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Beneful Dry Dog Food And The Assorted Varieties That Are Available

Beneful has several types of dog food, they have dry dog food, wet dog food, and dog treats. There a lot of flavors to choose from as well as the different ways that they come packaged to serve. Within the dry food series of food, there are:

1)The Originals-You can choose from real beef, real salmon, and real chicken. This dog food has some powerful antioxidants that is very healthy and good for your dog. In fact, your dogs gets all the vitamins that veterinarians say are required for your dog. Your dog will love each crunchy bite of happiness. The chicken comes with bites of avocadoes, tomatoes, and carrots to give it that rich flavor all dog deserves. The beef comes with carrots, peas, and real spinach that adds even more flavor for your dog. The salmon comes with bits of yummy carrots, green beans, and sweet potatoes to give your dog’s food just the right amount of flavor that they will love.

2)Healthy Weight-comes with real chicken and bites of green beans, carrots, and apples that is not only yummy for your dog, but will help keep their weight at a healthy level with the great flavor dogs love and keep them healthy for a very long time.

3)Healthy Puppy- with real chicken has a great flavor from bits of carrots and peas to give them all the tastes they love. It will also help them grow with just the right amount of nutrition to help them get big and strong, jus the way you want them to be. This mix of vegetables and meat helps develop their proper brain activity and perfect eye site you want your dog to have.

4)Playful Life- that comes with real beef and egg that gives your dog plenty of protein to grow healthy strong and have all the proper nutrition that they need.

5)Beneful Incredibites-comes with real chicken and bites of peas and carrots to make sure your dog has all of the protein and proper nutrition to grow up healthy and hardy. It also comes with real beef that has bits of peas and carrots to give your dog that wonderful rich, deep flavor that all dogs love. It is made to gives them just the right amount of protein to get the right nutrition to grow big and healthy with just the right size bites for small dogs.

All of these types of dry dog food are available in small, medium, and large bags, and in some cases extra-large bags of food.