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Fighting for What is Right

It is very important that someone fights the good fight for the rights of others. There are plenty of human rights violations happening throughout the world. There are countries where people are starving. There is also a lot of slavery happening in different countries. A lot of countries are poor and filled with people that are starving. However, they are being ruled by an oppressive power that dictates to them what they say, read, or even think. Fortunately, human rights activists are exposing these countries and getting people to see what is really going on behind closed doors.

Among the most prominent faces of human rights activists is Thor Halvorssen. Thor is someone who is very effective because he works aggressively to bring the issues to light and come up with a plan to solve these issues for the oppressed. He makes every second count so that people can find a solution to each human rights violation problem. Thor Halvorssen, being passionate about human rights has started his own foundation for human rights in which he deals with the issues that plague humanity. He is connecting with other activists in order to fight the problem in different countries. Click here to know more.

Thor has knowledge and experience with human rights violations that go beyond theory. He has actually been in the middle of the fight. His whole family has been caught up in the fight with his father, mother, and his first cousin facing repercussions for exposing and standing against the violations that have been happening in different countries. Even in the face of all of these trials, Thor keeps a joyful disposition. He avoids falling into the trap of being the depressant that hates people, while loving humanity. Instead, he works with an intensity towards the goal of a more humane world. He is also willing to make the sacrifices necessary to fight for the cause.

Thor Halvorssen; The Man Who Speaks Out for the People

Thor Halvorssen was featured in an article that appeared in the Weekly Standard in 2015. The author pointed out that Thor is half Venezuelan and half Norwegian. He speaks excellent American English. Thor Halvorssen is the president of the Human Rights Foundation that is based in New York. Thor said that the foundation is made up of twelve people who are delegated to different regions around the globe.

Mr Thor has shown that he means business and that he is not just a public noisemaker. He was beaten heavily in Vietnam after he went to interview a patriarch of a Buddhist church. The police only released Thor after explaining to them that he was a Buddhist. Vaclav Havel served as the chairman of the foundation until his death. Thor chose Garry Kasparov to act as his replacement. Click here to watch video.

Thor is known for being vocal about the conservative dictatorships in Latin American countries. He said that they had lost several backers because of their affiliations with organizations from both sides. Thor stated that he does not support either side. He had criticized Pinochet who is the right-wing president of Chile and Chavez who is the left-wing leader of Venezuela. Thor mentioned that he was not concerned about the political affiliations of any of his staff as long as they were dedicated to ridding the world of tyranny.

Halvorssen studied at the University of Pennsylvania. Thor graduated with a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree in history and political science. Thor is also the founder of the Oslo Freedom Forum. It is an annual gathering of human rights activists. His articles have appeared in some of the top news outlets such as the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time magazine, and the Wall Street Journal. The President of Romania awarded Halvorssen a presidential silver medal in 2010.