dr.Akhil was accepted to the University of Pacific’s Accelerated Dental Program thus making him shift to California.He receives his Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences. He also joined beneficial organizations while at the Stockton Campus beside being a member of Sigma Chi Fraternity.Dr.Akhil received his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree at the age of twenty-three from the prestigious University of the Pacific Arthur A.Dugoni School of Dentistry that is based in San Francisco, California.Immediately after graduating, he moved back to his homes state where he began his practice skills. His endeavor in cosmetic and family dentistry was successful since he had versatile skills. After several years of practice, he decided to create high standard care dental practices that will be accessible to patients worldwide.

Dr.Akhil got the idea of MB2 Dental Solutions when he was coaching and mentoring doctors that had graduated from dental school or doctors that were in their early careers. He soon decided to partner and consult with multiple dental practices. Instantly, the ability to provide treatment to an increased number of regions grew. They were met with a number of challenges but their idea of increasing access to care was their number one priority. They started opening offices in markets and the outskirts of towns where affordable dental care was not easily accessible.Dr.Akhil reveals that the way to bring your ideas to life is by exploring the opportunity, analyze threats involve and check on your strengths and weakness. He also mentions that you should also talk to your mentors and get feedback from them. In conclusion, for you to be successful in your endeavours, you should avoid the habit of procrastination, talk to your business members when you need help or if you are unfamiliar with something.

MB2 Dental: The Symbol of Dental Success

Dr. Reddy is an example of a successful yet humble practitioner. He has not allowed his success to make him malign the less privileged customers. Instead, Dr. Reddy has continually focused on rendering equal and fair service to clients of all calibers. In an interview, he stated that a client’s money or financial ability or lack of it does not determine the value of care he gives; he serves humanity equally. At the same time, Dr. Reddy attributes his success to the team of motivated people who work below him. He posited that a team that feels loved and respected by the seniors is willing to move boulders for the bosses. As a result, his team at MB2 Dental is highly productive and effective.

From quite an early age, Dr. Reddy knew that he wanted to pursue dentistry. However, the decision was initially clouded by a desire to pursue engineering, which was later overruled by the latter. Dr. Reddy joined the University of the Pacific and pursued Bachelor of Science in biology. Upon graduating, he quickly joined the doctorate class in dental surgery. He graduated with a doctorate in the field at the tender age of 23 years. For him, it was time to go back to Dallas and serve humanity. With optimism and enthusiasm, he launched a private practice which he bought, but he was forced to sell it at a loss. Despite that, he learned from his mistakes and decided to join hands with Dr. Chris, the founder of MB2 Dental. The above move would save him the hustles of being in private setting and still accord him the benefits associated with the corporate practice.

MB2 Dental was started by Dr. Chris, who had also faced the challenges of private practice and experienced the downside of corporate practice. Dr. Chris felt that dentists would draw higher benefits from the setting. Thus, he founded MB2 Dental. Dr. Reddy has reaped many benefits from MB2 Dental as he is mainly involved in dental practice and consultancy. Additionally, he believes that he must balance his private and work life for success. Consequently, Dr. Reddy works 8 hours every day on weekdays and half day on Saturdays. The rest of his time is spent with family and friends, specifically with his fiancé. Additionally, he also uses the time to play games and do other relaxing activities that keep him fit for his duty. Dr. Reddy also plays soccer, which he played from an early age.

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The career of Dr. Avi Weisfogel

Dr. Avi Weisfogel has this passion for assisting patients with sleep disorders using oral appliances. Through his establishments, Dr. Weisfogel educates other physicians in the country on how to offer effective yet comfortable treatments for the disorders. As a diplomate of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, the doctor keeps current the setbacks affecting the field.


Dr. Weisfogel began his career in the late 1990s after receiving a DDS from the New York University as well as graduating with a bachelor’s degree in biology and psychology from Rutgers University. After 15 years in the practice, he established his dental practice famously known as Old Bridge Dental Care. He was also the proprietor of this facility, from where he gained the experience to become a patient-centered healthcare provider.


The doctor established another company two years later and called it Dental Sleep Masters. It was during this period that he developed an interest in the world of sleep dentistry. In 2010, his Healthy Heart Sleep establishment was born. It was aimed at creating networks with physicians worldwide and encouraging the specialists to adopt his model of healthcare distribution.


Dr. Weisfogel biggest and most obvious inspiration is Steve Jobs. His ability to actualize genius alongside his eye for detail has been significantly impressive to the physician. The doctor also reads good books whenever he gets the chance, his favorite one being The Power of Now. He believes the book helps him understand why people do what they do as well as improving one’s life. The doctor loves interacting with diverse groups of professionals to boost his approach of reaching clients.


Dr. Avi Weisfogel has been recognized by the Consumer Research Council as a top implant, sedation, and cosmetic dentist consecutively from 2007 to 2013. He attributes the success of his companies to the 15-year practice in the industry. He also believes that his approach to constructive criticism has contributed to his milestones. All his opportunities to learn and interact with different stakeholders in the industry are usually aimed at propelling his business.


Other than his profession, Dr. Weisfogel is also involved in philanthropy. He donates significant portions of his earnings annually to various charitable causes. His favorite hobbies include reading, watching sports and spending some time with his family.