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Insurance Innovation by USHEALTH Group Inc.


The USHEALTH Group is a health insurance company that covers the self-employed, the employed as well as small business owners. Based in the United States, the company has a myriad range of health insurance products such as individual health insurance, dental insurance and fixed indemnity insurance among other widely known products. Due to its large market scope, the company trades through its affiliated subsidiaries all over the United States. Before changing its name in 2015, the USHEALTH Group was widely known as Ascent Assurance. The inception of this giant company was in 1982 where it first began its operation in Fort Worth. Currently, USHEALTH has an estimated employee base of about 500 people running the largest health insurance company in the US. It is estimated that the number of customers served surpasses the 15 million mark over the last 50 years. The company’s customized products that satisfy the health cover needs in the market have significantly contributed to the company’s growth.



USHEALTH Group insurance



The USHEALTH group prides in several milestones that the company has achieved through enabling customers to access health insurance. Employers seeking to give a competitive medical, dental or vision cover to their employers are best served by the USHEALTH Group’s range of collective and innovative insurance covers. This is owing to the company’s personalized insurance plans that cater for employees’ needs in fairly affordable prices. In addition, the company has made it very easy for customers to access their services through its online platform which is an effective means compared to the proverbial and tedious paper work. The USHEALTH Group genuinely cares for its clients and by extension their families with the support of One Medical and Health Advocate. Backed by a group of subsidiaries, the company has managed to cover the entire country hence bringing its valued services closer to its esteemed clients. USHEALTH Group understands that different customers have different needs hence the personalized approach in developing its products. In this respect, the company ensures that clients are well advised and guided on the best product depending on individual needs. 

Nosebleed and Your Health


You start the day ready to go and the dreaded nose bleed occurs out of nowhere. You ask yourself why? There are several reasons why you might experience a nosebleed.

Dr. Sergio Cortes says there are several health issues in your life can trigger a nosebleed. Health issues can lower your body’s ability to properly clot the blood which can cause a nosebleed. Also a rapid increase in the pressure of your blood can sometimes contribute to a nosebleed happening. Rapid blood pressure in the body that is followed by a severe headache, difficulty with breathing, and nervousness can contribute to a nosebleed. Constant allergies, colds, or habit of consistently blowing your nose can gradually irritate the lining in the nose. Constant irritation of the lining of your nose can be associated with a nosebleed.

Dry air can contribute to a nosebleed. Dryness can cause the lining of your nose to get irritated and eventually bleed and/or crack. Blood-thinning medication can also contribute to a nosebleed occurring. Also accidental picking of the blood vessels in the nose area can cause a nosebleed to form.

Sometimes nosebleeds can be treated properly at home. Other times it is important to seek medical attention when having a severe nosebleed. More than one nosebleed occurring each week is a great indication that it would be best to talk to your doctor. For more information regarding a nosebleed and your health follow link.

How Safe is Your Tampon?

We rely on the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to test products and only allow those that have been deemed ‘safe’ through multiple tests to be on the market. Perhaps we should not be so trusting. Especially of a product, like a tampon, for which we will become intimately acquainted with.
While we rely on the FDA, the FDA relies on the manufacturers of feminine hygiene products to test for product safety. If the manufacturer says their product is safe for a woman to insert into or place against her gentiles, then it must be true and the FDA passes the product with no questions asked.
Questions are finally being asked and new legislation has been passed requiring a study with the sole purpose of discovering if there are toxic chemical lurking in tampons, sanitary pads and other feminine hygiene products used by women. Considering a woman will use an estimated 17,000 tampons in her lifetime, the study is long overdue.
The bill calls for an organization other than the FDA to conduct the study. The National Institutes of Health will be conducting the study, looking for any contaminates in the feminine products that may hazardous to a woman’s health. Bernardo Chua, CEO of Organo Gold believes that the health of women is important, and we ought do everything we can to make sure the products they use are safe.