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Beneful is Leading the Way in Manufacturing Quality Dog Food

When deciding on the type of food to feed a dog, dog owners should focus on brands that are associated with healthy production of pet food. Many companies like Purina Beneful are manufacturing dog food and have made their products available in leading stores, which makes it easy for dog owners get a variety of dog food.

There is need for the dog owners to check on the ingredients of the Beneful dog food to ensure that they are safe and will not have adverse effects on their dogs. Most manufacturers offer foods that can be categorized into three. These categories include semi moist foods, wet foods, and dry foods. Semi moist foods are made of soft pellets with a chewable texture and are typically packed in sachets. Most of the treat products are manufactured in a semi moist format.

Wet foods have high moisture content. They are cooked at high temperatures in order to sterilize them before they are preserved under pressure. This process may not be repeated at all times. From being preserved, they are then packed into cans, pouches, and foil trays. The contents of wet foods include jelly chunks, gravy chunks and meatloaf. Chilled or frozen pet foods are made available in the market. Before purchasing any dog food, dog owners should pay attention to the ingredients used to manufacture such food.

Dry foods contain low moisture content. The ingredients consist of extruded foods such as shaped kibbles or pellets, flaked cereals, and biscuits. Most of these foods are packed in bags with others as biscuits packed in small boxes because they are meant to be provided to the dogs as treats. Dry foods on contain meat as part of its ingredients. In can be added either in a fresh state or in a dried state. Dry foods can be offered to the dogs in their dry state or a dog owner can add gravy or water to it according to the instructions from the manufacturer.

Dog owners’ choice of a dry or wet food has to be made in consideration to what type of food the dog enjoys and thrives on. Some people make buy-decisions based on the price tags of these foods while others ground their decisions on their assumptions on the foods that their dogs might like. However, it is important to determine what the dogs like before making a decision to buy even if it means trying all the types of the dog foods first.

Among the leading dog food brands is Beneful, which is offered by Purina. Presently, Purina is the second largest pet food manufacturer in the world and the biggest within the United States. Beneful dog food is manufactured with the aim of making the dogs healthy and playful. This is attained from the ingredients used. These ingredients are made up of real meats and veggies that are rich in vitamins. Beneful brand offers treats, wet and dry dog food with over 20 varieties of dog food. Most dog owners trust the Beneful brand owing to their ability to research their ingredients before manufacturing any dog food.