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Students Who Have Classdojo Do Better

The classrooms that use Classdojo have a better rate of positivity than the ones that do not use the classroom app. They are not as good at being a part of the classroom as those who use Classdojo and they do not have as happy of students than classrooms that use the Classdojo app. There are many things that the Classdojo app that can do, but it mainly opens up communication for the classroom, allows the teacher to easily reward students and gives students a chance to work toward something that will be able to reward them in real life.


Since it is important for teachers and parents to have communication with each other. This means that parents and teachers should be talking to each other on a regular basis and the Classdojo app makes this a possibility. Gone are the days when teachers only got to talk to parents at conferences or when something bad was going on in the classroom. The communication level between parents and teachers who use the Class dojo app is completely open and able to help students do better with the classroom experience that they are having.


Some teachers may struggle with how to reward their students. They needed to have a system that was both easy to use and worked well for them. This meant that they needed to have a system in place. The app is the system that works well for two out of three classrooms. They are able to reward their students with points on the app. Students work hard for the points and must do good things to get them. When they accumulate a certain amount of points, they are able cash those points in for rewards in the classroom like free homework passes or a day where they don’t have to wear shoes.


This level of success and rewards is an excellent option for students. It makes them feel good about doing the right thing and gives them a chance to feel like they are successful. When students know that they are getting rewarded for the things that they do, they work harder for those rewards. This translates into the students being able to make better decisions as they get older. Choosing between a free homework pass and a different type of prize can be a big decision especially for elementary-aged students who are not used to making decisions.