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Is Beneful dog food healthy for your dog?

Beneful is among the top selling brands of dog food on Wal-Mart. Despite its popularity, pet food critics, twitter bloggers, and pet lovers have criticized the brand. The issues against the dog food brand were raised in class action lawsuit against the manufacturer, Nestle Purina Petcare. The lawsuit was filed in early 2015. The major issues in the suit concern the ingredients used including propylene glycol and colorful dyes. FDA approved propylene glycol as an ingredient fit for humans and gods. Critics also raised concerns about mycotoxins in Beneful. Minimal mycotoxins are not harmful to pets. The defendant, Nestle Purina Petcare argues that the class action lawyers have no evidence or report from veterinarian to support their claims.

One Huffington Post reporter, Carlotta Cooper, interviewed the Vice President of Purina’s research unit, Dr. Janet Jackson and the Marketing Vice President, Ms. Plassmeyer. In her post, the reporter indicates that both officials agree that Purina has reformulated its Beneful food brand. Purina has introduced new recipes for its eight formulas of Beneful dry dog food. The manufacturer will include meat as the main ingredient in the seven formulas. Real salmon will be used in the Originals with Salmon formula. Purina has removed added sugar from its list of ingredients and replaced propylene glycol with natural glycerine. The company has also reduced the amount of dyes used in Beneful.

Dr. Jackson indicated that the 23-28% crude protein in Beneful dry dog foods would remain. The crude fat will increase by 1-2% in half of the formulas. Purina tested the new formulas on volunteer dogs, and none of them was harmed. However, AFFCO has not approved the new formulas. Purina has had one recall of their products. The company recalled 10-oz wet dog food produced in one facility in March 2016. Purina is committed to quality control and conducts about 30,000 quality checks on its products. The changes in Beneful address the issues in the lawsuit. However, some people will continue to criticize the brand. The changes show that the manufacturer values feedback from customers and the health of their dogs. Purina has proved that Beneful is healthy, nutritious, balanced and safe for dogs. Visit for more information.