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Cleansing VS Shampooing And How One Is Ruining Your Hair

You’ve likely heard the terms “co-washing”, “no-poo”, and “sans-shampoo” thrown around over the internet for the past year. That’s because ladies around the world are ditching their traditional foaming shampoos for conditioner. That’s right–you can wash your hair with conditioner!

Not only does co-washing get your hair clean, it’s also highly beneficial. Traditional shampoos, especially those that contain sulfates, strip your hair and scalp of its natural oils. This can lead to damaged hair and oily roots as your hair over produces oil in order to compensate for all of its natural oily goodness being stripped away via the shampoo.

Not only are you saving your hair; you’re also saving yourself the amount of bottles hanging out in your shower. A good cleansing conditioner will replace your shampoo, conditioner, detanger, leave-in conditioner, and styling creams. Less bottles equal less money and less time!

Chaz Dean’s wildly famous cleansing conditioner line WEN is what really kicked off this co-washing sensation. His very first, and still most popular, formula of sweet almond mint cleansing conditioner is geared towards all hair types of all ethnicities, textures, and colors. Today, WEN now has a large array of formulations that can suit any and all hair demands.

WEN uses natural, plant-based ingredients that gently cleanse your hair leaving it smooth, nourished, and smelling fantastic. For those with sensitive skin and noses, there is also a fragrance-free option. For the ultimate co-wash, WEN is your best option offering natural, effective, and affordable ingredients.

So if you’re interested in saving time, money, shower space, and nourishing your hair while keeping it clean and beautiful, cleansing conditioners are your new best friend.

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