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The Business Success of Duda Melzer

Mr Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer is known better in his country as Duda Melzer. He is a Brazilian businessman who is among the most prominent entrepreneurs of Brazil. He has had many years of rich professional experience as an owner of a company and an investor.

Mr Duda Melzer was born in 1972 in the city of Porto Alegre. He is a former student of the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul. Mr. Duda Melzer graduated and majored in Business Administration in 1998 from the University. After that, he moved on to become a part of the extension of the prestigious Harvard University. The extension is located in the United States of America, and Mr. Duda Melzer earned his MBA in Business from it.

He lived several years in the U. S. but went back to his home country of Brazil in order to become a part of the family company which his grandfather had established. In an article on Globo, the company is called RBS Group, and Mr. Duda Melzer served in RBS Group as Director General for the National Market. He began occupying the position in early 2004, and it was his first job.

Soon after, Mr. Duda Melzer was offered a promotion which he accepted, and so he began working as the Vice President of Market and Business Development four years later in 2008. He was the recipient of another promotion two years later in 2010. Mr. Duda Melzer moved up in the ranks of the company and became of Executive Vice President of RBS Group. He is currently CEO of RBS Group.

According to Acaert, Mr Duda Melzer also owns a company he founded. It is called Digital e.Bricks and it is a very successful company in Brazil. He is currently both CEO of RBS Group and the and President and chief executive officer of his company.

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