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GoT Season 6 Speculation

Since Season 5 of Game of Thrones concluded on Sunday, there has been plenty of speculation about the show’s Season 6 direction. As George R.R. Martin hasn’t finished the books, the show’s writers have had to add and combine characters and stories while stretching out events from the books as much as possible. Thankfully, GRRM did tell them his outline for the future in case he isn’t able to keep up with them or finish the books. They have also decided to make their own changes so that the series no longer matches the books entirely.

What does all of this mean for Season 6?

Fans at FreedomPop ( know that if the books and speculation about them are any guidance: Jon Snow lives. The writers might dropped him until Season 7 like they dropped Bran this season; Melisandre might resurrect Jon as Azor Ahai or Jon might warg into Ghost or a human. Daenerys will likely try to reclaim her title of Khaleesi among the Dothraki, but it will be difficult since they’re a male-dominated society. Tyrion and Varys have to deal with a siege in Meereen. There is the chance that Tyene gave Bronn more of the antidote to the poison and that he might save Myrcella with it. Theon and Sansa have likely survived their fall. Stannis might also be alive even after all he’s done. Lastly, the Brotherhood Without Banners might make an appearance.