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Agora Financial: The Info You Need

Trading in today’s market can be pretty daunting, especially for a beginner or something that is putting up their hard-earned savings to trade with. There are many complex words and many novices out there tiring to tell you exactly where the price of a stock will go or how much the value of gold or silver will be. With all of this, you need an organization behind you that will give you all the information you need to trade to gain a profit or to build wealth for retirement. The information needs to have quality and be delivered to you quickly so that you can make that key trade. This is where Agora Financial comes in.

Agora Financial is one of the leading financial information companies in the industry in providing financial information to investors every day via social media, their own website, and youtube. This information can really help investors learn where the key stock movements are going to be, and why the stock price is going up or down. They always provide the best information because they know that when it comes to investing with your hard earned savings, you need the correct information to give you the edge in trading.

And with their various platforms, you can easily access the information that they give you to make a profit in today’s world of investing.With Agora Financial, you know that you have a respected financial information organization behind you telling you exactly what you need to know so that you can put your hard earned money in the best possible position to gain a profit. They offer great expert advice on where the market is going and where you should put your money. Agora Financial is one of the companies you need to be able to make the profit in the market today.

Billionaire Businessman And Philanthropist George Soros Analyzes The Resemblance Of The Current China Global Crisis To The 2008 American Global Crisis

In the world’s economic history, very few crises have ever reached the devastating extent of the 2007-2008 American instigated global economic crisis. The credit markets anomalies on caused this crisis that at this widespread in the American economy. At this time, America was the world strongest economy. Thus, nearly all countries worldwide highly valued the dollar and had large reserves of this currency. In the wake of this crisis, the credit markets in America crushed and the dollar lost value. This effect was carried to all economies globally that had the American dollar in its markets. This devaluation on brought forth a major crisis in the global markets.

Starting early 2015, China, the current world largest economy, initiated its economic revolution plan. In this plan, this country is moving its economic dependency from the manufacturing and production industries’ to the consumption and services sectors. George Soros, a billionaire businessman, says that this economic movement by China is causing bad effects on the global markets. He added that with time, these effects have the potential of resulting in a full blown global economic crisis. This global human rights and democracy philanthropist also added that there already signs in the market that indicates that this crisis may be as major as the 2007-2008 American instigated global economic crisis. George Soros shares an example of markets in third world countries which are know experiencing a major crisis with steadily rising interest rates.

George Soros also cited that the Asian markets situation in this markets things have been so bad. This market has so far experienced an over $2.5 trillion loss on its Chinese equities. On Thursday, the first week of the year 2016, the stock markets on in this region were forced to close down for the remainder of the day to prevent even greater losses. George Soros says that this Chinese crisis gets worse with time and if nothing is done to set things right, the 2007-2008 global crisis wouldn’t even be able to match up to this. He says that China should revisit its economic reformation policies and go for a less devastating method.
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George Soros has been a major player in the global economic analysis. With his longtime experience in this market where he boasts of great success, he is currently one of the most reliable economic analysts. George Soros started his philanthropic campaigns after he started recording major successes in the business market. He has so far been involved in several history shaping philanthropic campaigns all over the world. He was one of the major donors and crusaders for the fall of communism rule in Germany during the cold war. He was also among the donors who funded Africans in South Africa push for their independence. He also has strongly stood against human rights abuses by modern governments of nations like Russia.

James Dondero: Accomplished Financial Professional

It can be a challenge to make the right financial moves in today’s ever-changing economy. Whether you’re looking to start a business, want to keep your current business thriving, or simply want to know how to secure your financial future, you’ll need the services of a trusted professional. For decades, James Dondero has been that professional to a number of clients.

Jim Dondero is the president and co-founder of Highland Capital Management, a company that is based in Dallas, TX. Currently, he is in charge of overseeing the investment strategies for the company, and is in charge of operations for the institutional and retail products Highland Capital Management produces. James Dondero has extensive experience in credit markets, and has been in the field of finances for more than thirty years. He is even credited as being one of the original pioneers of the CLO, or Collateralized Loan Obligation.

The funds that are associated with Dondero’s expert management have gotten a number of awards and recognition throughout his professional career. One of the funds he manages, Morningstar, has received the 5-star distinction for Global Allocation in 2014. The fund also received the 2014 Lipper Award for Floating Rate Opportunities. Morningstar was also ranked #1 in the Healthcare Long/Short Equity Fund in 2014.

Before his work at Highland, Dondero served as the CIO (chief investment officer) for the GIC subsidiary for Protective Life. He grew the business from its startup phase, and it is now worth over $2 billion. Dondero was able to accomplish this is just five years. Prior to his association with Protective Life, Dondero was the manager for American Express, and was in charge of around $1 billion in fixed income funds.

James Dondero received his education from the University of Virginia, where his studies were in finance and accounting. He is a Certified Management Accountant, and has earned the distinction of being able to use the Chartered Financial Analyst designation for his outstanding work.

In addition to this, Dondero is also part of the board of directors for major companies, including American Banknote and MGM Studios. Dondero also serves as Chairman of the Board for Cornerstone Healthcare, NexBank and CCS Medical Corporation.

These are just some of the reasons professionals in a number of industries trust Dondero and his Highland Capital Management staff to properly manage their funds. James Dondero’s accomplishments are a testament to his hard work and dedication to professionalism.