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Eric Pulier: Businessman, Technologist, Entrepreneur

Have you ever heard of a guy named Eric Pulier? He isn’t an entertainer or professional athlete, but he has done more for society than most your favorite celebrities. This guy has a hand in many different things that makes a positive contribution to society. His long list of accomplishments is a testament to his grand success. Eric Pulier is greatness (in-a-sense) and the work he does has reached many people. Whether it’s technology, healthcare, education, or philanthropy; pulier stands head and shoulders over 99% of his peers.

Being such a highly intelligent individual, Pulier has set the bar very high and he has currently changed the status quo. The guy can do it all especially when it comes to business as he’s founded up to 15 companies as well as invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into capital ventures. Yes, he’s an all around kind of guy with the heart of goal as he’s raised large sums of capital for charitable organizations and he’s been awarded with numerous awards for his good deeds. Having such a strong ambition to make a difference is why he’s so admired. While attending Harvard University, he also took classes at (MIT). Talk about a full schedule. He wrote columns for the prestigious “Harvard Crimson” publication and was also an editor there.

Pulier’s professional career is stacked with success. He was chosen to build and run “The Bridge To The 21st Century” platform for Bill Clinton’s second inauguration. This event lasted a few days and was attended by thousands of people including members of congress. Pulier pulled off an impressive event with his advanced technology to where he was able to produce a live feed from the space shuttle in real-time. This live feed allowed individuals to interact with actual astronauts in the process. It just seems like what ever this guy puts his mind to, he achieves his mission and only the future know what Eric Pulier has planned in the coming years.

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