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Richard Mishaan Design; Excellent Interior Designs

Are you in New York and you are searching for a firm that can help you in interior design? Relax! Richard Mishaan Design is the company that offers great interior designs for residential and commercial homes. Also, the design firm offers proper designs that are unique and eye-catching to hotels and hospitality industries. The firm was started by Richard Mishaan who is a great principle designer at the enterprise.

Richard Mishaan Designer has vast experience in interior design as it has been operating in New York for 20 years. The design firm has dominatedthe interior design market by offering creative designs for residential, retail and big hotel projects. With a team of great designers lead by Mishaan, they offer designs that are Unique, friendly and those that aim at satisfying what clients want. At Richard Mishaan Design, they don’t impose designs to customers, but they come up with designs that customers like.

At his home, Mishaan has designed his interior home in a beautiful manner that combines traditional and modern cultures. He has used creative art and furniture which is beautiful. The house is well arranged and with the beautiful ceiling which shows Spanish influence. His kitchen is painted white and bright white which is highly noticeable. His bathroom can’t go unnoticed with his iconic Fornasetti wall paper. A carpet is well put, and his master bedroom is well designed with Pacific shades of cream which is combined with other art elements to look amazing.

Another design from Richard Mishaan Design is at Karen Silverman’s Home. The home was arranged by another designer, but Mishaan upgraded the design to look excellent. He rearranged furniture layout. Secondly, he worked with the owner to develop a more enhancing look. He used his experience in changing Silverman’s house into a home. Richard Mishaan Design is the home of new interior designs, and with the vast experience, their designs are unbeatable.